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The Zambezi Queen

Zambezi Queen Boat

  Marie Le Fort

A modern-day watercraft, the Zambezi Queen has no more than twenty cabins to offer its guests for the luxury experience of an airy safari along one of Africa’s largest rivers. Welcome on board!

A Contemporary Watercraft

A graceful navigator, the Zambezi Queen floats down the Zambezi River between the Namibian shoreline and Botswana parks. The contemporary boat appears as if a loft transposed from Cape Town, gliding through the water like floating living room. At times, the Zambezi Queen even seems to drown in a landscape of quiet reflections, like a painting by Nicolas de Staêl. Beyond the tastefully designed cabins in shades of white, gray and fawn, the experience aboard is a full-scale spectacle. Elephants roll in the mud and splash around; crocodiles dry off in the sun like trunks scattered on the shore; hippos stumble clumsily and utter their guttural calls. By contrast, impalas dash by in a display of incredible elegance and agility.

A Tasteful Floating Home

Born on the banks of the Zambezi, the Zambezi Queen is primarily the story of Tony Stern, a man passionate about Cape Town. When Mr. Stern bought the boat, not even the floodboards were in working condition. And so began the challenge to transform the vessel the into a tasteful floating home. Now on the upper deck, a beige speckled carpet sets the tone. White leather chairs and oatmeal sofas take over this vast living area whose design would summon the word ‘Scandinavian’ if it were not for the large format pictures of animals from the African plains.
A luxury for the senses that elude – hunting trophies, dark wood panels and other impressive armchairs in horn and turned wood provide sumptuous charm. Here, Africa is seen as an ultimate lifestyle. Dusk arrives and the sun descends at the end of the open lounge, setting ablaze black and white safari photographs. In the intensity of this sunset – unfolding like a Trinity ring in folds of pink, gold and copper – you can feel the soul of Africa awaken..



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