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January 18 2013

Wolgan Valley Resort & Spa.

Wolgan Valley Resort & Spa.

Marie Le Fort

An ecological resort, a haven of peace, the benchmark for riders and lovers of the great outdoors, Wolgan Valley is a breathtaking Australian property tucked away behind the Blue Mountains…

The Australian Blue Mountains still echo the mystery of the Last Frontier. Considered impassable for a long time, this rocky barrier hides vast plains, pasture and expanses of lands that were worthy of being the setting for the horse rides in the film ‘Australia’. The mist clinging to the branches of eucalyptus trees, the hills populated with kangaroos and wombats, scarecrows in the garden and an old farmhouse (The 1832 Homestead Heritage) which houses the remains of the golden age of the wool trade, Wolgan Valley reveals itself as a large property where modernity is combined with the legacies of the past.

The Australian Blue Mountains

A faultlessly ecological resort, the architecture of Wolgan Valley is surprising at first glance with its ability to inhabit the hill like an elegant temporary camp.

A faultlessly ecological resort Wolgan Valley Resort & Spa

Within each bungalow, however, in addition to the uncompromising views, is an intimate luxury that combines a private pool hidden behind shutters and a perforated skylight in the light stone bathroom. The luxury of the light, the beautiful materials and the scope of space to gaze upon and to touch create a sensational scene.

 intimate luxury Wolgan Valley Resort & Spa

The main residence, on the other hand, exudes a family spirit: with large stone staircases and fireplaces, a gourmet restaurant and a large terrace walkway facing the sunsets, one can enjoy the inside and the outside as though you were on a south American ranch or a vast British estate.

The main residence

In the wake of the pool, the spa is built, quite exceptionally, into the side of the hills, and providing care exclusively by Sodashi, an all-natural Australian brand that is driving the future of cosmetics and wins all the awards every year for achievements in innovation. The spa, revealing itself as a monument of contemporary architecture in harmony with the environment. Each suite, opening to the outside, takes advantage of the presence of all the natural elements to provide extraordinary treatments. You can take in the peace and quiet without even the statutory a candle or soft background music…

In the wake of the pool,

An homage to the omnipotence of Nature.

An homage to the omnipotence of Nature.

If the resort is, de facto, the first in the world to receive the prestigious carboNZero © ™, it is probably because it is managed as a private reserve: wherever the eye rests, the natural environment is not only highlighted but preserved. Horse riding, walks with naturalists, cycling outback adventures… the list of activities available to explore the area is extensive.

the first in the world to receive the prestigious carboNZero © ™

And as one of the on-site hosts put it so beautifully: you can wake up a hundred times in Wolgan Valley and discover, each time, the spectacle of a different landscape. Wolgan Valley or the Valley of fullness.


The 1832 Heritage Homestead :

The 1832 Heritage Homestead

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