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June 2019

Une Balade Washington. juin 2019. Plume Voyage Magazine #plumevoyage @plumevoyagemagazine @plumevoyage © DR

WASHINGTON, the other america

It is a discreet America, the one where the heart of power sits. We are here neither in the dazzling New York, nor in the glamorous and touristic West, nor even in those more rustic states regularly put forward to explain the Trump vote. We are in fact in an affluent and democratic region, with an unexpected way of life. A bourgeois America that has learned how to recover Afro-American creations to better turn them into assets.

In the Washington area and surrounding cities, from Baltimore to Annapolis or Richmond, everything seems to slide quietly between beautiful landscapes, sailboat rides and sumptuous wooden houses. These cities, often with a predominantly Afro-American population, have long been excluded from tourist circuits because of their sulphurous reputation.

Twenty years ago, it was considered dangerous to stay out in the evening in Baltimore or Richemond, or even Washington. Henceforth, the wasp bourgeoisie has regained control of security with its zero tolerance policy.

The history of the Afro-American community provides a pretext for special tours and a lavish museum in Washington while in Richmond, subsidized street art has become a part of the city’s identity.

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