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02 september 2016

Portland, friendly and cheerful

Oregon … If the name is a dream to open spaces of the American West, we always have a little trouble locating it on the map of USA.

It must be said that this state is much less known than its southern neighbor, California, or the North, Washington. Yet between Pacific Blue Mountains, it is a paradise for lovers of breathtaking scenery and its economic capital, Portland, has sides so that European feels immediately at home.
Particularly dynamic, the city constantly moving. Buoyed by its young population, Portland lives intensely in the many restaurants, bars, shops that dot its streets still active.
To discover urgently.
Portland, Oregon

Par Béatrice Delamotte

Portland: main town of Oregon
Population: 583,776 inhabitants
Area: 376.5 km2
Nickname: City of Roses with its numerous gardens and rose gardens, including the International Rose Test Garden, the largest in the world.
Portland is also the economic capital of Oregon with two flagship companies : Intel and Nike.
Many movies have been filmed in Portland : Into the Wild, Batman Forever , Willy etc. As for Gus van Sant’s director , who lives in Portland , there turned part or all of his greatest films : Elephant (Palme d’ Or at Cannes in 2003) and My Own Private Idaho, who has made him famous. An exhibition dedicated to him at the Paris Cinematheque until July 31 .

  • Graphic and arty

    When you walk in the capital of Oregon for the first time, marking are the facades of buildings. Testimony of a golden age when Portland was the Northern US port of entry, they tell the opulence of the city which has kept its soul over the urban and architectural changes. Meanwhile, a young guard of artists appropriated the walls to let the works of street art. These ‘murals’ up a veritable open air museum to discover in walks.

  • Paradise for gourmands

    Hard to be hungry in Portland! Among the many small shops that make travel a culinary culture to another, the city is full of restaurants of all kinds. From the most chic to the “casual”, gluttony here is an art that comes everyday and solutions to satisfy many. Recognizing the importance of the environment, most Portland residents attach to consume local and make the success of a huge farmers market, located in the city center.

  • Beer or gin?

    Sometimes called “Beervana” Portland is the undisputed world capital of microbreweries with thirty-one brands. So, in each pub, the choice is difficult to diversity of supply … But Portland is also a center of the micro-distillation with a few homes that have already established an international reputation as Spiriti House. The young distillery produces vodka, single malt whiskey as well as gin and aquavit “Aviation” is recognized worldwide as one of the most original, ideal for mixology.

  • Powell's City of Books

    It is the largest independent bookstore in the world … here, old books, new or used are legion. Nearly a million will pile up in the bookstore that occupies a whole building. The visit of this center of Portland can take several hours depending on whether we get caught up in the magic of these securities to travel throughout the literature. The last title fashionable to found work elsewhere, this is a paradise for players. Especially since it is possible to print “to the minute” the desired title if it is not available or his latest, published at the author.

  • North of West

    In this lovely boutique, there are the three iconic brands of Portland : Make It Good, printed fabrics from Nell & Mary and ceramics from Pigeon Toe. The combination of these three designers composes an environment both bright, clear and elegant and allows unearth some beautiful things and original clothes offered in limited edition. A good way to discover the artisan culture of Portland. And to want to return.

  • 2nd Avenue Records

    The shop is far away from being a rival of Powell’s City of Books, but it is also a paradise: that of vinyl lovers who can expect to find here the gem. An incredible collection of references – some rare – of all styles and all eras. Not to mention T-shirts hanging from the ceiling, all the colors of music groups, again from all eras. bodysuits There are even baby there dedicated to Motorhead …

  • Departure

    Perched on top of a building, Departure is a place apart. Both trendy bar and ultra-chic Asian restaurant, you can sample some of the best cocktails in town while leaving the eyes get lost on the skyline from the roof terrace. Before going to nibble the kitchen of the young New York chef Gregory Gourdet. Inspired by his Haitian origins and her passion for Asia, it offers dishes that have made the reputation of the place which has also been awarded several prizes.

  • Hotel Vintage

    Wink to the vineyards of the Willamette Valley, the Vintage Hotel is the setting for the finest domains that give their name to the rooms and suites. Without falling into cliché, the hotel plays rather on design and made many references to “musrals” that decorate the city. These works of street art are found in public areas that host both a nice collection of bicycles and motorcycles as more cozy corners for lounging, a glass of the famous pinot noir from Oregon in hand. Conveniently located downtown, the Hotel Vintage is the ideal starting point for discovering the vibrant life of Portland.

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