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25 July 2014

Porto Montenegro: the new top jet-set spot!

On Croatia’s doorstep, in the little preserved paradise of Montenegro, billionaire Peter Munk is building the largest marina in South Europe.

Porto Montenegro has the potential to swiftly establish itself as a favourite destination for owners of these luxury vessels that struggle to find docking space in French, Italian or Greek ports.

Montenegro is one of the oldest components of Yugoslavia. Its principle neighbouring nations are Croatia, Serbia, Bosnia and Albania.

Ahead of everybody else and even the paparazzi that will waste no time in smoking out VIPs and celebrities, Plume Voyage ushers you through the gates of this future summer it-spot for the rich and powerful…

Porto Montenegro Marina, © Ludovic Bischoff
By Ludovic Bischoff

Capital: Podgorica

Time Difference: same as France

Climate: Montenegro is a small country with two climates: in winter, the ground freezes and snow covers the northern mountains. On the coast, the weather is milder and even Mediterranean in the summer.

Money: Montenegro changed over to the euro in 2002 like all countries in the EU…to which it does not belong. This historic anomaly is unique in Europe but extremely practical in terms of shopping!

  • A lavish oasis in the Adriatic

    Treasure: sparkling and inviting. This is Porto Montenegro, the luxury islet that shines on Tivat, a town at the gates of Croatia, in the small state of Montenegro. Here on the site of a former military arsenal fallen into ruin now stands a top of the range marina that welcomes the super yachts of the jet-set elite. The brainchild of billionaire Peter Munk, owner of Barrick Gold, the world’s largest gold extraction company, this marina will play host to over 400 boats between now and the end of the year. And 850 moorings are predicted in the very near future. A true paradise springs from a field of ruins; Porto Montenegro longs to be the largest port in the Mediterranean, welcoming yachts from 12 to 150 metres long. 129 recently built luxury apartments all found buyers within weeks…much to the delight of the wealthy Russians…It goes without saying that Montenegro as a small, well-preserved statem has heaps of potential. The Bay of Kotor, a magnificent natural site classified by UNESCO, is easily accessible by boat from the marina. And just a short helicopter ride takes you to the north of the country and its snowy mountains in the winter. Dubrovnik in Croatia is only an hour’s drive away. In short, Porto Montenegro is in a great location. And under the sponsorship of Peter Munk and his billionaire buddies, its future looks even more promising…

  • The Legend of the Marina

    From every great project, a legend emerges. This one in Porto Montenegro is rather amusing, perfectly illustrating the modern day era where multi-billionaires unleash their most extravagant fantasies. The designer behind it all, Peter Munk is one of Canada’s richest. But he is also a pressed businessman who does not like to have to wait to park his yacht whilst on holiday! Legend suggests that one past summer, Peter Munk had to wait too long for his liking to moor his boat in the port of Monaco. The entrepreneur therefore devised a plan to create the largest marina in the Med. Today, his dream has become reality in the form of Porto Montenegro. A lavish marina with the capacity to host super yachts in the best possible conditions, including vessels reaching up to 150 metres in length, which often struggle to find their place in overcrowded ports in France, Italy or Greece. Here, there is no issue as regards these giant yachts that threaten to desert Saint Tropez. And not only because petrol is tax-free in Montenegro!

  • Stylish lifestyle for freshwater marines

    Part of the Regent group, a luxury hotel opens its doors this summer. This establishment will allow ordinary folk, who are not proud owners of a triplex with a private pool, to spend several nights over there. They will have the chance to dive into the magnificent Lido infinity pool where delightful dance parties are held beneath the stars. Youngsters will delight in a visit to the old military submarine that has been converted into a museum, which is one of the main attractions of the Porto Montenegro marina. And the missus can entertain herself in the boutiques that line the marina where you discover fashionable but not flashy brands, including that of Italian dandy Lapo Eklann (Italia Independent). There is also a delicatessen, stylish restaurants and even a boulangerie run by…a couple of French bakers!


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