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15 April 2016

Rennes gets on time with the Bouroullec brothers

The capital of Britany devotes not one but four exhibitions to the Erwan and Ronan Bouroullec brothers and gets on time for the whole summer with design. What to inspire the entire city that showcases the works of two brilliant designers. But also the opportunity to see the city differently and to discover a largely unknown architectural heritage.

The format of this tribute to the work of creation of Erwan and Ronan Bouroullec is quite unique. No less than three places of Rennes begin to time the design of the two brothers through four exhibitions. All without being a best-of, offers a fairly comprehensive overview of their creative talent, either it’s about furniture, tableware or lighting … More broadly, through these exhibitions is to a real immersion in their world that one is invited, whether through everyday objects, familiar, or projects even urban utopias that will possibly emerge. “These shows are wonderful tools, says Ronan Bouroullec. The opportunity to present our work to accurately produce the image and the story we want to tell, generate an atmosphere which seems to complete the circle of the project. It’s almost the cinema, our objects are the actors of a more complex piece. Objects and subjects are grouped and connections between sometimes very different themes are revealed: between a jewel, a chair, a kiosk or a chandelier for the Palace of Versailles for example. ”

Bouroullec Rennes Kiosque. Une balade à Rennes avril 2016. 2016 PLUME VOYAGE. @plumevoyagemagazine © DR
Par Béatrice Delamotte

Capital: Britain (regional prefecture and county town of Ille-et-Vilaine)
Population: 210,000 inhabitants (2014) and 427,000 for the city, do not 64,000 students
Toponymy: The name of Celtic is Condate Rennes, which means “confluence” and highlights the location of the city, between Ille et Vilaine. The current name comes from the Gallic people, the Redones, who occupied this part of Brittany in the second century BC It is called Roazhon in Breton.
Motto: “Living in intelligence”
Prepare your stay: www.tourismebretagne.com


  • Didactic retrospective

    The building of a whole architectural sobriety of Frac Bretagne, designed by Studio Odile Decq, is a perfect setting to present the work of the Bouroullec brothers. The first part, in the form of retrospective traces through a hundred objects nearly twenty years of collaboration between the Bouroullec studio and leading publishers such as Vitra, Hay, Alessi, Magis or, more recently, Artek and Samsung. Tables, chairs, desks, televisions, carpets, vases etc. are brought into resonance with free drawings, sketchbooks, models, films and other private archives.

  • 17 Screens

    The second exhibition of the FRAC invites us to see, for the first time in Europe, new wall systems, suspended and modular, “experimental and atmospheric”, in ceramic, glass, aluminum, wood, textile or even lace. “Each screen is a fairly basic assembly: chestnut branches connected by a small flexible printed piece 3D glass tubes held by an elastic, ceramic elements strung like pearls … The exhibition is ‘material’ without however having precise place in the real, says Erwan Bouroullec. Together, these screens speak porosity, transparency, contemplation ‘

  • Kiosque

    Back in the city center of Rennes, where the parliament of Britany hosts a project for the public space. The Kiosk is a removable autonomous space composed of a steel structure incorporating large windows and a roof that forms a sort of outdoor terrace, decorated with lanterns. “With a kind of evidence, the kiosk invites to inhabit the courtyard of the Parliament of Britain, it is not really exposed. It is used for what it really is: a kind of intermediary public space, “says Ronan Bouroullec. This space of break, where you can take your time in the chairs of the Palisade collection (tribute to the chairs and armchairs of the Tuileries), will come alive over the next few months, of concerts and meetings.

  • Urban daydreams

    From a reflection on the development of the city, the Bouroullec brothers imagine a dreamlike wandering, an urban dream. Many models allow us to imagine how we could otherwise live in the city, share it, create meeting and parties places, inhabit spaces. This exhibition reflects ongoing research that can confuse or surprise with its original urban proposals, without being bound to a particular place. “These proposals belong to Rennes as they could belong to Copenhagen confirms Ronan Bouroullec. All these principles have in fact the advantage of keeping a part of abstraction. ”

    In addition to these exhibitions, the entire city of Rennes which gets on time with design and talent, let’s mention the talent of the Bouroullec brothers. Selective adressbook.

  • Aître

    Former student of Rennes Fine Arts, Etienne Taburet was seduced by Rennes until he decided to remain in the city at the end of his studies. Passionate about contemporary art and architecture, he had the idea of ​​creating a travel agency dedicated to these themes. He takes you through the streets and discover the architectural wealth of Rennes, buildings (not always successful) from the 70s, the latest creations of the largest firms of architects today: the Cape Mail by Jean Nouvel, the Frac Bretagne by Odile Decq, Champs Libres bu Christian de Portzamparc … A fascinating stroll thanks to his passion for the subject and his encyclopedic knowledge in architecture and contemporary art that he knows how to talk about in parallel of different exhibitions by the Bouroullec brothers.

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