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November 2013

Travel News

Each week, the Travel News section in PLUME VOYAGE will inform you of news concerning luxury, boutique hotels, luxury hotels, charming places and the travel world and light journey in general.

To continue this month of November, Travel News invites you to discover the Eden Lodge Madagascar hotel, Peninsula Hotels mobilizing for the Philippines, Taiwan voted as the best destination for shopping and travel through space with Terre & Océans. Doesn’t it make you want to get away?

  • Travel through space with Terre & Océans.

    The idea may make you smile or dream, but Terre & Océans is offering guests the opportunity to admire the earth from the comfort of a luxury aerial gondola. For this unforgettable trip, at an altitude of 36 kilometers, the passengers of the Bloon – the flight system – will be able to contemplate the blue planet whilst comfortably seated in front of a panoramic window while sipping on their favorite drink, 1 400 km away from the Earth. For such a trip, there isn’t even any need to train for months or to be fond of extreme sensations. Inflated by helium, the balloon reaches its stratospheric position without much acceleration or supersonic speed. As for the return to earth, the use of guided parachutes ensures a safe re-entry into the atmosphere. However, the price of the trip is something from the wildest dreams of Jules Verne: 110 000 euros per person. Starting in Fall 2014 near Barcelona.

  • Beach House Iruveli, a window to the culture of Maldives.

    Designed to give visitors a real immersion into the culture and traditions of the Maldives, the hotel gave carte blanche to photographer Richard Mark Dobson to capture scenes of local life. Colorful and pure, his photos are a testament to the culture that lies in the manufacturing of traditional wooden boats, the daily lives of women, and children’s games. So that a trip to Beach House Iruveli is not just a simple trip, a wide range of excursions have been made available to guests: a Historical Island Tour to discover the Utheemu Palace, the former home of the hero of the Maldives; Traditional Maldivian Fishing to learn about the techniques of traditional fishing, or even the Local Island Tour, to meet Maldivians going about their daily lives.

  • Hugo & Victor move to Miami.

    The young Parisian house of pastries and chocolates is opening its first international address in Miami. Hugo & Victor, aka Hugues Pouget and Sylvain Blanc, are opening their first address outside of France and it is in Miami that they have decided to put forward their delectable creations. Located in a typical Art Deco building, The Webster has become one of the trendiest fashion temples in the United States, bringing both a luxurious and edgy selection of big names and designers. And the creative French creative duo will not only be exporting pastries and recipes, but will continue work as they do in Paris, by following the seasons, and using only the best local produce. As illustrated by their key lime pie, a famous Floridian pie that they have reinvented, and their Carnet des écrivains, proposed in an exclusive citrus edition.

  • The Scotch, a new Whisky Bar at the Balmoral in Edinburgh.

    Lovers of Scottish whiskey can now be found at the bar of Scotch, the new bar in the Balmoral which boasts the largest collection in Edinburgh. With more than 400 varieties, the bar offers a wide variety and blend of single malts from all over Scotland, including some vintages that date back to 1940. The collection is watched over by three ambassadors who are dressed in contemporary costumes by Kinloch Anderson –the official kilt manufacturer of Queen Elizabeth II – adorned in gold ornaments and made of tweed and satin, in the quintessential colors of Scotland. Exclusive to Scotch, the Sources Uisge has created a selection of natural waters that are made with the same development process as whisky. An essential element to a good tasting, as a Scottish proverb says: “never whiskey without water, never water without whiskey!”

  • Amporaha Resort, a humanist hotel in Madagascar.

    The Amporaha Resort in Nosy Be was built entirely by the local villagers. Run by a young French couple, the hotel combines luxury with human values and environmental commitments. Unlike most projects promoted in tourist real estate, Amporaha Resort is built around a strong dedication to the island and its inhabitants. Removed from the rest of the island and away from the tourist areas, Amporaha Resort is a pleasant refuge. At the heart of lush greenery and lulled by the murmur of the waves, the only hotel on the island also enjoys exclusive access to a very large authentic and tranquil private beach.

  • Bom Bom Island, a new charming address in Sao Tomé.

    Off the coast of Gabon, on the Gulf of Guinea, the islands of Sao Tomé welcome a new charming address: the Bom Bom Island Resort. This attractive lodge is made entirely of wood, bamboo and woven coconut, and consists of twenty bungalows scattered amongst the best beaches in the north of the island of Principe. A mixture of African and Portuguese influences, Bom Bom Island Resort is for insiders seeking authentic experiences of the natural variety. All excursions organized by the resort are related to the ecosystem: guided trekking through the rainforest; watching for birds, endemic species, turtles and whales in season; the study of a flora that consists of more than 700 different types of flowers and orchids; visits to cocoa, coffee and vanilla plantations…

  • Launch of "Shangri Lounge" soirées at the Shangri-La Hotel Paris.

    Now, every Wednesday, one can enjoy the refurbished parts of the Shangri-La Paris’ hotel lounges for a cocktail or a glass of champagne, to the mellow sounds of a DJ. In a setting specially designed and tailor-made by visual scenography agency Your Tailor is a Punk !!! the hotel is transformed through light projections on the walls and ceilings, with bamboo, orchids and elegant mirror balls creating a quirky-cool kind of atmosphere. For the occasion, Christophe Léger –Chef Barman of the Shangri-La Paris – has designed a special drinks menu for the soirées. And for those with a little appetite, a dim sum menu is also available to mix gourmand notes with an array of exotic flavors.

  • OpenSkies offers a new range of entertainment on iPad.

    The airline that specializes in routes between Paris and New York is offering the perfect entertainment by distributing iPads to all passengers regardless of their class of travel. This offer now includes a selection of accessible programs thanks to a new bilingual interface that is more intuitive, fluid and not to mention, faster. From the first use of their iPad, OpenSkies passengers have the opportunity to choose their preferred navigation language and select which programs they would most like to use. Every month, the supply of audio and video programs will be renewed for the pleasure of frequent travelers. Recent films, television series and entertainment dedicated to children will also be available on all flights.

  • New Air Caribbean connection from Paris to Saint-Barthélemy.

    Departing from Orly South, Air Caribbean is launching a new route to Saint-Barthélemy via Saint-Martin Juliana, in partnership with St Barth Commuter. This arrangement provides the customers of both companies to enjoy great flexibility in booking and organizing their trip. Every Saturday, a return flight rotation will connect Paris Orly Sud, Saint-Martin and Saint-Barthélemy. To support the strong demand from December 19 to March 29, a second rotation will be added on Thursday.

  • «Japan Book, voyage nippon».

    Photos, drawings, and notes on the art of Japanese living centered around five themes: culture, the middle ground between tradition and modernity, history, fashion and culinary arts. Carried by the illustrations of Veronica Durruty – whose work is exhibited worldwide and is on display at the Justine Red concept store in Paris until November 19 – this book leads to the discovery of Japan today. In conjunction, the journalist Jean-Luc Tula-Breysse, a specialist in Asian cultures, paints a sensitive portrait of this fascinating country. A visual and cultural shock for a book brimming with contrasts.
    Editions de La Martinière

  • Tripadvisor launches an application for iPhone and Android.

    Tripadvisor – the largest travel site in the world – has launched a free application for iPhone and Android users. Users will now have access to a new hotel price comparison engine and the use of a dynamic map that references accommodation, attractions and restaurants in real time. For tablet users, a specific application for the iPad integrates dynamic maps, the use of metasearch and a pleasant touch-screen interface with trip planning features including high resolution photos, the ability to see all the attractions that surround a particular search, and new pages about different cities to best advise on trips.

  • Thailand moves into the Palais Namaskar.

    On the back of its success, Thai restaurant Mood Yuzu – initially only intended to be temporary – has settled permanently into the Palais Namaskar in Marrakech. Renamed Sawadee (‘welcome’ in Thai), the restaurant invites patrons to embark on a gastronomic journey with its authentic and unique cuisine. Led by Chief Kiewsri Sasitorn, the menu promises unforgettable specialties prepared with exceptional expertise. How else can one take a trip to Asia, between the desert and majestic Moroccan mountains?

  • Ville in Italia expands its network.

    The network of luxury vacation villas in Italy is welcoming new members. Want to enjoy the Amalfi coast in a design villa or enjoy the luxurious tranquillity of a Tuscan property in the heart of the Sienese hills? Ville in Italia features an exclusive network of nearly 500 villas in a variety of styles throughout the peninsula. Some recent additions to their already impressive network: Villa Gicaber in Chianni, a genuine palace from the 1930’s; Villa di Montesoli in the heart of the Crete Senesi south of Siena; and Villa Lambertino. Ideal for a couple’s weekend or a group holiday, these residences offer the luxury and comfort of a private home with all the benefits of the location. More than just a simple intermediary, Ville in Italia can also provide a private chef to prepare a romantic dinner or a feast for friends, as well as open many other doors that are usually closed through their many contacts. For example, they can arrange an opportunity to discover the backstreets of Contrada dell’Onda, the winner quartier of the last Palio of Siena, to participate in a tasting of exceptional wines, to discover private palaces with an incredible sense of cultural richness. A true creator of unforgettable bespoke holidays.

  • Weekend truffle at the Hotel Crillon-le-Brave.

    With the return of the first frost, the truffle is also making its big comeback. Take the perfect opportunity to learn about its cuisine and its harvest over a weekend. The Relais & Châteaux de Crillon-le-Brave in Vaucluse has organised a three-day program focused around the black diamond, the pride of the region. It includes a cooking demonstration with the hotel chef, truffle hunting with an expert, and a tour of the Isle-sur-la-Sorgue, the antiques capital. There is nothing participants wont no about the tuber melanosporum by the end of their stay.

  • Opening of Mama Shelter Bordeaux.

    The concept hotel designed by Philippe Starck and the Trigano family is opening a new location in Bordeaux, in the heart of the historic centre. As unusual, eccentric, interactive and unique as the previous ones, Mama Shelter Bordeaux is being set up in the old Gas Tower, which dominates the city from its height of 47 meters. In addition to a restaurant, where the duo of chefs Jérôme Banctel and Alain Senderens enliven the menu, a pizzeria, a cocktail bar and a wine bar – as Bordeaux requires – Mama Shelter also offers 97 rooms that reflect the kind of hospitality that is dear founders. Not a simple residence, but a town square, an “urban kibbutz”, interspersed with encounters, exchanges and vibrations.

  • New Como partnership with the private jet company Chapman Freeborn.

    In partnership with private airline company Chapman Freeborn, Como Hotels & Resort is offering the opportunity to discover Bhutan with a “Luxurious Himalayan escape”. From the city of your choice, a private jet will transport you to Paro airport before you transfer to the comfort of an Uma by Como lodge in the valley of Paro, followed by a continued journey further north into the valley of Punakha. Guests will have the opportunity to discover the wonders of Bhutan and its capital Thimphu accompanied by an English speaking guide, with white-water rafting in the lively waters of the Mo Chu River or attending a performance of traditional dances before relaxing at the spa for a massage.

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