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17 June 2014

The World of Robin Meason

Photo 1: Portrait of Robin Meason, Copyright Miguel Villalobos. Photo 2: Paris, Copyright Robin Meason.

Marie Le Fort

An American in Paris, Robin Meason has long adopted the capitol’s bustling creative scene and made it her own.

Surrounded by creative talents, most of which she represents in her vangard PR agency “RiTUAL Projects“, Robin guides us into her own world where fashion films, photography, art and counterculture prevail.

When Robin Meason swapped her native Texas for Paris twenty years ago, she was struck by the nuances of grey, the chic monochromatic silhouettes in the streets and the grumpiness of authentic Parisians…

They had an attitude! She embraced the Tom Ford – Gucci era, the cobblestones of Montmartre, and started devouring the local, artistic culture. She had never seen a museum before, nor women that could always pull it off with a pair of jeans, no make-up and their hair just pulled back.

At that time, her laisser-passer for the Centre Pompidou was her best companion: the Joseph Beuys retrospective was up.

At the Cartier Foundation, Nan Goldin was exhibited during one of her first visits. The Palais de Tokyo was also one of her favourite spots with its outside courtyard bustling with skaters and graffiti artists. She sat there, took all she could in, staring at the Eiffel Tower across the Seine.

Today, she is surprised to see that a genuine counter culture and industrial feel still shape up the Palais de Tokyo.

These days, she still loves it like on Day 1 and regularly heads to have lunch there at Tokyo Eat. Or visit L’Etat du Ciel, a homage to many artists’, poets’ and philosophers’ reflections on the physical, moral and political factors that shape our world.

The Centre Pompidou embraced her back as it now welcomes the ASVOFF festival founded by Diane Pernet: dedicated to fashion films, ASVOFF optimally blends fashion and culture.

Amongst her favourite films, Robin points out Holi Holy by Bharat Sikka for Manish Arora – Winner of the ASVOFF 6 Grand Prix, Best Sound and Best Emerging Talent Awards – http://vimeo.com/74617484 – where the mix of colour and emotions, the silent clash between traditional and futuristic India create a unique vision. As the main character walks through the film as a shockingly pink fashion ovni, she relates, in Robin’s mind, to the outstanding, visionary colours of the architecture of the Centre Pompidou.

For Robin, Paris is also deeply tied to photography:

before going into fashion, she worked as an agent in a photography agency. “Paris is all about fashion photography; I like CG Watkins’ approach for its urban, poetic, pop, dark and raw atmosphere –www.cgwatkins.com”, she comments.

When Robin first arrived in Paris,

she jumped into the fashion world, surrounded by people from Studio Berçot and working in the fashion industry as her best friend was working for Jean Colonna. “I had left Texas and the Kurt Cobain explosion behind. But when I found myself at the Colonna show at Elysée Montmartre in 1994, it was all very dark. Extremely well cut but putting forward junky looks! Today, I represent Vetements, designed by a collective of international designers who graduated from the Royal Academy, Studio, Berçot or come from Vienna or worked for Margiela. They are quintessentially Parisian in their approach to fashion: their clothes are all about understatement, androgynous attitudes and tailoring”, she explains. Designed by Glenn Martens, who majored from the Royal Academy, Y/PROJECT is another of her favourite brands: from lingerie turned grunge to darker, deeper looks, he designs elongated slim silhouettes with panels that create free-flowing volumes. It conveys a kind of elegant nonchalance….

Jewellery is also very important for her in the Parisian landscape

Exhibited at L’Eclaireur, in the Cabinet de Curiosités section, 1-100 (www.one-onehundred.com) is designed by Miguel Villalobos and Graham Tabor. The former, comes from fine arts and sculpture, works as an illustrator (on scarves) and collaborated with Laurie Anderson as an art director.The latter, comes from fashion, worked with Melanie Ward and Alexander Wang. Together, they create limited edition jewellery, use sculpture and art as a constant source of inspiration. Handmade in Manhattan, they have recently started collaborating with the Ann Demeulemeester label.
Around Robin Meason, it seems like the creative world of fashion brilliantly converges to Paris.

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