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19 September 2014

The World of Hermès “Haute Bijouterie”

Photo 1:Pierre Hardy / Photo 2: Della Cavalleria © Roe Ethridge

By Cécile Sepulchre

True luxury never fears taking risks. That is why Hermès knows how to stand out from the crowd. Far from the formulaic frills and flounces of traditional jewellery making, the label has just unveiled it’s latest collection of ‘haute jewellery’, unrivalled in its majesty.

Pierre Hardy, best known for his talent as a shoe specialist, has created sets of jewellery, sculpted with a peculiar beauty.

Presented in a sombre salon, in the form of a table, these pieces of jewellery are brimming with personality. Sheer sophistication exudes with laminated finery, diamonds, pearls and precious stones, with lines devised with distinguished elegance, which seem to originate from the dawn of time; due to their primitive strength.

Among the 18 pieces figure a range of fine jewellery to lines inspired by these harnesses treasured so dearly by this saddle-maker.

Ingenious detail dominates throughout. The chain of a spectacular breastplate necklace entitled ‘Gala Brides’ can be dismantled, allowing for five different distinguishable variations. Pierre Hardy explains that these are particular designs taken from Hermès scarves, and the language that has inspired him. A language that he expertly enhances with a note of ‘haute’ poetry…

Discover all this from 10th September to 8th November in the Hermès Paris flagship store at 24 Faubourg Saint Honoré (Paris 75008).

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