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06 February 2015

The world of…Godobe

Photo 1 : Laure Gomez Montoya, Photo 2 : Cashmere, Cappadocia with Bicycle and burgundy or blue stripes. Courtesy of GoDoBe


Ethics, ethnicity and aesthetics.
What do brands like Nominoë, Mushkane, Elephant Branded and Lem Lem have in common? They have all been chosen by founder Laure Gomez Montoya as part of her website godobe.fr, which offers fashion accessories, decoration, clothes and objects for children, all of which are fair trade, familial, organic, eco-friendly and made in France, each with a hint of style eclipsing all multi-coloured ponchos and other hand-crafted hats!

Amongst their number are pebble-like poufs in boiled wool, crafted by Mushkane in Nepal, in the warehouses of the Katmandu valley, which represents the livelihood of entire families and offers constant support to impoverished children and families of two French associations, ‘Détresse des Enfants du Monde Népal’ (DEM Népal) and Planètes Enfants.

Elephant Branded, who designs recycled travel cases, is a brand that endeavours, by promoting the “buy one, give one” idea, to supply an education kit comprising of a backpack, paper and pencils to children in Sierra Leone, Cambodia, South Africa and Uganda. Sheets embroidered in Morocco are a source of support to isolated women, offering literacy classes and financial support to the most disadvantaged at the foot of the Atlas mountain range.
Breton beauty products, not from the sea but from land plant-life, woodland and the Finistere sand dunes are produced locally in order to conserve the network of small and medium-sized businesses… A total of twenty conscientious labels have been selected by Laure Gomez Montoya, because they all respond to at least one of the four criteria required by her site, whether it be ‘Buy one, give one’, ‘working hand-in-hand, ecological fabrication and sustainable development and Made in France. As a high-quality brand, Laure only selects products that are both pleasant and aesthetically pleasing but also appealing to city dwellers.
Pretty as a picture, with her model figure and angelic face, this young French woman is passionate about traditional Chinese medicine, having formally worked as a journalist, editor and now businesswoman has for a number of years taken part in missions in Africa, fighting for the prevention of AIDS with OPALS (The Panafrican Fight for Health). “Go”, “do”, “be” an idea to promote positive actions.


Nominoë, BEAUTY POTION. Courtesy of GoDoBe

Nominoë, OIL. Courtesy of GoDoBe

Nominoë, PERFECT POTION. Courtesy of GoDoBe

Nominoë, EXFLOLIATING BALM. Courtesy of GoDoBe

Artlantique, SHARP CHAIR KIT. Courtesy of GoDoBe

Artlantique, LOMPOUL. Courtesy of GoDoBe

Artlantique, JOAL. Courtesy of GoDoBe

Artlantique, Artlantictabouret recycled wood. Courtesy of GoDoBe

Risurisu, blue pyjamas. Courtesy of GoDoBe

Risurisu, Blue Angel nest camper, opened. Courtesy of GoDoBe

Big Jeannot bunny doudou in BIO cotton. Courtesy of GoDoBe

Japanese TAP. Courtesy of GoDoBe

Ceramic diffuser. Courtesy of GoDoBe

Awa. Courtesy of GoDoBe

BsaB, white candle. Courtesy of GoDoBe

Tiwizi, dead nature bed. Courtesy of GoDoBe

Mushkane Cube. Courtesy of GoDoBe

Mushkane, felt lampshade ultra pink amethyst. Courtesy of GoDoBe

Peppermint smartie. Courtesy of GoDoBe

Basket. Courtesy of GoDoBe

Animana, ALORS. Courtesy of GoDoBe

Muriel. Courtesy of GoDoBe

Cashmere, Cappadocia with Bicycle and burgundy or blue stripes. Courtesy of GoDoBe

Muriel. Courtesy of GoDoBe

Luz VIC Blue Fushia. Courtesy of GoDoBe

Bakka blue blouse. Courtesy of GoDoBe

Lemlem, FAMA PINK PONCHO. Courtesy of GoDoBe

Kore Kamino hood. Courtesy of GoDoBe

Elephant Branded. Courtesy of GoDoBe

Mushkane, Felt Storage Nest pollen. Courtesy of GoDoBe

Mushkane, voyage mask. Courtesy of GoDoBe

SUSIE blouse. Courtesy of GoDoBe

Face samples. Courtesy of GoDoBe

Ambre face mask, big. Courtesy of GoDoBe

Bath oil, big. Courtesy of GoDoBe

Ambre hand cream, big. Courtesy of GoDoBe

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