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08 August 2014 – French Savoir-Faire

The World of Fragonard


Béatrice Delamotte

First created in 1926 in Grasse, the perfume capital of France, the Parfumerie Fragonard has been named as such after painter François Fragonard by founder of the house, Eugène Fuchs.

It remains one of the last representatives of artisanal, family-run factories in the region, which continues to grow today, thanks to Agnès and Françoise Costa. Welch to a fragrant and chic universe that is closely linked to the world of travel.

We always talk about ‘the taste of travel’ but what about the scent?

This remains in the back of our minds as we reminisce on those aromas, odours and olfactive reminders of our different journeys. And just like all our other personal memories, we could love to share this one. As the great-granddaughters of the founder of the Fragonard house, this is exactly what Agnès and Françoise Costa have set out to do. In order to rejuvenate the image of this century-old brand, these two young ladies have opted to create a Fragonard signature style, one of extreme femininity and a way of sharing their travel memories, like bringing home a souvenir or sending a postcard.

To design a fragrance, Agnès and Françoise Costa

have no shortage of inspiration: childhood memories, forgotten smells, even things discovered on the other side of the world…As well as elements that allows them to invent new perfumes, each associated with a particular flower: violets for 2012, lilies in 2013 and this year, the smell of peas. More than just a collection, each new edition offers a complete universe, which mixes perfume – naturally – but also eau de toilette, diffusers and, from now on, prêt-à-porter and decorative ornaments.

This year, Fragonard goes even further than it’s last collection entitled “The Garden”,

with a journey through the rich caravanseries of Samarcande. A mythical stop along the Silk Road, the town evokes all the splendour of the Orient. Two fragrances have been created for the occasion (Amber-rose and patchouli-myrrh). But it is through this ultra sensual and feminine works that Agnès and Françoise Costa decide to lead us, recalling their travels of Central Asia with certain magnificent objects; handmade ceramics, felt carpets, Kyrgyz ikhats and dolls, refined flecked porcelain or even sumptuous vintage or speckled suzanis (tapestries, which are handmade by brides-to-be) from local bazaars. It is this sparkling, colourful universe that inspires these two young women and fires their desire to design unique pieces to display in their boutiques.

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