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September 2015

The Suitcase of Véronique
Yoon-Kyung Martin

Text by Béatrice Delamotte & Draw by PLUME

After having worked in the world of luxury wines and spirits, this young woman took the gamble and launched her own caviar brand, Ultreïa. In order for her to offer the finest vintages to her worldwide clientele, she travelled the four corners of the earth discovering the vineyards deemed good enough to make her selection. All this with one goal in mind : to become, within the next few years, the go-to brand thanks to the uncompromising quality of its selected products.  

Duffel bag, weekend bag, trunk, suitcase or no bag at all?
As I travel often presenting my caviar in France and around the world, I always try to travel light. My ideal choice ? the weekend suitcase. “I go through at least 3 a year”!

Globetrotter or virtual traveller?
I would say globetrotter more than anything! I’ve always loved to travel…it makes me feel alive. In 2013, I took a year out to travel the world and set up my company. From the great wall of China to Machu Pichu, from Miami to Singapore, travelling is essential for me. It feeds my ambition and opens my mind to new horizons of discovery and opportunity, both cultural and professional

Espadrilles or stillettos?
Definitely stilettos. For me, they represent a symbol of femininity, of taste and elegance. I feel like a women when I wear heels. I don’t like shopping, I consider it a waste of time, but twice a year I “do a haul”, I was out to buy dresses but ended up coming back with… nine pairs of shoes !

What are your favourite vacation spots and hotels?
There are so many! So much to see, so little time. I rarely spend more than four days in the same place. But in general, it depends on what I need at the time. If I need some energy, I go to New York or Hong Kong ; if I need to rest, I go get a massage in Thailand or sun myself in the desert. If I need to recharge I chose Dubai or Marrakech, or Savoie (where I grew up) to be amongst the fresh air, lakes and mountains.
I think that my best trip was Peru. I was profoundly moved by the simplicity and authenticity of the people, of a civilisation overflowing with a rich history. That being said, Mexico and Brazil weren’t bad either…As for the finest hotels, I would have to say Alila Aluwalu in Bali, Six Senses in Kho Samui, le Chedi in Oman and the Blue Sea hotel in Colombia

Your definition of the ideal trip or your best holiday memory?
The best trip is one that never ends… heading off with just a carry-on with a whole year in front of you and to be able to go wherever you want, when you want. With a partner is better! Otherwise, my most vivid memory is from my trip to Soweto in Johannesburg. I was blown away by the histroy. It was very moving

Your most recent trips?
Business trips of course…Monaco, Italy, New York and Dubai

What do you bring back from your travels?
Before, I always used to bring back a souvenir. Nowadays, I come back with a feeling of having otained happiness. The meaning of the word “Ulteria” – an expression of joy and sharing – therefore comes into its own


Your Tips

Take only the essentials : passport and credit card. As for the rest, be prepared to adapt and do so with a smile, ask when you dont know, and dont be afraid of anything.
I always bring a little box of caviar with me (Ultreïa of course) to enjoy as I arrive at the hotel. It’s a bit like chocolate : comforting and puts you in a good mood.
When I have luggage in the hold, I check-in last to be sure that I recieve my suitcase first…



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