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April 2019

The note Parisienne takes us on a journey

By Sandra Serpero

Saint-Tropez, a village of millions of delights, a hot spot of fiery life and eternal idleness where notes of violets, irises and lavender float. Saint Barth, an illustrious paradise that captures the hearts and memories of coconut groves and vanilla fields. Biarritz, the queen of beaches and its dreamlike scent of a treasure made of salt. Porto-Vecchio, precious casket of the island of beauty with its jungle of citrus fruits which gratify this colorful land and perfume the streets of the old city with a scent of freshness. Four sunny landmarks, each of which are wonderfully desirable destinations, transcribed in candles by the French brand La Note Parisienne that offers us a sunlit escape at the end of each flame. Plus, it’s already kind of the holidays!

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