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portrait de Capucine Gougenheim Geagea, fondatrice de Plume Voyage @plumevoyage #plumevoyage

Capucine Gougenheim, a charming woman with a sturdy character has a passion for travel, art and beautiful things. Aesthete, curious and always on the move, she criss-crosses Paris to honour multiple daily appointments and the world whenever she is given the opportunity. She loves a good dinner and never says no to a drink! She is the founder of Plume Voyage, a webzine that closely resembles her.

1 -portrait : A photo in my living room but I spent a lot of time in my kitchen

I discovered a desire to grow my aromatic herbs at home! In the morning I water my small seedlings with flowers, nasturtiums, I change the water of my vegetables and my aromatic herbs. I pamper them, I sprinkle them with a little bit of water. Some foods can grow back in water like onions, garlic, celery, fennel, leeks, lemongrass… During a lockdown period, it is a good solution to avoid running out.

2 – What are your daily appointments since the beginning of the lockdown make you feel good?

I draw thanks to the precious advice of Philippe, my drawing teacher at the Museum of Decorative Arts through a Whatsapp group. I respond to comments from another Whatsapp group created by a friend Sophie who works at the Réunion des Musées Nationaux. It gives a lot of recipes, cultural sites… a gold mine. Thanks Sophie! I cook EVERY day, recipes that I would never have made before like Toppoki, a Korean spicy dish, or the recipes of chefs that Plume Voyage has been sharing since this week. I look forward to the time when Aurélien, the birthday presenter for my 8-year-old daughter’s birthday, starts his games on Zoom. He offers to occupy the children for an hour, via his “Air’Anniv” account, free of charge. A hero, an angel. Thank you Aurélien! In the evening I always light a white candle before dinner, thinking of my loved ones who have left and thinking of the people affected by Covid 19.

3 – A book you haven’t dropped?

The last Goncourt, “Tous les hommes n’habitent pas le monde de la même façon” (“All men don’t live in the world in the same way”), lent by a friend, so well written and poignant.

4 – Your last meal in a restaurant: when, where and what did you eat?

On Thursday 12th of March, a few days before the lockdown, I had a lunch with the starred chef Franco Bowanee, from the Château de Vault de Lugny, who had concocted a vegetarian menu with seasonal vegetables from the castle’s vegetable garden. His boletus ravioli with morel mushrooms and asparagus accompanied by Irancy were magnificent.

5 – In which hotel would you dream of being right now?

At the Heritance Kandalama Hotel in Sri Lanka, on the balcony of a room overlooking the lake to watch the sublime sunset while the birds fly away, or in the middle of the city, at the Park Hyatt in Seoul, in the Gangnam district to eat kimchi and seafood or at the Four Season in Hong Kong which has the most beautiful swimming pool in Central, above the harbour. And also, on the terrace of the Barthelemy hotel’s restaurant, facing the lagoon, a hotel opened last year, decorated by Sybille de Margerie, for lunch eating crispy squid with passion fruit and fish sashimi, with yuzu vinaigrette.
But right now, I should have been at the Anantara de Tozeur to do a report on the hotel and its region.

6- What are you doing since the lockdown that you didn’t do before?

I’m learning Korean with Boky, a great teacher who speaks very good French that I found via the “Super prof” app! We do the course via Skype with through the Gresille.org tool.I don’t count the days anymore, I bake cakes at night, I have insomnia too, I cook Korean food, I watch Korean soap operas to familiarize myself with my mother tongue, I cultivate my little inner garden, I do relaxation exercises, yoga movements on the “Face Exercises” application. I donate to the Samu Social for the homeless. We must also think of them in this period when they can hardly confine themselves as we do.

7 – The series or the film that you recommend?

“Parasite” by Bong Joon Ho, Golden Palm at Cannes, Oscar for best film, best foreign film… a masterpiece… I’m in my Korean period, like an inner journey.

8 – What’s the first thing you’ll do when the lockdown ends?

Go out, drink and dance all night with golden shoes! Simply put, party!

9 – A wish?

Several. That this health crisis will bring us closer to nature, to the essence of things. May this lockdown make people want to live better, eat better, consume better. That a new organization of the economy will allow us to repopulate the beautiful French countryside. That we may provide a pleasant future for our children.

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