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October 05 2012

Les jardins d’Eyrignac

Gardens Divine.

Parker Voss

A “jardin remarquable”, and a historical monument, the jardins d’Eyrignac are a unique testimony to the art of “French gardens”. They are a journey through the history of the Périgord that lives all year round.


© ERIC SANDER Allée des charmes, Muriers blancs et cyprès, Sculptures de buis taillés

Patrick and Capucine Sermadiras open their family gardens to some 80,000 visitors every year. More than three hundred topiaries punctuate the four acres of manicured lawns, bordered by fifteen kilometres of hedges.

©EYRIGNAC Arabesques du Jardin Français, ©OLIVIER ANGER Parterre à la française face au manoir, ©ERIC SANDER Façade du Manoir

It is commonly believed that the of support of the local village council of Salignac Eyvigues, near to Sarlat in the heart of lush green Périgord, is solely responsible for the development of such a flourishing business. But the gardens of the Manoir owe their beauty to the endless passion of one family that has continued for half a century.

©OLIVIER ANGER Chapelle romane, ©ERIC SANDER La chambre de verdure, ©ERIC SANDER le miroir et les communs

One only needs to cross the horbeam walk, the veritable “backbone” of the garden, to feel transported to a bygone era. Classed among the “remarkable gardens” of France and considered a historic monument of the 17th and 18th centuries, Eyrignac is primarily an area of life that is constantly evolving. A feat all the more impressive when considering that preserving the very particular characteristics of one of the most stunning gardens in France requires unfaltering attention.

©JB LEROUX Le Vivier, ©ERIC SANDER Jardin Blanc, ©ERIC SANDER Jardin Blanc

To achieve this, a team of six gardeners dedicate their full attention to the vast park. And everything here is done by hand, which stands as testimony to the excellence of the art of these men and women. Designed using the classic principles of lines, points of views and repetition – conventions so dear to the so-called “jardins à la françaises” – each space is conceived as an individual area, a sort of boudoir from which the views of the other sections are intended to be a delight.

©JB LEROUX Chambre de verdure, ©OLIVIER ANGER Parterre à la Française, ©ERIC SANDER Panorama allée des charmes

To appreciate the full richness of the promenade, “one should visit the garden at different times of the day,” explains Patrick Sermadiras. Long reserved strictly for family use, the jardins d’Eyrignac are a reflection of the love that has been bestowed upon the grounds, and this is a love that is well rewarded throughout the seasons.



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