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June 14 2013


The House of DUVELLEROY, Paris, Luxury Fans


The House of Duvelleroy was a sleeping beauty for fifteen years before Raphaëlle de Panafieu and Eloïse Gilles, two young women in love with traditions and French know-how took over and raised the image of this family House of high fashion fan makers.

Flourishing and famous in the 19th century but old-fashioned since the 70s, the House and its treasures were remaining asleep in the memories and records of its heir, Michel Maignan. The meeting of the old man with the two entrepreneurs in 2010 gave a new breathe to this sleeping beauty just waiting for a look and a kiss to be reborn.
The beautiful exhibition: “The House of Duvel, Past-Present” by the Museum of Decorative Arts, is a great testify of this.

Collecting the history of the House of Duvelleroy is knowing one of the most gracious establishments of the French heritage, it’s drawning from oblivion one of the most admirable knowledge of the hexagonal heritage, it’s also finding or imagining the most beautiful balls and more dazzling toiletries from the past century.

Raphaelle de Panafieu and Eloise Gilles met on a beautiful summer day, by a swimming pool, around a fan that Raphaëlle still wears. The two young women, one who studied at Sciences Po, the other expert in heritage brands and from the school of ESSEC, challenged themselves to find THE perfect House of this iconic object. The discovery of the House of Duvelleroy, was obvious for the two thirty-years-old women. The meeting with the heir, Michel Maignan, holder of the archives of the House, very happy to entrust them the molds and other treasures of the establishment, finally convinced the two partners to entirely take over the House and perpetuate the making of high fashion fans. The two friends have found feather workers, embroiderers, tabletiers… and spent a year and a half to reconstruct the traditional chain of manufacturing. For three years the two passionate have been drawing the inspired and modern designs, increasing collaborations with artists and special orders to bring up to date this accessory, that became again a fashion icon and spotted by fashionistas nowadays. Designed in galatite with graphics feathers, square shapes or colors of Mondrian, the fans are all assembled and engraved with the emblem of the house, a delicate daisy. A bit of little girls and princess dreams perpetuate with the fans of Duvelleroy.
The majority of fan makers is formed by Anne Hoguet, the last master of art in the field and director of the Fan Museum in Paris.
Fan Museum : 2 bd Starsbourg 75010 Paris
Museum of Decorative Arts, until 31 July 2013.

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