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April 2019

The Bristol: For the love of art

By Sandra Serpero

After exhibiting the works of artists Daniel Buren and Ugo Rondinone in its garden, the famous Parisian palace has signed a third artistic collaboration for this spring. At the helm, the gallery owner Kamel Mennour, who has set his sights on the internationally renowned French artist Bertrand Lavier, to dress the garden and living room of the magnificent Paris suite.
Fascinated by the comic strip “Traits Très Abstraits”, published in 1977 in Le Journal de Mickey, which recounts the adventures of Mickey and Minnie in a fake modern art museum, Bertrand Lavier completed his Walt Disney Productions “project” in 1984 by isolating the paintings and sculptures that constitute the setting for the narrative to make them very real works of art. For the Bristol, Bertrand Lavier has transposed this approach. With his unique touch, he transformed the suite lounge to make it look like it was drawn directly from the Disney comic book museum: the floor is dressed in purple carpet, contemporary furniture, yellow and green walls, pop-coloured sculptures, canvases and photographs inspired by Walt Disney’s comic book. In the suite, the guests are invited to fully immerse into the work and imagination of this artist. A surprising journey through the fiction that ends when we return to the reality of the other rooms of the suite that have kept their usual layout. Echoing this unprecedented artistic intervention in the Paris Suite, the artist has also installed three large sculptures in the French garden of the palace, also from the Walt Disney Productions series, in flashy colours.
Note: a solo exhibition of the artist will take place at the Kamel Mennour Gallery (47 rue Saint-André-des-Arts, Paris 6), until May 25.
The Paris Suite by Bertrand Lavier, from 11,000 euros per night. Le Bristol Paris, 112 rue du Faubourg Saint Honoré, Paris 8ème. T. : 01 53 53 43 43 43 25 www.lebristolparis.com

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