Mot-clé : Mucem

December 2015
BD-Draga-dotted dress.It's Now PLUME-VOYAGE-december 2015. @plumevoyagemagazine ©Atelier Lucien Clergue

It’s Now december 2015

“Lucien Clergue” at the Grand Palais
Lucien Clergue is not yet twenty years old when Pablo Picasso decides to sponsor him after he presented his first photos at the exit of a bullfight in Arles. He agrees to draw for him the cover of several books to come and introduces him to Jean Cocteau who helps him to structure his work discourse. It is through the discovery of working albums, at the death of the photographer, that can capture the dazzling and deadly poetry that lived inside Lucien Clergue and that attracted these two great artists.
Until the 15th of February 2015. B.D.

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May 2015

Wander Around May 2015 – Marseille, a design capital of the world?

The Palais de la Major
The Palais de la Major, located next to the Mucem favours a light baroque décor with a sublime chandelier from the Moscow Casino. At the end of the night, DJs and music groups set the place alight.

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