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November 2015
Christofle manufactory. The world of Christofle november 2015 by PLUME VOYAGE @plumevoyagemagazine ©DR

The World of November 2015 – Christofle, The haute couture silverware

Almost bicentennial, Christofle engages itself since its creation in 1830, to express the best of luxury goldsmith. An exceptional worldwide-known expertise, symbol of luxury and the art of French living in what’s best.

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May 2012

10-A Bridge on two shores-"Le Liège sur son 31" (May 2012)

May 2012 “Le Liège sur son 31” Marie Le Fort Cork. What about it? It’s lightweight and waterproof, it floats and does not burn. Baring no trace of scratches or blows: cork can handle all efforts to tarnish it. In short, it is impenetrable. If the use of cork dates back to the dawn of […]

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