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November 2016
Claude Lévêque, Sans titre (Dansez !). Une halte novembre 2016 PLUMEVOYAGE @plumevoyagemagazine Courtesy Collection Agnès b

A break November 2016 – VIVRE !! The contemporary art collection of Agnes b meets the history and cultures of immigration.

The link is not evident, at first glance, between a museum located at a gate of Paris whose purpose is to present to the public the history, cultures and arts resulting from immigration, and the collection of contemporary art Fashion stylist Agnès b.

September 2015
Phares, Dan Flavin (to Donna) © DR

It’s Now September 2015

To round off the month of september, we recommend that you visit the Festival des illustrateurs and the 10th anniversary of the Young Illustrators museum in Moulins, unless you prefer to discover the work of the Chinese artist Xu Zhen in Graz, Austria, that of Alejandro Lodorowsky at the CAPC of Bordeaux, or to see the monumental works by major contemporary artists at the Metz Pompidou Centre.

May 2015

It’s Now May 2015

To finish off this month of May, we offer you an eclectic selection that will take you from Washington to Riehen and via Languedoc-Roussillon to discover several different sides to contemporary creation. Unless you would rather check out the classicism of the grand Velazquez in Paris.

April 2015

It’s Now April 2015

« Aki Kuroda, Cosmogarden-Elephant City » at Galerie Louis Gendre, Chamalières
Cosmogarden is the generic title of exhibitions by Japanese painter Aki Kuroda, the function of which allows him to steer a clear course through the diversity of his expressions.