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February 2013
PLUME VOYAGE “My Suitcase”compilation tips

All the tips of My suitcase

All the tips 2015 Célia Gumbau-Serra I compartmentalise all my things in my suitcase, using personalised pockets by Decathlon. It means there are no unwelcome surprises when you arrive – tubes or pots that have opened…and have stained everything – and above all, I can find whatever I’m looking for very quickly. Socks on one […]

April 2012

All the tips of My suitcase 2012

All the tips 2012 Chantal Thomass I always fly at night so that I sleep. I take off my make-up, have a glass of champagne and voila – I’m asleep! I always wake my self up two hours before landing so that I can reapply my make-up and be fresh on arrival, to get used […]

January 2012

6-library-sunny-issue (January 2012)

PLUME VOYAGE. A magazine. An experience. A proposal… A journey. The curiosity which takes us beyond borders, the envy for a different, imaginary, internal or artistic journey continues to inspire PLUME VOYAGE. For the sixth issue, the magazine puts its luggage under the sun.   A bridge on two shores: Scoubidous ! Attentive at the […]