Mot-clé : A break

November 2016
Claude Lévêque, Sans titre (Dansez !). Une halte novembre 2016 PLUMEVOYAGE @plumevoyagemagazine Courtesy Collection Agnès b

A break November 2016 – VIVRE !! The contemporary art collection of Agnes b meets the history and cultures of immigration.

The link is not evident, at first glance, between a museum located at a gate of Paris whose purpose is to present to the public the history, cultures and arts resulting from immigration, and the collection of contemporary art Fashion stylist Agnès b.

November 2016

A break November 2016 – It is time for pot-au-feu

Here it is: fall is well installed and the ambient lower temperature makes you want to find the comforting side of traditional dishes. It is time for pot-au-feu (more and more rare), blanquette and other simmered dishes that satisfy both soul and gluttony.