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August 23 2013
Gardens Special

«International Garden Festival» at the Domaine de Chaumont, Chaumont-sur-Loire.

«International Garden Festival» at the Domaine de Chaumont, Chaumont-sur-Loire.

For its 22nd edition, the festival has invited designers and landscape architects from around the world to discuss and magnify the countless and subtle “sensations” that we garner from beautiful gardens.

From all corners of the earth, including China, Russia, Japan, Algeria and of course France and Europe, these gardens will amaze, surprise and delight in their use of all refinements and technical possibilities, playing with colors, scents, sounds, silences and all other voices and poetic mediums.

This year, the great Chinese landscape artist Yu Kongjianet and designer Patrick Jouin are the event’s guests of honor. In total, there will be thirty new gardens and plant creations to discover. Until October 20th

«Festival de la tomate et des saveurs»

at the Château de la Bourdaisière, Montlouis-sur-Loire.

Designed by “Prince jardinier” Louis Albert de Broglie,

this festival is an opportunity to walk through the château’s fabulous garden which is recognized as the national academy of the tomato, unique in the world with some 650 varieties to enjoy at the The Tomato Bar, a dining area dedicated to the fruit. For flower lovers, the Dahliacolor has more than two hundred varieties of dahlia flower on display in a space designed by Louis Benech. And if this is not enough, the park has 55 acres of temporary stages and permanent exhibitions, such as that devoted to Deyrolle with nearly 140 old boards on display.
September 7th and 8th

«Franco-Korean musical encounters» at the Jardins de of La Borie, Limousin.

«Franco-Korean musical encounters» at the Jardins of La Borie, Limousin.

Organized by the Paris-Seoul Association with the support of the Korean Cultural Centre in Paris, these gatherings allow French and Korean musicians to share their experience and expertise. A musical experience pioneer in France, this event proposes traditional Korean concerts

such as gômoungo (a type of zither with a bow, unique in Korea), gagok (lyric song cycles), piri, saegwhang, taepyungso (wind instrument), janggoo and buk (percussion instrument) concerts as well as musical

creations combining Korean and European instruments including crystal, multitimbral, saxophone, accordion, drums and piano.
August 15th to 31st

«Penone Versailles» at the Château de Versailles. / Penone le foglie delle radici © Tadzio

«Penone Versailles» at the Château de Versailles.

In the era of technological revolution, Giuseppe Penone is a sculptor who remains committed to the natural materials: wood, stone and marble…

He brings these materials to life, extracting their essence, thus creating a dialogue that is dear to him between nature and culture. His large works

have become a part of the gardens designed by Le Nôtre as new punctuations that find their rightful place in subtle harmony with these prestigious sites. Twenty sculptures have recently been placed in the Royal driveway that lead to a long perspective from the Château to the Grand Canal, as well as taking over the Bosquet de l’Etoile. The “Anatomies” of white marble, as well as some works in the halls of the château complete this fabulous exhibition.
Until October 31st

August 16 2013
Summer festivals special

Cultural event: «Festival de Salzbourg», Austria

«Festival de Salzbourg», Austria.

For six weeks, the city of Salzburg becomes the center of the musical world.

Established 90 years ago by Richard Strauss, the festival overtakes the baroque city and its surroundings. Operas, plays and concerts are scheduled throughout the day and allow participants to appreciate the works of Mozart, the local genius, in his contemporary form,

from the classical interpretation to the avant-garde experience. And so it presents an artistic occasion of richness like no other: everything in art has a name that can be found here.
Until September 1st

«Musicalarue» in Luxey, Landes © Fabrice Mousel

«Musicalarue» in Luxey, Landes.

The main festival of the Aquitaine performing arts is

getting ready for its 24th edition in Luxey, Landes. Music,

song, and street theater will be honored with performances by more than 80 groups and companies. Established artists (such as Joe Cocker, Gorillaz and Juliette Gréco), and newly discovered acts alike will be gathered for a fun and festive gathering under the pines.
From August 14th to 17th

«Quincena Musical» in San Sebastian

«Quincena Musical» in San Sebastian.

The oldest classical music festival in Spain, Quincena Musical is bringing some of the world’s finest artists together for almost an entire month.

Retransmissions of the biggest concerts and operas in Europe, a series of concerts by young performers, participation from some of the biggest symphony orchestras in Europe –

this festival is a must for music lovers and a great opportunity to discover new talent. Until August 31st

Exhibitions: «Arts Festival» in Edinburgh, Scotland

«Arts Festival» in Edinburgh, Scotland. Galleries, museums and areas

of visual artistic expression in the city come together to present the most fascinating and intriguing of what the world of modern and contemporary art has to offer.

On this occasion, some great international artists are exhibiting for the first time ever in the UK. The program offers more than 130 exhibitions in more than 50 locations throughout the festival.

A varied selection of works presented in diverse places, from the most traditional to the most original.
Until September 1st

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