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September 2011

Virginie Dhello : Vee

By Fabienne Dupuis

Virginia Dhello, aka Vee, surfs the web every day and surveys the fashion weeks to uncover the latest trends and favourites of the fashion world. More than just good advice, the daily posts on her blog ‘Vee Post’ are must-reads… not to be missed.

Are you more of a hand-carry, trunk, suitcase or no baggage person?

I have three different sizes of suitcases, all of Rimowa, larger or smaller, depending on the length of my trip: 48 hours, four days or two weeks. Plus a Vuitton trolley bag dedicated entire to in-flight essentials.

Is your suitcase very organised or a bit of a jumble?

I come under the category of organized women so my suitcase is very tidy with cotton bags for lingerie and bikinis. All my shoes are put in little plastic bags to protect my clothes.

What are the essentials for your suitcase?

Above all my cotton pajamas from Olatz. My wardrobe, flat shoes, sandals, heels, sneakers and sports gear. I only carry books with me, extraordinary biographies about people such as Diane Arbus, Peggy Guggenheim, Andy Warhol… Several pairs of sunglasses, a pashmina, a cardigan, my iPad, tea bags, wipes and an essential oils spray. And my iPod with Kanye West, Lykke Li, and 80’s hits that I listen to on the plane whilst reading the entire international fashion press.

What kind of wash-bag do you have and what are its essentials?
I have several filled to the brim ! One for make-up, one for cosmetics and sometimes another for sunscreen. And my three essentials of Joëlle Ciocco, a Mason Pearson brush, a Supersmile toothbrush, a manicure kit and my Penhaligon’s perfume.

What do you bring back from your travels ?

I always bring back notes. It’s during landing and after reading them that I often come up with a multitude of ideas.

The Suitcase of Virginie Dhello

Clever tips


I always carry a complete outfit and a washbag with my miniature products in the cabin in case my luggage gets lost! When I travel 48 hours, I try to bring a dress or pants outfit that can be worn in two different ways, so I am well prepared for any eventuality. Otherwise, the last thing I put in the suitcase is my trench.


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