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May 2011


Béatrice Delamotte

All about the all-important suitcase. How and when to do it, how to organise it, how to make it as light as possible, how to avoid creasing your clothes? We ask these questions to a series of international globetrotters and tireless travelers.

Are you more of a hand-carry, trunk, suitcase or no baggage person ?
A Rimowa suitcase. It’s soft and hard at the same time, and light too, so it is ideal for long journeys. I put a large brightly coloured elastic band around my case to differentiate it. For weekends away, I have a nylon Muji suitcase, which comes with a very sturdy, detachable bag. For a weekend trip that’s a bit special, if I am bringing formal wear, I take a suit bag that has extra pockets to hold my essential toiletries and shoes

Is your suitcase very organised or a bit of a jumble ?
I use little objects, like socks, scarves, and belts to fill the empty spots in my suitcase and I put socks inside of shoes to save space. I also wrap socks around the collars of shirts so that they don’t come undone. I separate things using dust bags, garment bags and wash-bags. I choose clothes that are easy to fold and don’t crease much, which usually means things in silk, jersey, and cotton. I love fine cashmere. I always bring my silk lined blanket that I can wear around my neck or over my shoulders. When folded up it can be used as a soft pillow. On the plane, I wrap myself up in it instead of using the airline’s blanket

What are the essentials for your suitcase ?
Pens, felt tips, lots of pencils for sketching, a small pocket book with a soft cover, like a moleskin, and a Muji notebook. A closed wallet to keep the cards I collect from shops and restaurants. When I return home, I stick them in a travel notebook, which I have separated into different places. My Leica digital camera, my iPhone. A USB stick. Rescue spray. A little lavender scented candle, from Penhaligon in a little silver box. Mint sweets

What are the essentials for your wash-bag ?
All the travel-sized versions of my shampoo, creams and other gels. I also have several samples of my perfume but if not, I transfer some into a mini spray bottle, like Travalo

The suitcase of Plume by Mathieu Poupon

Clever tips

I recycle the contents: for example, I roll-up my iPod headphones and put them in a little metal “Hello Kitty” candy box, or in one of the little silk and cotton jewellery bags from Aurélie Bidermann. For hygiene reasons, shoes are always packed one by one in garment bags. And to avoid creasing delicate clothes, I fold them in sheets of tissue paper or I put them in one of the very thin plastic bags that you get from the dry cleaner


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