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June 2017

Boutique Yvonne Léon, Paris rive gauche. PLUMEVOYAGE @plumevoyagemagazine © DR

PARIS RIVE GAUCHE : le nouvel écrin des bijoux Yvonne Léon dessiné par Isabel Stanislas

Sandra Serpero

First eponymous address for the young jeweler Yvonne Léon who chose Saint Germain to display her jewels paved with pearls and precious stones. This beautiful gem designed by the architect Isabelle Stanislas sails in elegance between the boudoir and the cabinet of curiosity dear to the Parisian designer.
Jewellery is a family story for Yvonne. The result of a long line of jewelers, she pursued her passion by creating her eponymous brand. Passionate about vintage and flea markets, Yvonne Léon draws her inspiration from the past and the antique jewelry that she reinvents with freshness and modernity. Offset, she frees herself from the codes and trends by daring mixtures and mixes. Inspired by touches of fantasies, she enjoys an eclectic bestiary (owls, felines, seahorses) to make her pieces alive by mixing colored stones and materials. She uses 18 carat gold, her fetish material. And she created the addiction with “Les Dessous d’Oreille” which dresses the ear in elegance with a line of diamonds. At the same time delicate, bohemian and precious, the jewels of Yvonne Léon are imbued with an irresistible charm. Highly desirable.
Yvonne Léon, 25, rue du Vieux Colombier, Paris 6th. T. 01 43 25 36 39.

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