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March 08 2013

Going away with…
Samuel Bucciacchio


Samuel Bucciacchio is the founder of Goodwill, a private aviation company among the three largest in the world and Good Travel, a bespoke travel agency, a natural extension of the parent company, designed to make life easier for the customers who use their aircrafts. With an explosion in the renting of private jets since 2008 – a three-digit growth per year to be precise – the young boss launched this aerial adventure alone 13 years ago.
Today he is opening an office in Marrakech, after Brussels, Geneva and Luxembourg. A doting father, and devoted his wife for twenty years, everything seems to succeed for this globe trotting entrepreneur, who is as dynamic and reactive as the company motto suggests: “whatever the point of departure, we are able to take off in a plane in 2 hours!”

Are you more of a hand-carry, trunk, suitcase, travel bag, backpack or no baggage person?
Whenever I go on vacation, I hate packing suitcases, and choosing what I need to take so I take a maximum of things to have a good range of my closet like I was at home. I rarely travel light, so I take a rather large suitcase which is very light itself so that I can put as much as possible inside. I often have to buy another suitcase whilst I’m away. I never travel very light at all!

Are you a globetrotter or a homebody?
A globetrotter both for work and for personal vacations. Even whilst I am there, I cannot stay more than three or four days in the same hotel. I love to move, I like to discover new places…it is a professional hazard! The only downside: our suitcases are not so light so it feels like we are constantly packing and unpacking but we are organised now. Changing hotel and surroundings is also a way to extend the holiday 

Espadrilles or Mocassins?
I’m pretty lazy so I’m more of a flip-flops kind of guy! With my family, we always go for a stretch of beach, or quiet area in the mountains but that could be either. I also like to take advantage of holidays for doing sports so I can also answer “sneakers”!

Favourite destinations and hotels?
We often go to Florida, the Caribbean, Bahamas. I have tested almost all the hotels in Miami! I love the geographical location of Miami. Only an hour away is a place called North Eleuthera, near Harbour Island. It is a city with beautiful hotels, and it offers that amazing feeling of being alone in the world. But my best memories of hotels are at the Hotel Maia in the Seychelles and its extraordinary spa. This is total relaxation. And this is one of the finest hotels in the world 

What would be your definition of the perfect trip or your best holiday memories?
With my wife, we had the good fortune for our 10 year anniversary to get re-married in the Seychelles, with our children as witnesses. For our “re-marriage” we had a traditional ceremony on the beach with a priest. It was amazing. An unforgettable experience with our children. But in general, it is going to a place where I can relax with my family, enjoy doing fun things with the children, a calm place that also allows us to take advantage of urban activities 

What do you bring back from your travels?
Often an extra suitcase! Lots of photos, memories, things that remind us of our holiday, smells, it also depends on the destination. The camera is the essential item that we cannot afford to forget. When we return home, my wife loves creating albums, in fact books. I found it a shame that we never looked at the pictures on our computer. So my wife had this brilliant idea to create books so that we can all look at the pictures together and remember memories of holidays. Also, on a separate theme, being a big fan of cigars I usually bring some back if I come across any. I also like to taste local wines and take a bottle or two home in my suitcase 

What was your last holiday to date?
To Brussels and Marrakech for work. We are opening a new office in Marrakech to accommodate international clients. The air supply and the transport to get there from Paris are not fit to face the luxury hotels that are available there. It is a destination that has long been interesting to us because it is a popular destination for sunny holidays and it is of relatively close distance.
And the last family vacation was in Florida 


Samuel Bucciacchio, founder of Goodwill, private aviation company

Clever Tips

In our family, we have a very special and unique trick! We each pack our own suitcases. Then we mix our belongings amongst all the bags so that we have some of our things in each suitcase in case one is lost.

We carry a few things in the cabin but we still prioritise the essentials for the children during long trips. For our youngest, who is twenty months, my wife always takes the necessary amount of baby food jars instead of buying them when we arrive! And the two oldest already have their own customs on planes. They have been travelling since they were one year old.

And for me, it is impossible to leave without my two phones to remain in touch with our clients. It’s not very fun for the entourage but it is essential to be able to go anywhere 


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