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Positive News

Plume Voyage Magazine

After the events that have saddened France and Paris, the bad news that rain every day around the world, we decided to offer you regular “Positive News”. They concern the right actions, gestures that make us smile, the different forms of mutual assistance, the accomplished actions, beneficial results, the successful companies that create jobs, generous personalities … funny situations, news “positive attitude” that make us smile, that make you think, which do good. We are launching this new column this week for Christmas.
PLUME VOYAGE wishes you a Merry Christmas!

  • Guerlain: makeup and good action

    The divine muse of Guerlain, Natalia Vodianova,  has developed with Olivier Echaudemaison, the artistic director of the house, a make-up line under the sign of India : Shalimar of course! It includes Meteorites whith beads of three colors, a fragrant Shalimar body and hair powder, an eye shadow with gold and sapphire hues …. A good way (to) have fun by making a good action.: a portion of sales will be donated to the Naked Heart foundation created by Natalia.
    68, av. Champs Elysées, 75008 Paris www.guerlain.com/fr/

  • Art is mobilizing for autistic children

    On the 3rd of May at 7PM will be held a charity evening to support the Autism ABC association. On this occasion, the works of some fifteen renowned artists will be to win. For each ticket bought 100 euros, you get an entry to the evening, a gift bag and a raffle ticket that will maybe make you win one of these works. Throughout the evening, love and good humor will be here for you to support children with autism around a cocktail party that will celebrate the ninth anniversary of Autism ABC association. Created in 2007, this association was designed by Vanessa Virag, mother of a little boy with autism to find more appropriate therapeutic solutions. Its host structure in Paris welcomes children from 3 to 10 years with pervasive developmental disorders and provides an early care, intensive and adapted. Vanessa Virage won in 2010 the Clarins price that rewards women who fight daily for children. The raffle draw of the winning tickets will take place in the presence of the TV presenter Marine Vignes, godmother of the association, and artists. Note that the entry is only available with pre-sale tickets!

  • The Jardin d'Acclimatation supports Japan

    While Japan has just suffered several severe earthquakes, the Jardin d’Acclimatation wishes to express its condolences and thoughts to the victims families, particularly on the island of Kyushu. The grand Hanami, a Japanese event organized with Japan Expo and planned at the Jardin on Saturday 23 and Sunday 24, will begin with a symbolic and friendship moment. Hanami means « flower watching”. Moment of immutable relaxation for generations, custom expected from the Japanese spring, the tradition is that when cherry trees aez blooming , the Japanese go in gardens and parks for picnics, discuss, sing under the “sakura”. This weekend will be the opportunity to join Japan’s pain after the earthquake, sharing with friends or family a moment of conviviality under the pink cherry trees on blue tablecloths. A unique event in the capital.

  • Famous pastry chefs get involved against autism

    For its third edition, the Happy Blue Day brings together talented pastry chefs with a big heart who get involved in favor of Ninoo Association on the occasion of the World Day of Autism, on April 2nd. On that day, the Maison Plisson, Les Souris Dansent, Colorova, Boulangerie Bô and Une souris et des Hommes offer original pastries created for the occasion. For Happy Blue Day, the Ninoo association intends to gather 1,500 people in the Basfroi Workshop where we can enjoy these gourmet cakes. All proceeds will be donated to the association. So not only we have fun for 5 euros, but in addition we support the fight against autism! And if you are not free on April 2nd, it will still be possible to join the operation by visiting the various partners houses until the 30th of April. B.D.

  • More than 60 artists are mobilizing for ill children

    On April 2nd will be held the third contemporary art charity auction to benefit the AMFE (Liver Diseases Children Association). An artistic committee composed of Numa Roda-Gil, Sandra Martinez and Bertrand Aussiez “Monkeyfinger” mobilized 63 artists who have decided to engage with the association. The benefit of the sales will allow the association to pursue its work supporting children with rare liver diseases. Previous editions of this sale were used to finance research projects published in prestigious journals. Other projects must be able to bring hope to one day find an effective drug that would save these children from liver transplantation
    Catalog www.rossini.fr

  • Women are singing against cancer

    For its fourth exceptional gala in tribute to the women fighting against the disease either they are affected themselves, mothers of ill children, ill companion or presidents of associations, doctors, researchers … Many artists met at the Olympia. An all-female orchestra accompanied Katia and Marielle Labeque, Vianney, Imany, Camille and Julie Berthollet, Vincent Nido among others. This gala is the first national event for the fight against cancer. The funds raised on this evening will allow the association “Everyone against cancer” to pursue its goal of achieving thousand shares each year in 130 hospitals in France to improve the lives of children and sick adults, and the operation ” Beauty bus « for hospitals, a bus installed as a lavish spa offering treatments and beauty advices to all interested women.

  • Twelve chef are committing against breast cancer

    The chef Olivier Chaput, member of the Culinary Academy of France, disciple of Escoffier and Ile-de-France delegate of International Culinary College renews its commitment to the fight against cancer in 2016 and launches the sixth edition of its chiefs book. From 2012 on, he created an endowment « Pour Elles » (For Them) intended to redistribute the benefits of his Book of chefs and thus help women fight against cancer and support their families. On the menu of this book, recipes by twelve major Belgian chefs, but also dietary and nutritional advice from a professional person.

  • Maranatha Partage is committed to help men to recover

    The tenth French hotel group, Maranatha, created a non-profit fund of 35,000 euros. The objective: to raise funds to invest in solidarity actions contributing to “Helping men to recover.” Since November 2015, Maranatha experiments in six of its locations, the originality of the funding. For every euro paid by a client by night, the sum is tapped by 25% for Maranatha. Several thousand have already been collected. Since early 2016, the fund is supporting a first project to benefit the « Apprentis d’Auteuil” Foundation. This is helping children from 6 to 11 years to academically reintegrate through learning a musical instrument.

  • The Sahraouiya, a 100% feminine and solidarity raid

    From the 19th to the 26th of April, the second edition of Sahraouiya will gather a hundred women of different nationalities, representing over 50 associations working for women’s rights, their well-being and development. This sporting event will allow fifty teams to challenge themselves to support an association of their choice during a solidarity feminine raid between the Moroccan desert and the sea. Six days of competition through various events – trail, bike and run, canoeing, orienteering run, night trek, adventure … – taking place in the region of Dakhla Oued Ed-Dahab. The previous edition has allowed six associations to implement their social actions by granting them financial allocations.

  • Astier de Villatte is committing for Tibetans.

    Historically, Ivan Pericoli and Benoît Astier de Villatte are very sensitive to the Tibetan cause. But it is by chance that the founders and artistic directors of Astier de Villatte house

    could make a concrete commitment to the cause. One day, one of their friends, advised them to hire a Tibetan. This one was particularly good at working ceramics and, in turn, recommended other compatriots. Thus was created a small Tibetan community in the home workshop. Among them, some monks and a lot of political refugees who fled their country and the persecution of the Chinese regime. Only common thing, they all occupy positions of stamper, create ceramic pieces from beginning to end and then sign them with their initials. Their major strengths: patience and dexterity, two qualities particularly appreciated by Ivan Pericoli and Benoît Astier de Villatte.

  • A bottle that can change the world?

    And if it was by easy, small and insignificant gestures, accessible to everyone, that we could put some "positive attitude" in our life and that of others?

    For the great speeches and beautiful resolutions, we all know that they easily pass the Cape of “real life” and its constraints, financial and of time. So all of us who travel, why not adopt an Alter Ego bottle. Rather than consuming bottled water, main alternative when traveling in countries where tap water is not necessarily safe, and therefore contribute a little more to pollution (plastic is often not recycled) and the exploitation of raw resources (consume spring water coming from Europe in the middle of Africa, for example, is an aberration …) Alter Ego bottle is a solution number 2. This product of Quebec society Aquaovo filter up to 99.9999% of possible contaminants present in water tap in countries in development. We can drink this cheap water and respect the local environment in peace. Moreover, this backpacker’s bottle is made of lightweight plastic and without Bisphenol-A, it is opaque to filter the UV source of bacterial growth in the water. Using this nomadic bottle instead of pastic bottles is already a good gesture for the environment. But if, when one is about to leave a country where living conditions are not as good as ours, this bottle was offered to a child? It could then also consume any type of water without worry. At least as long as the filter is active (either 285 liters of filtered water). Ok, this is not a miraculous gesture. But it’s a small gesture that can make her daily life a little easier. And a small gesture after a small gesture …

  • A new life under the stars.

    "As for the future, it is not to predict but to make it possible".

    Stared chef Guy Martin has appropriated himself the words of Antoine de Saint Exupéry, becoming the first gourmet sponsor of the CABAT (Cellule d’Aide aux blessés de l’Armée de Terre, translate: Cell of Help for the wounded of the Army) with the arrival of Alex, psychic wounded in the kitchens of the Grand Véfour few weeks ago . The chef thus opening him the doors of a new universe – that of gastronomy, expertise and excellence – makes him the promise of a successful rehabilitation, a new hope and a future rooted in the civilian world.
    Laurence Gounel

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