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February 2013

PLUME VOYAGE, the luxury of a light and immobile journey.

PLUME VOYAGE continues to travel with our webzine inspired by beautiful print magazines.

Reports and news, as always, concerning the creative and luxury worlds of today.
It gives you a rendezvous every week, before the weekend, to take the time to read and explore.

This month, we invite you to discover the Thierry Gardinier‘s suitcase, Wander around in Bordeaux, la Bamba de Areco in Argentina and some traveler’s objects 100% nordic.And as always, Travel News offers a variety of international news about geographical travel and It’s Now announces weekly exhibitions from our favorite artists.

PLUME journeys and explores without necessarily leave the house.
Whether a reflective, artistic, geographical, musical or imaginary journey, PLUME VOYAGE is a proponent of the light and immobile journey.

The magazine, as always, wishes to offer its take on the beauty of things, to reveal the harmony of a place, to discuss the balance of an object, to tell of an encounter, to share the emotion of a moment, and to preserve the transient.

Curiosity that leads us beyond borders, and the desire for a different kind of journey –
imaginary, self-exploratory or artistic – continue to inspire PLUME VOYAGE.


My suitecase… :

Going away with… Thierry Gardinier

His name is not well known, but in the world of the french lifestyle, he is one of the major players. Probably because of the group he runs with his brothers Laurent and Stéphane…

A break:

La Bamba de Areco

In Argentina, the gauchos, the polo matches that animate the pampa and the rides that connect the estancias are more than just cultural symbols…

Wander around :

Wander around in Bordeaux

Bordeaux is under construction. The city, with its eighteenth century facades certified as a World Heritage Site by Unesco, is turning to new projects and reinventing itself…

Traveler’s objects:

100% nordic travel

Discover our traveler’s objects special 100% nordic travel: Tina Ratzer soft cover (DK), Weekend bag SANDQVIST (Sweden), Happy Socks winter socks (Sweden)…

It’s Now:

« Renaiscience » at Fleux’

After a trip to Japan, Vincent Grégoire, director of lifestyle at Nelly Rodi, is back with “Renaiscience”, a selection of twenty modern and original objects that represent the rebirth of Japanese design…

Travel news:

A new design for Culture.fr

The Ministry of Culture and Communication has launched the new version of culture.fr, a portal dedicated to news and cultural events, as well as the diffusion of digital cultural resources. Established in 2003…

Tina Ratzer soft cover (DK), Weekend bag SANDQVIST (Sweden), Happy Socks winter socks (Sweden)

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