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September 2015

Parisian News

Béatrice Delamotte

This week, PLUME VOYAGE Magazine invites you to go to the market with an array of Relais & Châteaux michelin starred chefs, to discover the 5th district of Paris with the guide and personal shopper of Hotel Les Dames du Panthéon, to enjoy a meal in one of Puteaux’s ancient greenhouses at Eugène Eugène or to sip a 100% parisian gin cocktail at the Park Hyatt Paris-Vendôme, just a few ides for this week. And also a new address for chef Ryuji Teshima, success for La Gazette and the inauguration of La Philarmonie’s new restaurant…Another great culinary week, to top it all off a beautiful cityguide to discover Paris in a differnet light, the new chef at Hotel Thoumieux, a menu dedicated to the Sun King at Hotel Vendome, a celebration of Chinese Lunar New Year at the Peninsula Paris, and ancestral Japanese tableware at la Maison Wa, “Belgium is design” at the Wallonie – Brussels, Le W Paris Opéra, “Revelations”, the fine craft and creation fair at the Grand Palais and at last “Gypsy guitar” at ‘la maison d’art Bernard Anthonioz’ in Nogent-sur-Marne. Happy Paris!

  • Go to the market with the Relais & Châteaux chefs

    For this years edition of the ‘Fête de la gastronomie’, the Relais & Châteaux chefs invite you to discover their market groceries in a bid to show the diversity of french produce and the richness of their lands. 10 chefs – including Olivier Roellinger (Les Maisons de Bricourt in Cancale), Philippe Mille (Les Crayères in Reims), Julien Dumas (Lucas Carton in Paris), Jérôme Blanchet (La Réserve in Paris) and even Cédric Béchade (Hostellerie de Plaisance in Saint-Emilion) – will be in the 9th district of Paris cooking up their best exclusive market recipes. Accompanied by their gardeners, they aim to raise awareness amongst young and old about cooking for your health and for the environment with their vegetable based recipes. See you on the 27th of September from 8pm at the Place Lino Ventura on the corner of avenue Trudaine and Rue des Martyrs. B.D.

  • Hotel Les Dames du Pantheon’s exclusive “city guide”

    Located opposite the Pantheon in the heart of the 5th district of Paris, design hotel Les Dames du Pantheon invites guests to discover one of the most beautiful areas of the capital like a true parisian. Hosted by Aloïs Guinut, a young woman passionate about fashion and personal shopping, participants benefit from her perfect knowledge of the area and can discover her gourmet hot spots and visit must-see exhibitions. Every tour is adapted to the clients personality from the route to the discourse in order for everyone to have a exceptional experience. B.D.

  • Eugène Eugène, a greenhouse restaurant

    In the seventeenth century, Puteaux’s greenhouses were used to cultivate a famous rose popular with perfumers. It is in one of these greenhouses that “Eugene Eugene” has recently opened its doors. A house located in a garden which doubles as a restaurant. The imposing glass chrysalis is supported by a metal structure and allows guests to be surrounded by sky and greenery. The building extends into 2 terraces bordered by allotments. The garden changes according to the seasons whilst inside, cascades of plants and leaf partitions create a warm and intimate ambiance making this a delightful place to hang out and appreciate at all hours of the day. B.D.

  • A tailor-made gin for the Park Hyatt Paris-Vendôme

    The Park Hyatt Paris-Vendome has joined forces with young brand La distillerie de Paris to create a tailor-made gin produced in its exclusive Paris stills. Gin 5.02 is the result of a work of precision and adjustment, led by the palace bar team and La distellerie de Paris, the capitals only distillery. Presented as a hotel exclusive, this precious gin combines powerful aromas of juniper and coriander with the delicacy of hops and bergamot. The harmony of bergamot zest and combawa together with fresh limequat, mint, jasmine and chinese white tea gives Gin 5.02 its unique aroma. This exclusive can be enjoyed at the bar in Yann Daniel’s cocktail creations. B.D.

  • 116, Pages new annex

    A little over a year after the opening of Pages, chef Ryuji Teshima, also known as ‘Teshi’, reinvents Izakaya with the 116. This natural addition puts the emphasis on japanese specialties with a french twist and stars, a sumibiyaki barbecue and superb wagyu burger. Concerning the wine list, its tends to favour organic with a fabulous selection of natural wines. An aspect which is reflected in the restaurants decor with its
    rough cement walls, wooden tables, French school chairs and very attentive service. An address that will quickly become the new hot spot in an district that is not particularly known for its restaurants.
    2, rue Auguste Vacquerie – 75116 Paris. B.D.

  • La Gazette in front page

    We last saw Julien Gatineau at Cyril Lignac’s culinary school Cuisine attitude and now rediscover him at the head of La Gazette. A successful step up for this young chef who offers a generous and fresh cuisine which is respectful of the seasons. The menu, therefore, changes quiet frequently but keeps a few key and indispensable items on all year round like the pluma and Chorizo sauce (no doubt one of the best in Paris). In the dining room, François Moussié and Hugo Hussein Salami, the happy owners, ensure that customers feel at home with the boudoir-esque decor certainly adding to this feeling. In short, a very good spot which is worthy of a trip across l’avenue de la Grande-Armée. B.D.

  • Le Balcon on the roof of the Philarmonie de Paris

    Located on the sixth floor of the Philarmonie de Paris, the restaurant Le Balcon has just opened its doors. Like with the concerts that grace the stage, architect Frédéric Druot’s mise-en-scène is meticulous and delicate with a majestic bar and open kitchen in which the culinary teams roll out like a ballet. A fine setting for this high-flying bistro’s innovative cuisine which breaks cutoms and certitudes. Whether one prefers the fine boards with selctions of iberian, italian and french products or the best of local french produce, young chef Karil Lopez is sure to seduce with his spot-on compositions. B.D.

  • “Paris is beautiful”, a trendy city-guide

    With an existing collection of 10 notebooks, each corresponding to a district of Paris, a city-guide is now added to the mix. Born out of a desire to share Paris with travelers like one would with their own friends, this little book invites you to discover the famous monuments, go on beautiful walks, but also to experience the city like true parisians love to do, from shopping to coffee breaks. In all, 150 experiences which are divided into themes are to be discovered. B.D.

  • Hotel Vendôme honours the Sun King

    To celebrate the 300th anniversary of the death of Louis XIV, creator of the famous place Vendôme, the Hotel Vendôme is holding a special event “From Versailles to Vendôme” which invites visitors to relive the splendor of the Grand Siecle in this wonderful period building. For the occasion, Restaurant 1 at place Vendôme is offering a special menu “Esprit Versailles” concieved by chef Josselin Marie. The menu revisits the eating habits of the courts of versailles through traditional recipes of the time. Thereafter, its off to Versailles by limosine for a day that pays tribute to the Sun Kings artistic glory with tours of the palace, the french gardens, expositions and shows…a wonderful program of events all honouring the year of Louis XIV. B.D.

  • The Peninsula Paris celebrates Chinese Lunar new year at Lili

    For the Chinese Lunar New Year, cantonese restaurant Lili is inviting parisians to celebrate this chinese culinary tradition in true parisian fashion through its sophisticated pastries, hugely popular in Asia. Every year, on the occasion of this ancestral celebration, the Peninsula group hotels offer unique mooncakes designed by Chef Yip from the Peninsula Hongkong. These light and velvety cakes are based on a sophisticated gourmet recipe made using egg flan and puff pastry. They can be discovered at the cantonese restaurant Lili. B.D.

  • Ancestral Japanese tableware to be presented at la Maison Wa.

    Delicate Arita porcelain, sublime Wajima lacquerware, Banshu Hamono cutlery…This winter, La Maison Wa is presenting the creations of some of the oldest and most traditional japanese tableware brands. Incidently, from a cultural point of view “Wa” signifies ‘Japan’ but “Wa” also means ‘circle’ with its round shape expressing fluidity and solidarity and the bringing together of people with similar passions. Inaugurated last August by Yoshiaki Shiokawa, La Maison Wa is essentially an exhibition and sales space dedicated to the culture of the land of the rising sun and will see the majority of Japan’s most traditional brands showcased for the occasion. B.D.

  • Sylvestre Wahid, new head chef at Hotel Thoumieux

    This september, Hotel Thoumieux unveils a new look and a new face, marked by the arrival of chef Sylvestre Wahid who now puts his stamp on the culinary identity of the hotel’s brasserie and room service. For its part, the gourmet restaurant welcomes a mineral and plant-based cuisine backed by impeccable ingredients and a direct and candid approach. At the heart of the restaurant, Wahid has created ‘the chefs table’, a table for 2 that gives privaliged guests the opportunity to be in direct contact with the chef. Exchange, proximity and sharing are the key words of this unmissable dining experience. B.D.

  • “Belgium is design” at the Wallonie - Brussels

    As well as honouring the designers, Belgium is Design honours the creative industries who made design and innovation an essential element in the development of their collections. In these companies, design is not a question but an integral way of working, a sort of element of daily life which is no longer considered a mere accessory of innovation. Belgium is Design, is a tribute to belgian surealism, highlighting the creative capacity of companies, their ability to preserve and transfer traditional craftmanship, and to develop products and projects which are real abassadors for belgian culture abroad. On the occasion of the Maison&Objet exhibition, nine companies present their latest creations. B.D.

  • Le W Paris Opéra creates its own Design Lab

    As part of the Paris Design Week, the W Paris-Opéra is launching a brand new competition reserved specifically for students of design. The award will go to the project which designs the best glass intended to welcome the Bar Brûlé signature “Brûlé” coctkail. This glass will have to encapsulate the bars intimate and felt decor whilst expressing its new york-like engergy and parisian nightlife. The jury, which included Victoria WIlmotte, have shortlisted two projects from students of ‘l’école nationale supérieure des Arts appliqués et des métiers d’art Olivier de Serre’. The two shortlisted prototypes are to be exhibited in the W Paris-Opéra lounge from the 5th to the 11th of september. The award winner will be decided by the votes of the jury, parisians and tourists and will see his creation produced and incorporated into the bar Brûlé’s glassware. B.D.

  • “Revelations”, the fine craft and creation fair at the Grand Palais

    The main event of september, the biennial Révélations once again takes over the Grand Palais with a profusion of french and international creators. For its second edition, the event will be honouring South Korea at the dawn of the french-Korean cross-collaboration years and will be offering a presentation of pieces by over 22 creatos. Much more than just an exhibition, the international biennial contemporary craft and creation fair contributes towards promoting a sector with exceptional potential and allows members of the public to discover the creations of some of the most inventive enterprises.
    From the 10th to the 13th of september. B.D. www.revelations-grandpalais.com 

  • “Gypsy guitar” at ‘la maison d’art Bernard Anthonioz’ in Nogent-sur-Marne

    Crossing into the fields of craft, design, graphics and fine art, Bastien Aubry and Dimitri Broquard draw their inspiration from popular culture, outsider art, everyday objects and the interaction between materials and shapes. Their realisations are a celebration of the poetry of failure and imperfect beauty. Paved with laughter and occasional screeching, this exhibition offers a journey into a world where objects – often deformed – are dysfuntional, where balances are unstable and where forms even pour out of the frame.
    Until the 18th of october. B.D. http://maba.fnagp.fr

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