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October 2015

Parisian News

Béatrice Delamotte

The Orangerie Museum wonders “Who’s afraid of women photographers”? Discover Thomas Couture at the Museum of Romantics, dive into the Peruvian mines from the nineteenth century or discover the Italian artist designer Andrea Salvetti… And also offset creation of artists presented at the Halle Saint-Pierre, the vast panorama of the FIAC’s 42nd edition or exhibitions at Thomas Bernard gallery – Cortex Athletico and at the Park Hyatt Vendome, all during the International Contemporary Art Fair. Diving into the heart of an ephemeral bourbon distillery, supporting the XV of France against New Zealand, discovering Mexico through the photos of Lola Alvarez Blanco or naturalistic paintings by Walton Ford, three exhibitions around fishing at the Marine Museum, professionals from the Natural History Museum by Doisneau or tribes in peril by Jimmy Nelson. And for music lovers, the Bristol is a must go for privileged classical concerts, Lenôtre’s special creation in honour of the bicentenary of the death of the Toile de Jouey manufacture founder, discover the photographic work of antwerp resident Marc Lagrange, canadian Aude Moreau and John Thomson’s historical images of Formosa. Happy Paris!

  • "Who's afraid of women photographers? 1839-1919 « at the Orangerie Museum

    Based on original researches as well as on many stories about photography which, for forty years, have reassessed the extraordinary contribution of women to the development of photography, the exhibition is the first of its kind in France. The phenomenon is treated from the official invention of the photograph in 1839 until the end of the First World War, through its manifestations in France, the UK and the US. From Anna Atkins, author of the first book illustrated with photographs, to Frances Benjamin Johnston and Christina Broom, pioneers of American and english photojournalism, more than 70 photographers are gathered around better-known artist figures.
    Until the 25th January 2016. B.D.

  • "Thomas Couture" at the Museum of Romantics

    To mark the bicentenary of Thomas Couture, six museums in Paris and in Picardie get together to honor this outstanding artist of the nineteenth century. Often recognized as the master of Manet, he nevertheless played a vital role in the history of modern painting, as evidenced by the attachment of the Romans of the decadence, in the center of the nave at the Orsay Museum. The Museum of Romantics takes part in the celebration of the bicentenary artist with a snap of several paintings which call into perspective the work of the man who was, in 1847, the young hope of the Salon.
    Until the 28th of February 2016. B.D.

  • "Peru, memory of Morococha" at the Latin American House

    Born in the Peruvian Andes, Sebastiàn Rodriguez is one of the representative figures of photography in Peru in the early twentieth century. After training in Lima, he settled in Morococha where he sat up his studio in order to work for a mine. He falls in love with the world of minors and focus his work around their life, thus transmitting a moving testimony about this community. His black and white photographs offer a look at this hostile environment, in which many generations of workers have devoted their lives. The aesthetic and poetry of the images strangely contrast with the harshness of social reality, not to mention the work of another Sebastian, Salgado.
    Until the 28th of January 2016. B.D. www.maisonameriqueslatines.com

  • "Metal Vegetali" at the Avant-Scène Gallery

    The artist designer Andrea Salvetti covers the tracks. With a great diversity, his work invariably transgresses the boundaries between sculpture and design. The Tuscan nature that has always surrounded him is as an inexhaustible source of inspiration. For his second solo exhibition, Avant-Scène gathered about twenty new and unique pieces. We find in this set the themes cherished by the gallery: metal work, presence of vegetation and imaginary to create an organic and whimsical universe.
    Until the 14th of November. B.D. www.avantscene.fr

  • "HEY! modern art & pop culture / Act III "at the Halle Saint-Pierre

    For its third edition, the magazine HEY! continues the exploration and dissemination of various artistic expressions of the cons-culture: lowbrow art, outsider art, comics and more generally, medias of the street culture. With unreleased artists (Gabriel Brun, Ed Hardy) and exceptional ones (Marion Peck, Ray Abeyta), the exhibition also reveals confidential works like Joël Negri’s, Albert Sallé’s and Alain Bourbonnais’ from the Fabuloserie, emblematic place of the off- standards art movement in France. Premiere in Europe, the Halle Saint-Pierre exhibits the works of Mark Ryden, tutelary figure of surrealism pop. In total, 62 artists from around the world present their creations there.
    Until the 13th of March 13, 2016. B.D. www.hallesaintpierre.org

  • Paris on the time of contemporary art with the 42nd FIAC

    Remaining attentive to the issues of contemporary creation; anticipating changes in the world of creation; being creative and innovative … For its 42nd edition, FIAC unfolds this year in a path outside the walls in the heart of Paris along the Seine. Thus, the FIAC and Officielle offer, with Museums in Seine, a new cultural experience of Paris; a river of museums, a museum waterway for the enjoyment of visitors. From the Maison de la Radio to the National Library of France, including the pier that will be open for the occasion, the event joins the prestigious cultural venues located along the Seine, the Grand Palais and the Cité de la Mode et du Design to Outside the walls sites.
    Until the 25th of October. B.D. www.fiac.com

  • "Clouds & waste" at the Thomas Bernard gallery - Cortex Athletico

    This exhibition presents the latest works of Benedict Mare and consists of both clouds paintings, the series initiated by the artist in 2011, as well as new sculptures and a series of “waste”. It echoes the original proposal of the gallery focusing around the cloud, to discover at the FIAC, to which the gallery is participating for the tenth consecutive year. Former resident of the Palais de Tokyo and student at the Villa Arson, Benoît Maire has conducted studies in art and philosophy, dual training that he brings together in his artistic practice by seeking to give a tangible form to theoretical concepts. His productions often refer to the history, art history, philosophy, psychoanalysis or even mathematics and mythology.
    Until the 5th of December. B.D. www.galeriethomasbernard.com

  • The Asian contemporary art exhibited at Park Hyatt-Vendôme

    The Park Hyatt chain of hotels, which houses some of the finest international artworks, presents the works of Asian artists in his Parisian palace. This project, in partnership with Asia Now, the art show that takes a fresh look on Asian contemporary art, will show us the works of Chinese artists (Wang Keping) and Koreans ones such as Jukhee Kwon and Meekyoung Shin and on the terrace of the hotel. Asia Now – Paris Asian Art Fair’s mission is to transmit and share the outlines and implications of the Asian scene by exploring the works of 40 artists, invited to rethink contemporary art, without prejudice or stereotypes.
    Until the 15th of November. B.D. www.paris.vendome.hyatt.fr

  • The Cartonnerie becomes a bourbon distillery

    For three days, The Cartonnerie invites Kentucky inside its walls and becomes an ephemeral distillery. The opportunity to discover the world of bourbon over an initiatory journey. Accompanied by a guide, we follow the production process ingredients for distillation and cooperage, one enters a cellar where barrels waiting patiently all the time to give their aroma to alcohol … before discovering the different products at the Bourbon Legends Bar. The opportunity to discover a few cocktails in a very speakeasy ambience to the sound of typical music from Kentucky. B.D.

  • Everyone at La Régalade to support the XV of France

    On Saturday, October 17th, the XV of France will play against the New Zealand team in the quarter-final of the Rugby World Cup. Bruno Doucet, head of the Club XV of France, official club of the French Rugby Federation, signs in its restaurants gourmet dishes to accompany this vital match for the French team. Invigorating and rabble dishes, southwestern products in the spotlight, the chef breathes simplicity and generosity in his dishes. A perfect melee between sport and gastronomy. B.D.

  • "Lola Àlvarez Bravo" at the House of Latin America

    Key figure of the artistic renaissance that followed the 1910 Revolution, Lola Alvarez Bravo is one of the most interesting Mexican photographer of the twentieth century. She has dedicated most of her professional career in documentary work, including working with Mexican government agencies, at a time when few women are entitled to exercise any activity that requires much personality independence. Also portraitist, she photographed renowned painters and more generally figures from the Mexican world of art and culture. The exhibition, the first to be dedicated to her in France, brings together a set of original vintage prints from 1992, one year before her death. B.D.

  • "Walton Ford" at the Museum of Hunting and Nature

    Combining the monumentality of formats (sometimes more than 3 meters long) with a miniaturist precision, Walton Ford’s watercolors resemble the finest zoological boards published in the nineteenth century mischievously diverting them from their scientific destination. Conducting a careful design work, they are a rich exotic wildlife, inhabited by elephants, tigers, monkeys and birds … About twenty works – including several large format – are presented here. B.D.

  • "In the cracks" at the National Marine Museum

    This exhibition traces the history of thousands of sailors gone every year in difficult and perilous conditions. At the time of sailing, campaigns lasted up to six months. For women and children, it was the lack, the expectation, of return or no-return … that inspires from the late nineteenth century many artists, writers, illustrators, filmmakers. But this history of fishing also questions our responsibility. The sea is the future of our planet and the management of our marine resources is a major challenge and an essential question. Some great witnesses as Erik Orsenna or Isabelle Autissier recall it with conviction.

    Until the 26th of June 2016.

  • Classical music keeps living in Bristol

Starting next week, the Bristol Paris initiates a series of exclusive concerts in an exceptional place. Until June, eight concerts will take place in the intimate atmosphere of the hotel lounges. Pianists, cellists and violinists virtuosos will perform every month, sharing their passion for Mendelssohn, Rachmaninoff and Ravel, chamber or baroque music, great opera themes or gospel fervor. At the end of each concert, music lovers will have the privilege to meet and talk with the artists. This is the George Sand Trio opening the season with a selection of women’s compositions by female performers. B.D.

  • "Robert Doisneau, a photographer at the museum" at the Great Gallery of Evolution, Paris

No need to introduce Robert Doisneau, the photographer of Parisian life. However, his work on the Natural History Museum of Paris is less known. By the 1940s, he was hoping to capture portraits of scientists at work, highlighting research being done. And it is a timeless sweetness that emanates from his photographs. From the concentrated paleontologist’s face on a giant jaw to the gardener carefully dusting its orchid, Robert Doisneau accurately captured incredible scenes.
Until the 19th of January 2016. B.D. www.mnhm.fr

  • "Before they pass away", Jimmy Nelson at the A. Gallery

Between 2010 and 2014, the British photographer Jimmy Nelson has traveled the world to meet over thirty endangered ethnicities. Born in 2010 in Papua New Guinea, the “Before they pass away” project brings together pictures of tribes chosen for their geographical remoteness, beauty and the ignorance of their ancestral folklore. Jimmy Nelson thus left with an old 4×5 view camera across the globe for four years to undertake a non-exhaustive inventory of the human and world cultural heritage. He brought back images of an incredible aesthetic for these tribes to not fall into oblivion.
Until the 28th of November. B.D. www.a-galerie.fr

  • Lenôtre celebrates the Toile de Jouy

    In honor of the bicentenery of the death of Christophe-Philippe Oberkamps, founder of the Toile de Jouy royal manufacture, Lenôtre has teamed up with designer Hervé Matejewski and the Braquenié fabric company, to create three rustically decorated pastries illustrative of the famous Jouy print and modernized under the neon artistic stroke of the designer. These patterns are created by silkscreen printing onto white chocolate disks and are a fun, modern, gourmet, and quirky reinterpretation of a classic. B.D.

  • « Marc Lagrange – Senza parole » at Galerie Bartoux

    With “Senza parole” belgian photographer Marc Lagrange presents his sixth opus which celebrates beauty, joy, fun and pleasure. Through his compositionally complex photos, he explores intimacy and emotion in spontaneous fashion. Known for his giant polaroids, the belgian photographer uses technicality to achieve a particular grain, far from the clinical and perfect aspect of present-day images. Emphasizing curves and plumpness, he places the body at the heart of his creations. B.D.

  • “Aude Moreau - The Political nightfall” at the Canadian Cultural Centre

    The photographic, film and sound works of Aude Moreau cast a hitherto unexampled light on the North American city, with its modernist grid, its towers soaring to breathtaking heights, its illuminated logos speaking the language of the multinationals, its solids that box us in, its voids that provide an exit. Because the artist embeds film in architecture, writing in glass, politics in economics, transparency in opacity, indeed the private in the public, she deflects and refashions the iconography of these often stereotypical urban images, whose future shows no way around the gathering political darkness. B.D.

  • Discover Formosa in 1871 through John Thomson’s photographs

    John Thomson is the most famous photographer of 19th century China. After being the first to photograph the ruins of Angkor, he eventually settled in Hong Kong where he was able to make several trips to China and spent a month in southern Formosa (now Taiwan) in April 1871. This Exhibition explains how the route and the location behind each of his photos were made possible thanks to the know-how of a local scholar and pencil and reudoudous vendour named You Yung Fu. Through fifty negatives printed onto glass, we discover the differences between KaoHsing, now the third largest port in the world and megacity, and its former arid land of DàGòu. Approximately thirty wood engravings which appeared in Le Tour du Monde in 1875 accompany the photos that inspired them. B.D.

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