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November 2015

Parisian News

Béatrice Delamotte

Some sweetness again this week with praline chocolates from the Pâtisserie des rêves, the fashion cocktails from Renaissance Paris Arc de Triomphe, the Paris snacks from the hotel Nell or the gourmet specialties from the Alsace Christmas Market in Paris. But also great gourmet addresses: La Mandragore in Montmartre, the Régalade that changes of address and the good initiative of Châteaux & Hôtels Collection for the Restaurants du Coeur. Because Paris will always remain an open city where it’s always nice to go out, discover new restaurants, share good times, whatever the tragic circumstances we have just experienced, we invite you this week to discover three new addresses. Whether you prefer Montmartre and the panoramic restaurant of the Terrass’ Hotel, Ménilmontant and the new Bistrot Blanc Bec or the chic Marais and the ethnic cuisine of the 1K Paris, it is in Paris that this is happening and nowhere else. And to prolong the magic of the capital, discover the exceptional work of American designer Kris Ruhs at the Alaïa Gallery. Also discovering the wonders of Japanese craftmanship, indulging in gluttony with Swedish products, diving into the heart of Guyana off the beaten track or even discover the vitality of Congolese art scene, gastronomy from Shanghai and Sichuan, vegan Atfernoon Tea and green dinner at the Shangri-La, exciting chic atmosphere at the TIGrr, the gourmet addresses abound in Paris, and to continue the journey, nothing like diving into MAP Stories, a collection of historical maps that boost the imagination. Vive Paris!

  • Praline chocolate to do good

    After the success of the range of white chocolates, the Pâtisserie des Rêves asked Philippe Conticini to create a second collection of ten mini-tablets around the praline. Presented in a gold colored box, meant to be a secret box, tablets offer a swirl of flavors and allow to comfort ourselves. Each tablet combines the flavors of chocolate (dark, milk or white) and the subtle taste of praline punctuated, according to the declination, with lemon, coconut, cereal grains for more variety. B.D.

  • Châteaux & Hôtels Collection mobilizes for Restaurants du Coeur

    Next weekend, a few days before the opening of the winter campaign of Restaurants du Coeur, the group chaired by Alain Ducasse will raise funds to benefit the association founded by Coluche. For the second consecutive year, more than sixty leaders from Châteaux & Hôtels Collection will sign exceptional dinners taking place simultaneously throughout France. The entire benefits of these dinners will be donated to the Restaurants du Coeur. In 2014, the operation had brought together almost 68,000 euros for the association. B.D.

  • Les Marmots return to the Salle Gaveau

    For the fifth consecutive season, young and old meet in the Salle Gaveau for a series of original musicals. After « Comment Mozart vient aux enfants », a rendez-vous is given in December with “L’immeuble de Morgane”. Morgane invites us for Christmas, to meet her funny neighbors, during an interactive show where the little ones (from three years-old) act as musicians for a song. B.D.

  • La Mandragore, a new gourmet address in Montmartre

    Hotel Montmartre, hidden in a private driveway in the heart of Montmartre, has become over the years the address that we exchange with friends. Surrounded by a lush garden, this family home of the nineteenth century with a light, chic and romantic atmosphere, reveals La Mandragore. With two quiet lounges, the restaurant welcomes romantic evenings and family dinners for a moment of pure indulgence. In the kitchen, Thibaut Spiwack, Escoffier competition winner and trained with prestigious chefs, offers a cuisine inspired by his many trips to Asia and South America. Without forgetting the fundamentals of French gastronomy. B.D.

  • Fashion cocktails "Molly Bracken" at the Hotel Renaissance Paris Arc de Triomphe

    The Hotel Renaissance Paris Arc de Triomphe collaborates with the ready-to-wear brand Molly Bracken to offer a variation of three mini cocktails inspired by the winter collection. Concocted by the new chef barmaid Mégane Dubosclard, these gourmet and original creations play on textures and winter flavors. Catherine Sidonio, designer of the brand Molly Bracken, drew on her many trips to offer a collection with unique fabrics and innovative materials. B.D.

  • New address for la Régalade Saint-Honoré

    La Régalade Saint-Honoré moved a few meters from its original place, at 106 rue Saint-Honoré. The chef, Bruno Doucet has completely redesigned one of the emblems of the Paris bistronomie. Yves Camdeborde’s successor since 2004, the leader hammers his philosophy: “the essence of my cuisine is based on three elements: product, seasoning and cooking. “The dishes are generous, highlighting the work of talented producers and plates are a credit to the different French vineyards sweeping all of France. In this new version of The Régalade, decoration has been completely revised and is giving pride to raw materials: stone, solid wood and exposed beams.

  • "Paris snack" at the Hôtel de Nell

    Want sweetness? Then you should go the Hôtel de Nell. In the part designed by Jean-Michel Wilmotte, you can taste puff buns by Guy Savoy, madeleines and other sweets by Bruno Doucet. Whether by the fireplace, in the more subdued atmosphere in the library or under the natural light from the glass roof, snack becomes a gourmet and warm particular time. The opportunity to comfort ourselves with a cup of hot exceptional chocolate ( chocolate from Tanzania, Bourbon vanilla, praline and milk foam) or unwind with a glass of champagne.

  • Alsace is doing its market in Paris

    As every year, the front of the Gare de l’Est will host, from the 3rd to the 18th of December, the gourmet Alsatian Christmas market with a selection of typical culinary products. Featuring this year, the greedy traditions of Alsatian Christmas. This market is the opportunity to stock up on beautiful and good things: cakes, gingerbread, foie gras, cheeses and wines of Alsace. Fifteen craftsmen will offer to taste every day a different specialty. B.D.

  • Gourmet autumn walk at the Relais du Parc

    “Playing with seasonal products to create new associations,” that is the approach of Stéphane Duchiron, chef of the Relais du Parc, the restaurant of the Renaissance Paris Le Parc Trocadéro. And autumn makes a triumphal entry on the menu with mushrooms (in tart), organic egg in floating island and also ribs and sweetbreads. Some of the novelties, renewed every two weeks, which neighbor the classics of the house such as the shrimps in lemongrass infusion, sole or even the Savarin, available all year long. B.D.

  • The Bien Aimé's tribute to Louis XV

    Located between the Faubourg Saint-Honoré and Madeleine district, the Bien Aimé represents the archetype of the French gastronomic art, inspired by the Age of the Enlightenment and cooks of the royal court during the reign of Louis XV (nicknamed the Bien Aimé). This timeless place, where the decoration is reminiscent of the days of the monarchy, only refinement and perfection. At the helm of the kitchens, the young chef Irwin Durand – gone through the Strato in Courchevel, L’Oustau de Beaumanière aux Baux or the Relais Bernard Loiseau in Saulieu – it offers gourmet cuisine revisited, faithful to the classics but with contemporaneity. B.D.

  • A new chef at the Cristal Room Baccarat

    Led by star chef Guy Martin, the Cristal Room Baccarat recently welcomed a new chef, Baptiste Trudel. His task: to develop a contemporary poetic cuisine, drawing its grounding in the classics, but gleaning of fantasy everywhere. After the Sensing and Grand Véfour, Baptiste took control of the former dining room of Marie-Laure de Noailles. In room, Benjamin Locreille, former director of L’Atelier Guy Martin, intends to raise the address to the heights of hospitality and service. B.D.

  • "Hanging Garden" at the Azzedine Alaïa Gallery

    For his first exhibition in Paris, the artist and American designer Kris Ruhs presents a holistic installation, composed of nearly 45,000 pieces of porcelain and copper, all handmade. This work embodies the essential elements of the art of Ryhs: all parts and shapes are unique; they allow you to enter his imagination. In its ability to challenge the boundaries between silversmithing, sculpture, installation and scenography. It invites us to rethink the interactions that limit the field of art. It is also an outcome of the search of the artist from the multiplicity of its creation, a simple and unique work of art today, a side road towards the present.
    Until the 27th of December. B.D. www.galeriealaia.org

  • Eric Lurthy, new chef of the panoramic restaurant Terrass' Hotel

    After several months of construction and a total renovation, the Terrass’ Hotel is now hosting a bistro restaurant on the top floor. And this is the chef Eric Lurthy that is now officiating here. Opened kitchen on the dining room, spacious and large windows offer a light and airy space to enjoy the new menu, head to head with Paris. Amateur hunting, fishing and mushroom picking, Eric Lurthy likes to prepare dishes he calls “food memories. » He strives to put forward the basics of French cuisine, often overlooked, taking the time to develop sauces that make his creations. B.D.

  • Bistrot Blanc Bec, a new address in Ménilmontant

    Nestled in the heart of Ménilmontant, Bistrot Blanc Bec is the result of the dream of Christopher, Frédérick and Jean-François: to create “their” place. A place where they would have the pleasure of sharing their passions: cooking, wine, local shops and a vision of modernity. Both restaurant and wine cellar, the Blanc Bec Bistrot is the new spot in the neighborhood. In the kitchen it’s a very French chef Arnaud Brière, that is to say « saucier” foremost, and a specialist in low temperature cooking. If everything looks just simple, it’s that nothing was randomly made. The dressings are delicate, elegant, without never letting a side taste. B.D.

  • The 1K, ethno-contemporary cuisine

    After being the first restaurant to make us discover the Peruvian-inspired cuisine in France, the 1K Paris brings more exoticism to his concept. The menu, wilder and more contemporary, highlighting the chef Julien Burbaud. A cuisine even more ethnic than the young chef insists that we can share several “items”. Keen on famous houses (Passard, Robuchon and former candidate at Top Chef), Julien Burbaud does not content himself to import recipes from Peru. Leaving certain products expressing themselves, he gives utmost care to other Andean dishes. B.D.

  • "Japanese Cultural Heritage" at the House of Culture of Japan in Paris

    With 20 million foreign visitors welcomed each year by 2020, the year of the Olympics in Tokyo, Japan is an unavoidable tourist destination. To present its heritage sites, the House of Culture of Japan in Paris presents eighteen regions through typical cultural works via narrative tales. Enjoy the weekend to discover a set of unique pieces (sculptures, manuscripts, jewelery, traditional kimono or dishes will then be presented). In parallel, workshops are organized to dip in the heart of Japanese culture: tea tasting, discovering of ancient dishes, introduction on how to wear traditional clothing… B.D.

  • Mum's, the ephemeral Ikea grocery store

    No car and a fierce passion for Swedish products? No problem. Ikea is installing in the heart of the Marais, Mum’s, its ephemeral grocery store. For two days on the 14th and 15th of November, Kako Choklaflarn, Lördags Godis, Knäckebröd Rag & Kli, Kaviar Kaka are yours… So many unpronounceable names to discover in this fun and offbeat grocery store. For the more ambitious, go to the ground floor of the Printing house for fun and creative workshops around Ikea Food Products: Swedish for Dummies, Snap Snap and We don’t play with food. Except if it’s pretty. B.D.

  • "Colony" at the School of Fine Arts Chapel

    Christophe Gin, winner of the 6th Carmignac photojournalism prize, offers a dive in the heart of Guyana, that he has been exploring since 2001, to testify this multiethnic and compartmentalized society, mosaic of exceptional areas, governed by codes and laws of their own. Outside the cities of the Atlantic coast (Cayenne, Kourou and Saint-Laurent du Maroni), the interior of Guyana, former “Inini territory” only became a French department in 1969. Between gold tradition, primary forests , isolated villages, integration and development difficulties are marking Guyana. Christophe Gin’s work reflects the reality of this land of contrasts, far away from caricatures. B.D.

  • "Beauty Congo - 1926-2015 - Congo Kitoko" at the Fondation Cartier

    Scene of an extraordinary cultural vitality, the Democratic Republic of Congo is in the spotlight here. Taking as starting point the birth of modern painting in Congo in the 1920s, the exhibition traces nearly a century of artistic production. If painting is at the heart of the event, music, sculpture, photography and comics will also have their place and offer the public a unique opportunity to discover the diversity and vivacity of the creativity of the Congolese artists. Given the success of the exhibition, the Fondation Cartier has also extended its opening. B.D.

  • 0 d'attente, creative Chinese cuisine

    Funny name than this new address in the thirteenth arrondissement dedicated to the gastronomy of two regions in China: Sichuan and Shanghai. These cuisines, often millenary, are still unknown here. But here, the chef Cao reinvents and offers some unique recipes in France. The menu thus showcases authentic dishes and stands out from other Chinese restaurants popular in the capital, 0 d’attente displays several novel dishes like stuffed orange beef, chicken wings stuffed with shrimps. In total, a gastronomic journey with a menu that offers no less than a hundred dishes. B.D.

  • Map Stories, a story of maps

    The travel writer Francisca Mattéoli offers, with this book, an amazing geographical adventure through twenty stories about places that inspire her or have affected her during her journeys. Through beautiful maps from all sources and from all eras, the young woman takes us from the Wild West of the early settlers to the expedition in the South Pole by Roald Admundsen, through the discovery of Petra and Angkor. A fun, unexpected, curious book that offers us to track contours of the Earth imagining how was done – or undone – the world we know today. B.D.

  • The Shangri-La is going green and vegan

    While starred chef Christophe Moret offers since the beginning of the summer a menu with “100% Green ‘ diners at La Bauhinia, the Shangri-La launches the first” Afternoon Tea 100% Vegan. ” The pastry chef Michaël Bartocetti allows gourmets to savor the tasty creations made only with fresh, seasonal products. With only vegetable protein, unrefined sugars, fruits and natural flavors regain their position The pastries are gaining lightness and personality. It took three years of sourcing and testing for the Shangri-La team to find the right balance of taste and to imagine a dozen different cakes. B.D.

  • The TIGrr is roaring in Saint-Germain-des-Prés

    A famous and a must-go address in Megève and Saint-Tropez, the TIGrr is settling in Saint-Germain. Both bar, restaurant and club, the festive place with Asian colors, designed by Jérôme Foucaud and designer Philippe di Méo, adapts to the desires, moods, on time. “We seek to create different spaces inside the entire place by changing dimensions, consumption habits but without dividing in order for everyone to get involved in the atmosphere of the restaurant as well as the bar’s,” says Philippe di Méo. The TIGrr resumes all codes that have made the success of the first two spaces. Warm, friendly and chic, with a black dominant struck with a gold seal, the place looks like the new spot of Saint-Germain. B.D.

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