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May 2016

Parisian news

Béatrice Delamotte

To finish this month of May, we offer you a bucolic stroll around the linen world in the Marais, a dive into the world of painter Albert Marquet at the Museum of Modern Art, a trip to the beautiful landscapes of Kazakhstan at the Carrousel du Louvre or an exotic rally in Paris.
And also, fiction design at the Metro Station Saint-Germain-des-Prés with the D’Days festival, discover the wonders of Korean ceramics at the Grand Palais and the richness of the work of Jean Lurçat at the Galerie des Gobelins. Unless you prefer the work by Swiss painter Charles Gleyre at the Musée d’Orsay. four addresses for a gastronomic journey between raw gastronomy at the Raw, matcha tea art at the Umami Matcha Café République, chic picnic at the Foundation Louis Vuitton and diving in the heart of the Brazilian gastronomy at Maloka, the Arab World Institute to get to the heart of the Eastern gardens. Unless you prefer a sporty and greedy session at the Faust before attending the auction of Hélène Rochas’ wardrobe. All of it without dragging your luggage thanks to the urban lockers system by City Locker. Happy Paris !

  • Linen is staged at Place des Vosges

    What is the common point between a fireplace, a guitar, sheets, a bike helmet and a chair? Linen that makes them up, which is invited in our daily lives and renews its uses over the innovations. To publicize its various applications, the Place des Vosges sets on linen time for a temporary exhibition until June 5th. With Ultra Lin, installations, products design and creative workshops enable to touch linen in all its forms. The Place des Vosges becomes the last step of a journey that begins at le Marais BHV via the Rue des Francs-Bourgeois hung with giant lanterns in the colors of linen. Throughout the weekend, the street shops will remain open for an original shopping session.

  • "Albert Marquet, painter of suspended time" at the Museum of Modern Art of Paris

    Marquet spent his life traveling between the shores of the Mediterranean and the Seine, making landscape and water his favorite words. He built his work, far from the artistic debates of the moment, maintaining a steadfast friendship with Henri Matisse, met in the studio of Gustave Moreau. From Fauvism, to which he is associated in its debuts, it retains only the simplification of forms, an empowerment of color, the appearance of rapid improvisation. But Marquet looks for total harmony to show the essence, he wants to synthesize topics with accuracy and balance, “paint like a child without forgetting Poussin”. For this exhibition, more than a hundred works – some shown for the first time – enable to draw a complex and comprehensive picture of the artist.
    Until the 21st of August. www.mam.paris.fr

  • Take off for Kazakhstan at the Carrousel du Louvre

    Breathtaking scenery, lights of the new world, nomadic with ancestral customs … You still have until June 9th to spin at the Carrousel du Louvre and discover this little-known country through 26 giant photographs presented with the contest of National magazine Geographic, hanging in the halls of the Carrousel. Large as Western Europe, Kazakhstan is a country full of natural resources that has preserved its heritage and its environment. This exhibition is also the prelude to the International Energy Future Exhibition to be held in Astana, the capital of the country, in June 2017.

  • Jetlags Paris, a multicultural rally

    On Saturday May 28th, discover different cultures through ten destinations in ten districts of Paris. This original rally, organized in collaboration with the City of Paris, is taking us for a world tour without leaving the capital. With a road book, participants must solve puzzles to continue their journey. Each course lasts about two hours and it is possible to choose up to three destinations from Jaipur, Dakar, Seville, Dallas, Copenhagen, Kyoto … The idea is to highlight the discovery of the multi-culture in Paris and create new bridges between cultures and people.

  • « Once upon a tomorrow ..." in Saint-Germain-des-Prés

    Fiction design is a narrative method that uses design tools to speculate on a world that “could be”. An oscillation between fact and fiction, between reality and imagination. It is telling what could be tomorrow with a special design tool: the usage scenario. Prototyping is narrative, it is a told lifestyle, a probable action of our daily lives. It is at the subway station Saint Germain des Prés that the D’Days festival is seizing this tool. The exhibition ” Once upon a tomorrow …”, designed by students at the ECV, takes the form of a large futuristic tale. It offers four graphics and unusual experiences about our future everyday life, highlighted by an immersive system of light projections. These four scenarios invite you to delve into the future everyday life with humor and creativity.
    Until the 9th of June www.ddays.net

  • « Earth, fire and spirit - Korean ceramics masterpieces" at the Grand Palais

    If ceramics are created worldwide with earth and fire, its style and its characteristics greatly vary from a region to another. Korean ceramics epitomize the uniqueness of Korea and the spirit of the country. It is an artistic field in itself. This exhibition is presenting many masterpieces of the collection of the National Museum of Korea, many of which have been officially designated Treasures and National Treasures. It allows visitors to explore the history of Korean ceramics, by immersing themselves in the spirit that inhabits it. The exhibition presents an overview of Korean ceramics from ancient times of the Three Kingdoms period to the modern era, through the Goryeo and Joseon dynasties.
    Until the 22nd of June www.grandpalais.fr

  • "Jean Lurçat - The only noise of the Sun" at the Galerie des Gobelins

    2016 marks the fiftieth anniversary of the death of Jean Lurcat (1892-1966), painter, poet, great reviver of tapestry and member of the Académie des Beaux-Arts. The Mobilier National, in partnership with the Fondation Jean and Simone Lurçat and the Academy of Fine Arts (Institut de France) is devoting a major exhibition about him at the Galerie des Gobelins, the first in Paris since the one is 1958 at the National Museum of Modern Art. It will reveal the different facets of the career of Jean Lurçat, leader of a movement that has gathered around him a lot of artists and whose role was decisive in the history of art and the rebirth of tapestry in the twentieth century. It will also make us rediscover a singular painter who knew a great success in Europe and the United States during the interwar.
    Until the 18th of September. www.mobiliernational.culture.gouv.fr

  • "Charles Gleyre - the repentant romantic" at the Orsay Museum

    Unlike Switzerland, no French national museum has so far devoted an exhibition to Charles Gleyre. We still know too little that Gleyre, a Swiss citizen, was probably the artist of his generation to have the deepest and most intimate knowledge of the Middle East and North Africa, where he spent nearly four years of glare and intense suffering. He was also an important player in the Parisian art scene: humble and discreet, he was nevertheless fully recognized both by his peers and the intelligentsia and by a wide audience. This exhibition tells both the adventurous life of a tormented artist, describes the main stages of his career and widens the context by placing the masterpieces of Gleyre in dialogue with paintings of his masters.
    Until The 11th of September. www.musee-orsay.fr

  • Raw, the address for raw food lovers

    While some refuse to talk about rawfood, William Pradeleix proves them that imagining cooking without dishes can also be an art. In his new restaurant- the aptly named Raw, in the heart of the Marais – he offers a dozen creations that magnify product excellence through beautiful and tasty minute preparations. Largely inspired by his many jobs abroad (especially in London, San Francisco and Bora Bora), the young chef creates a partition in all delicacy and harmony of flavors, textures and colors. It is ultra-fresh, very greedy and absolutely addictive.

  • Umami Matcha Café, the Japanese grocery store and café

    Real place dedicated to Japanese products, Umami Matcha Café République is both an upscale deli and café, restaurant and a tea room. Designed by Jean and Laure Béguin, the address brings together the two passions of the brother and sister: to promote excellence of handicrafts – and often organic – product from Japan and allow us to taste some of the specialties of the Empire of the rising Sun. So in the morning, you can enjoy a matcha made by a talented barrista, from the most traditional to the most original way. And for lunch, savor some dishes that highlight seasonal products from small producers in the Ile-de-France. Then? A ride through the grocery corner is needed to leave with with a ponzu sauce, organic rice and maybe a takeaway domburi …

  • Chic picnic at the Louis Vuitton Foundation

    For three days (from 20 to 21 May), Jean-Louis Nomicos, the starred chef of the Frank, the restaurant of the Louis Vuitton Foundation, offers a gourmet spring break with a festive picnic. According to our desires, it will be possible to taste the dishes on the extensive terraces of the museum with wine tasting if one wishes to accompany this moment, or to enjoy them in the park of the foundation. An unusual moment with stunning views of Paris in the middle of the sails of glasses, colored by Daniel Buren, before discovering the whole program in free access.

  • Maloka, Brazilian friendliness

    Raphaël Rego, the young chef was already known for its cuisine which mingled French and Brazilian influences in its Oka restaurant. Now he focuses on the cuisine of his country with Maloka, the “common house” in Tupi Guarani language. If the address is the same, the concept is changing: here the food is 100% Brazilian and make us discover the diversity of this cuisine too little known through a journey in different regions of the country. Through meticulous sourcing, Raphaël Rego offers handicrafts products that he himself imports, for a tasty diving into the origins of this pure Carioca. Pending the opening of another restaurant, in September, more gourmet.

  • « Oriental gardens - from the Alhambra to the Taj Mahal" at the Arab World Institute

    Did you know that before becoming the emblem of the Netherlands, the tulip was the emblem of the Ottoman sultans? That in one of the ancient languages ​​of Persia, the word garden (pairi-daeza) gave paradise? This extraordinary story of Eastern gardens is to be discovered all throughout the exhibition which occupies a special temporary garden on the forecourt of the museum. Entrusted to landscape architect Michel Pena, this contemporary interpretation of the Eastern gardens wants to be a fun and sensory invitation to soak up the many facets of an ancient art. In parallel, within the Institute, an exhibition traces the history of the gardens from the utmost eastern ancient to the most contemporary innovations, from the Iberian Peninsula to the Indian subcontinent. A rich journey of some 300 art works from major international museums and private collections.
    Until the 25th of September. www.imarabe.org

  • "Fit & Dance » brunch at the Faust

    Located on a 4,000 hectares walk along the Seine that turns into a real boulevard of jogging on the weekend, the Faust offers a dynamic version of the brunch, one Saturday per month. In the program, an hour of sports under the sound of 80s music, alternating muscle toning, cardio and stretching. After this original and tonic session, gastronomy sequence with a fresh and healthy food that will fill you up without fearing for your waistline thanks to gourmet recipes, but low in calories, devised by the chef. Next meeting on the 21st May …

  • The wardrobe of Hélène Rochas auctioned

    On May 12th, the Cornette de Saint-Cyr house will be selling the legendary wardrobe of the one that embodied, her whole life, the French elegance and was one of the iconic figures of fashion since the mid 1960. The dispersion of the wardrobe of Helene Rochas is an event with more that 200 pieces including 80% of creations by Yves Saint Laurent, whom she was so close to. In an interview given to Vogue magazine in 1995, she also said of him that he was “the only one who managed to combine both the creative spirit of haute couture and this desire of typical simplification of the modern woman (…) For a fashion designer, the harder it is not to add embroidery here and there, a print here and there. The hard part is to limit yourself. ”

  • Visit Paris lightly with City Locker

    What to do of our luggage between the time we check out of the room and the train or the plane back home? Hotels do not have luggage storage and lockers are often full and not easy to access. City Locker offers an original, simple and convenient solution with these first urban luggage lockers. Fully automated and accessible through a code provided by the Internet (and changed every day), these lockers allow us to leave bags and luggage to enjoy a last stroll through Paris, hands in pockets. City Locker is already close to the main Paris train stations, but also in the most touristic places of the capital (Beaubourg, Opera, Marais, Saint-Germain des Prés …). The concept is expected to grow to new locations in the coming months.

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