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May 2015

Parisian News

Béatrice Delamotte

A weekend without a public holiday? But there are still so many exhibitions to see…PLUME VOYAGE urges you to make the most of it, to swing by the arty universe of the Chelsea Hotel in New York with Renoma or the jazz world at the Maison des Etats-Unis, to go behind the fashion scenes with Simon Procter at the InterContinental or marvel at the designer vegetal creations of Alexis Tricoire. PLUME VOYAGE suggests also that you make the most of the First Avenue Terrace, its neighbouring tennis courts, and to drink in Nathan Sawaya’s Lego creations, to discover nature’s marvels at the Jardin des Plantes for the nature festival. And if it is still raining, delve into the enormous book dedicated to the most beautiful treehouses in the world. We suggests an array of gourmet addresses, where you can indulge in brunch with family or friends and surprise yourself with the Café de la Paix’s “mentalist” or taste the specialities of Cyril Lignac at Prés. Unless you would rather a brand new gastronomic address – Puteaux, Saperlipopette! Or the very chic and discrete terrace at Climats, right at the heart of Paris. Or a chance to discover the latest gourmet addresses that mix art and gastronomy like le MiniPalais and allow you to taste ‘pistolets’, a Belgian delicacy at Bien Fait. Unless you would prefer more popular or arty locations such as Victoria 1836 or brand new restaurant Druoto. Discover also the large concert organised by Reporters Without Borders as part of Press Freedom Day. Although you might prefer exhibitions, if we suggest one dedicated to “120 years of cinema” at 104. But you also may like to discover the work of Marcel Broodthaers at Monnaie de Paris or the Bains Douches. Happy Paris!

  • The Chelsea Hotel by Renoma

    Having opened in 1883, the Chelsea Hotel has always been at the heart of New York’s history. Devised originally according to a social model intended for a communal life, its twelve floors made it one of the tallest in New York. Marginal and dilapidated, the Chelsea Hotel has been frequented by celebrities from around the world (from Titanic survivors to Kerouac, Arthur Miller, Leonard Cohen, Bob Dylan…) sometimes ex gratia, and sometimes an exchange of works of art. And what better way to create a legend for the whole of the artistic community. As a tribute to this New York building, Maurice and Stéfanie Renoma present two photographic exhibitions, two visions of this unique and special place. The first, Vertige, is a fantastical and personal interpretation of the Chelsea Hotel whilst the other, Tribute to Chelsea Hotel, reflects the irreverence and eroticism of rock icons from the 70s through the eyes of seven photographers.
    Until 31st July. B.D.

  • Simon Procter at the InterContinental Paris Le Grand

    British photographer exhibits a selection of his works beneath the glass roof of the InterContinental Paris Le Grand. Since his first exhibition at Art Basel in 2008, he has established himself as one of the most eminent art photographers of his generation. He owes success to his work with Karl Lagerfeld, John Galliano, Vivian Westwood, as well as a number of advertising campaigns for major luxury brands.
    Until 5th June. B.D.

  • « Jazz, the Sound of New York » at the Maison des Etats-Unis

    For over 25 years, Philippe Lévy-Stab teams the art of photography with the art of jazz through portraits of artists that represent this genre of music. In this exhibition, he assembles portraits of composers and improvisers that have impacted upon the history of jazz, but also views of New York, Williamsburg Bridge, Manhattan, Brooklyn, Harlem…a musical journey through the city that has inspired so many important jazzmen.
    Until 24th September. B.D. www.maisondesetatsunis.com

  • Every side of Alexis Tricoire

    A guest of the prestigious B&B Italia house for D’Days (from 1st to 7th June), Alexis Tricoire has created the “B&B Greenline”, which unleashes his vegetal spirit through a woven cocoon of hemp, as a background to this new outdoors collection. But the master of vegetal design will be equally present in the Jardins Jardin aux Tuileries (from 4th to 7th June). Here he will present “Bird”, a giant bird flying through the countryside and the “Plate” coffee table, invitation to share a festive and collective moment with many. B.D.

  • First Avenue, courtside

    Whilst the international Roland Garros tennis championships are in full swing, why not make the most of the sunshine listening to the sound of rallies being played on the courts of Boulevard Pereire in the 17th, especially if you haven’t managed to secure centre court tickets. In a neo-New York atmosphere, First Avenue benefits from a beautiful terrace where you can taste some of the best bagels in Paris. Whether you are looking for a sunny lunch, afternoon sunbathing or a musical evening, everyone will want to profit from some courtside sunshine. B.D

  • The Art of the Brick, the folly of Lego

    Do you have marvellous memories of whole afternoons spent creating worlds out of multi-coloured little bricks? Are your children fans too? Then you simply must go to see this exhibition! More than one hundred splendid and fascinating works of art constructed with these famous Lego bricks by Nathan Swaya, which reproduce some of the greatest, best-known masterpieces in the world: Le Penseur by Rodin, la Vénus de Milo, Le Cri by Edvard Munch – in which the head and hands protude from the canvas, moving from two to three dimensions – are amongst these awe-inspiring creations. And let’s not forget the 6m skeleton of a T-Rex, which took more than 80000 bricks to make…
    Until 30th August. B.D

  • 9th Nature Festival at the Jardin des Plantes

    It is the national theme “on the water’s edge” that articules this 9th edition of the Nature Festival at the Jardin des Plantes. Over the whole weekend, animations and free visits allow you to immerse yourself in the biodiversity of the capital at the Nature Village in the centre of the Jardin des Plantes and to discover the little-known spots full of history such as the seed merchant shop of the Botanical School. Little ones can also attend film screenings at the large Evolution Gallery as part of the cinema festival Pousse Pousse. Stories, cartoons and short histories will be broadcast, sharing the life of animals. And let’s not forget the photo exhibition on the gates of the Ecole de Botanique dedicated to Coast – 40 years of marvels immortalised by the photography of Frédéric Larrey.
    23rd and 24th May. B.D

  • "Perched Dreams, tree-houses around the world"

    Who has never dreamed of living up in a tree, to feel this rush of freedom, beyond any sense of time? Alain Laurens, creator of “The perched cabin” who constructs and designs tree-houses around the world, aqua-realist Daniel Dufour and photographer Jacques Delacroix have delivered even more beautiful sites to discover. Rustic or luxurious, these magnificent houses have been built to respect the trees in which they are nestled, developed without nails and without touching existing branches. Whether they be in France, Denmark, Russia, Italy or America, these encourage us to look at the world from above, beyond our childhood dreams.

  • Cerebral brunch at Café de la Paix

    Savouring an exuberant brunch at the Café de la Paix – that’s pretty good. But when Burt Wayne throws himself into the mix, the experience becomes exceptional. Every Sunday, this French mentalist moves from table to table and surprises diners with his sharp sense of humour and his Clark Kent elegance before bringing previously unseen and puzzling experiences to life. On the agenda: predictions and mindreading. He leads you into a mysterious universe where spoons bend of their own accord. At this time, little ones can play in the Atelier de Macha, where they can enjoy games, colouring and journeys inspired by Parisian news. B.D

  • Bucolic brunch at Prés

    Four years after its creation, the Chardenoux des Prés, Cyril Lignac’s St Germain address has become simply “les Prés”. Here is a chance to rediscover brunch with a Prés croque-monsieur, a Black Angus burger or organic herb salmon. In terms of snacks, the chef – who also owns several patisseries around Paris – encourages temptation: pear French toast, granola with seasonal fruits and a vanilla white cheese. A pleasant break before, perhaps, heading to the Turner exhibition at the palais du Luxembourg. B.D

  • Saperlipopette !, Puteaux’s hot spot

    Until now, Puteaux was not a gastronomic area. But Norbert Tarayne, discovered on TV programme Top Chef, has created an address that appeals to gourmands from Hauts-de-Seine but also Paris. With a warm, chic loft atmosphere, a plentiful menu, discrete and efficient service, you will love the season products (asparagus and mimosa eggs, beautiful medallions, springtime vegetables and superb veal) and a wonderful selection of deserts, including the chocolate raspberry entremets. To take advantage of these sunny days, a large terrace benefits from the tranquillity of this theatre district, in a pretty location away from the city hubbub. B.D

  • Intimate terrace at Climats

    Nestled in the heart of the museum and antiquities district, Les Climats boasts one of the most low-key terraces in the capital. Solely at lunchtime, recently Michelin-starred chef Juliens Boscus offers a sumptuous and creative cuisine, exclusively accompanied by Bourgogne wines (over 1500 references!) from both small producers and major crus. If you’re looking for a countryside-chic lunch in the centre of Paris, this is a unique mini paradise. B.D

  • « Hang-ups at MiniPalais »

    As part of its reopening in 2010, Olivier Maurey sought to turn the MiniPalais restaurant into the Grand Palais’s own artist studio. Not wanting to compete with its big brother, it creates a space where art can find its rightful place, but from a different angle. This venue lives a natural existence through its volumes and materials, which are always flowing and effervescent. The “hang-ups” consist of works of painting, sculpture and Orsa photography, which have been held onto. It also boasts an immense custom-made fresco, which adorns an entire wall of the restaurants. Throughout the year, in parallel with major contemporary art displays, “Les Accrochanges du MiniPalais” pay tribute to different artists including Toxic and David Sitbon. B.D

  • Draw your « pistolets » at Bien Fait

    Have you ever heard of “pistolets”? These Belgian oddities are breads garnished with salty ingredients, served hot or cold perfect for a quick lunch or a gourmet snack. Nestled in the Maris just a stone’s throw from Place des Vosges, nomadic bistro Bien Fait gives you a chance to discover this speciality from across the Quiévrin. For the occasion, double-starred chef Christophe Aribert from Les Terrasses restaurant at the Grand Hôtel d’Uriage-les-Bains has created unique recipes with products from the region. His constant research into harmonious, balanced and coherent cuisine offers an original gastronomic experience.

  • Victoria 1836, the home of beautiful people

    Say goodbye to the Restaurant de l’Arc destroyed by fire. Hello Victoria 1836. While the view of the Arc de Triomphe is as breath-taking as ever, the decor takes on a more sober look. Devised by Sarah Lavoine, it mixes contemporary furniture, warm colours and a cosy atmosphere to create simply luxury surroundings. In the kitchen, Alexandre Auger invents dishes that mix Mediterranean flavours and main French classics. The result: refinement minus the unnecessary sophistication, with savoury and light bites. Over the course of several hours, brush shoulders with top bosses, celebrities and beautiful people, especially as when night falls the atmospheric soundtrack by Hélèna Noguerra sets the ambiance ablaze. B.D

  • L’Adjugé, when the art market meets the art of living

    Art amateurs now have a new meeting point. L’Adjugé is a brand-new “bar-studio” located in the heart of l’Hôtel Drouot. Open during the same hours as the shopping areas, the place is run by a trio of young talents. Amandine Chaignot, chef of the Rosewood hotel in London, develops a simple and gourmet menu based on seasonal products. Sommelier at the Crillon, Jérôme Moreau selects vintages according to the spirit of the place, favouring the undiscovered. An explorer of materials, Erwann Boulloud designed a contemporary case around the monumental and precious bar, opting for an entirely mineral look.

  • « RSF’s Concert for Freedom » at Place de la République

    As part of World Press Freedom Day, Reporters without borders (RWB) has organised “a concert for freedom”. The programme for this free spectacle boasts artists such as Jeane Cherhal, Arthur h., Sly Johnson, HollySiz, DJ Cassius and their special guests, as well as comedians Christophe Alévêque, Camille Chamoux and Daniel Morin. These celebrities take to the stage to vocalise the fight for freedom of the press and the work of RWB, including Nobel Peace Prize winners Shirin Ebadi and Wu’er Kaixi, leader of the Tiananmen Square movement in Beijing in 1989.
    3rd May from 5pm until 11pm. B.D

  • « 120 Years of Cinema » at Centquatre

    As this year marks the 120th birthday of cinema, Gaumont – which also celebrates 120 years in existence – looks back over two centuries worth of creation. Simultaneously interactive, magical, playful, fulfilling and entertaining, the exhibition allows visitors to plunge back into the past. From fairgrounds that transport their optical illusions optical illusions from city to city to major productions, this takes you on a journey through various eras and genres. A fusion between old and modern, history and the present day, this exhibition weaves between them all.
    Until 5th August. B.D

  • The Baths: a renaissance!

    Created in 1885, the Bains Douches (or Bains Guerbois) house the most famous private thermal baths in Paris. This was an intersection for celebrities of its era: Proust, Zola, Manet, Renoir – pretty much the whole of Paris during the Belle Epoque…In a different time and with different customs, in 1978 the Baths became a concert hall, restaurant and popular nightclub! All sorts of people would party here into the small hours: Andy Warhol, Karl Lagerfeld, Prince, Sean Penn, Mick Jagger and so many others… After three years of work and numerous incidents, Les Bains  just have begun writing another chapter of its story. A new story, still not created in Paris and invented by Jean Pierre Marois the home owner. Thanks to the combined talents of Vincent Bastie, Tristan Auer and Denis Montel and Cécile Buhagiar/RDAI, this place has been transformed into a five-star hotel with 39 bedrooms and suites, a bar lounge and trendy restaurants; and let’s not forget the legendary club. In the restaurant, the menu has been developed under the leadership of double-starred chef Philippe Labbé, where you can taste cuisine of Michael Riss who favours, as he does today, seasonal products, knowing that honey served at breakfast comes from hives on the hotel roof! The highlight: the 15m high water reservoir tower, designed to replenish the Baths, which has been turned into a private dining room, the Chinois Salon and the famous untouched underground swimming pool.

  • « Marcel Broodthaers » at Monnaie de Paris, department of Eagles/département des Aigles

    A reputedly “impossible” artistic project, this exhibition gives visitors the chance to relive a unique artistic experience, with a body of work recognised as the foundation of 20th century history of art. From the start of his career, Marcel Broodthaers established a very clear relationship between works of art as such and their financial value. At the Monnaie de Paris, which issues common currency – both of the collection and contemporary art exhibitions – the presence of this work allows one to question the founding role of art in contemporary society.
    Until 5th July. B.D

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