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March-April 2015

Parisian News

Béatrice Delamotte

Still on the lookout for the city’s top addresses? Here is our Parisian selection of gourmet dishes galore and sunny terraces: the Shangri-La has reopened its terrace, although some of you may prefer the legendary Deux Magots patio. But if not, check out Augustin, a Corsican restaurant in the 14th, or even East Mamma, the latest Italian hotspot. PLUME VOYAGE invites you also to discover news exhibitions presented by parisian gallery Nuke, Nathalie Obadia, Laure Roynette and the Galerie W. and some new restaurants, like the Tong Yen a truly Parisian institution, the Famille Li with an imperial Chinese cuisine, the Caffè Stern and the Will restaurant. Happy Paris!

  • The Shangri-La Terrace reopens!

    Situated in the hotel’s front courtyard, 8 Iéna, the famous Shangri-La terrace, has recently reopened. Chef Christophe Moret has created a springtime menu with light salads, alongside French and Asian dishes for sunny diners. Vegetarians can also try several of the chef’s specials including the pea cappuccino and crudité fingers with fromage frais or “O” wok vegetables and marinated or grilled tofu. The perfect place to make the most of the approaching summer. B.D

  • Les Deux Magots, the Parisian sun-spot

    As if it needs an introduction – Les Deux Magots epitomises the city of Paris, on the crossroads of boulevard Saint-Germain and la place Saint-Germain-des-Prés. From breakfast to dinnertime, this is the place to be for Parisians and tourists alike. As one of the capital’s oldest cafes – founded in 1873 – its beautiful terrace, which faces the church, is open until early autumn. A haven of happiness that allows you to sip on your morning coffee, comfortably settled in a rattan chair, or have a glass of wine at sundown; in short, head for the Latin Quarter. B.D

  • Augustin, Corsica comes to Paris

    Did you like La Ville Corse? Then you will love Augustin. Installed on rue Daguerre, in the 14th arrondissement, this contemporary, chic bistro offers cuisine with accents of Corsica, orchestrated by Vincent Devres, former chef at la Villa. With seasonal products and generous portions, the chef reinvents dishes that marry flavours from Corsica and beyond. For those foodies amongst you, save space for the ice creams and sorbets of Pierre Geronimi, master ice cream maker at Propriano, one of the restaurant’s suppliers. A top spot for any day of the week. B.D

  • East Mamma, the best of Italia

    Popularising authentic Italian cuisine – that is the aim at Big Mamma. For the project’s first Parisian restaurant, East Mamma has just opened up in the 11th arrondissement, with hopes of a second address in June. “A popular Trattoria”, the restaurant proposes a number of the best Italian products, carefully selected for their excellence by local producers. Everything is bought directly, without an intermediary, which allows diners to enjoy only the best homemade food, without breaking the bank. Although the menu is short, the taste is immense…and so is the pleasure (!) especially as the menu changes every month, offering a variety of tasty delights. B.D

  • « Radek Szlaga, the Heart » at Galerie Laure Roynette

    As the founder of the SAM Art Project, a patronage project designed to promote work by foreign artists in France and French artists overseas, Sandra Mulliez gives free reign to Radek Szlaga for his first solo in Paris. A witness to the irrevocable changes and surrounded by tales of the new generation that has emerged from the ruins of segregation, today he shares his work, which combines anthropological desire of legendary stories and forces of contemporary creation. He builds poetic constellations of human and animal figures, patterns, signs, landscapes and various situations. His latest pieces were inspired by the books of Joseph Conrad and Sven Lindqvist, paintings by Christopher Wool and even Coppola’s “Apocalypse Now”.
    Until 23rd May. B.D

  • « Anne-Sophie Granjon, White World » at Galerie Nuke

    Parisian photographer Anne-Sophie Granjon expresses her numerous journeys around the world through her photographs. Her fascination stems from the magic of imagery, the memory of a moment, whether within an urban context or at the heart of nature. Leaving it all to chance, she favours research into slow and silent images, as well as noisy and restless motifs: a skyscraper, a tree or a character, anything that passes through the artist’s elegant and melancholic gaze becomes eulogy to beauty and nostalgia. Until 2nd May. B.D

  • « Toma-L, Paper Love » at Galerie W

    Shapes are living things, their movement fluid. The work of Toma-L is energising in spirit. The colour and movement that he creates exceeds pictorial dimensions, producing other effects and sensations. Charcoal, acrylic, oil, grey pastels, paper and worn, scratched and chopped canvas…colour is Thomas Labarthe’s (alia Toma-L) weapon of choice, opting for first and primary colours like Joan Mirò, and colours that contrast with one another.
    Until 15th May. B.D

  • « Revolution in Tradition: China’s post-ink painting era » at Galerie Nathalie Obadia

    More than just a form of artistic expression, ink art – and more specifically ink painting, sometimes known as “Chinese painting” (guohua) – is a major cultural player in constructing national identity. This millennia-old language, which has been constantly reinterpreted and developed throughout history, continues to represent the most distinctive trait in Chinese and Oriental art. Conetmporary artists who refer to this tradition no longer conform to the simple components of this kind of painting, which expands to cover modern-day media. “Ink”, as a mark of Chinese heritage, culture and spirit, remains firmly grounded.
    Until 31st May. B.D

  • A new era for Tong Yen

    A truly Parisian institution, Tong Yen has recently been taken over by the Black Code group, which already owns Kinugawa, Yoko and Orient Extrême. So, the décor has had a complete facelift, bringing more brightness to the room and its alcoves allowing for intimate conversations, all in a chic and designer ambiance. While famous former owner Thérèse continues to keep a close watch over the dining room, chef Ashima is in charge in the kitchen. Having spent time at the Peninsula and the Mandarin in Tokyo, he offers a pared-down cuisine, which reworks the main classic dishes that first solidified Tong Yen’s reputation whilst also introducing several of the Black Code group’s signature dishes. A contemporary and international vision of Chinese gourmet cuisine.

  • Famille Li, imperial Chinese cuisine

    The history of the Li family is closely linked to that of the Chinese emperors of the Qing dynasty, but their restaurant, which has just opened in Paris, dares to make an impact upon our appreciation of Chinese cuisine. Forget everything that you know about Oriental cooking: here, these are the very same dishes that were served in the Court until the start of the 19th century –the deposition of the last emperor. Thanks to the recipes carefully noted by ancestor Li, a palace attendant in Beijing, this is a genuine insight into the gourmet cuisine served to you by Ivan Li, great-grandson of Zijia Li and founder of the Famille Li restaurants. As its first address in Europe (after China, Taipei, Japan and Australia), Monsieur Li has handed responsibility of his stoves to three chefs who have come straight from Beijing to recreate these ancestral recipes. Just like Kaseiki, the style of cuisine served in imperial Japan, the art of dining takes on a whole new dimension and allows a greater appreciation of the sophistication of these dishes.

  • Viva Caffè Stern

    Over the past few years, Passage des Panoramas has become one of the top Parisian gourmet spots. And its latest opening is none other than the highly-anticipated Caffè Stern. It has to be said that the names associated with the creation of this brand new restaurant are certainly of interest: David Lahner, founder of multiple businesses (Paradis, Racines, Noglu, Vivant, Le Bon Saint-Pourçain), chef Massimiliano Alaimo, who brings both beauty and brilliance, and Philippe Stark, who needs no introduction. Located on the classy premises of the former Stern publishing/printing house, this triple-starred chef from Padoue and his brother Raffaele knew exactly how to recreate a timeless atmosphere. Whether dropping in for a coffee (with one of the most wonderful menus of its kind in Paris) or a proper meal, this reorientation is everything. You can imagine yourself in Milan, Venice, Bologne…in short, anywhere but Paris.

  • Will, one to watch

    Just a few months after its opening, Will features on the shortlist of nominations for the title “best bistro 2015”. And this is an award that William Pradeleix would certainly deserve…aged just 30, with an impressive CV and extensive international experience (in London, Bora Bora and San Francisco) he has now opened his own restaurant, just a stone’s throw from Bastille. Inside, minimalism allows graphic dishes to take pride of place, which are certainly not lacking in character. On the menu, the descriptions are almost subliminal, as diners envisage what they have ordered. Far from “simple” fusion, William Pradeleix cuisine is above all a gastronomic journey, blending the best of various styles and influences. And yet this food does not forget all that French gastronomy represents; top quality products, precise cooking and respecting seasonality. All this for an unbeatable quality/price combo.

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