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June 2016

Parisian news

Béatrice Delamotte

It’s already summer! To make the most of the sun, we propose this week a selection of terraces nestled in greenery, in Paris or nearby. Chic and elegant steps at La Grande Cascade in the Bois de Boulogne or at the Napoleon III at the Buttes Chaumont, more contemporary with Brumaire in the park of Saint-Cloud. Or for lovers of independence, why not choose the chic picnic created by Sébastien Gaudard? It’s all about choice. And also, the new pastry shop of Yann Couvreur, a range of stationery with bright colors at the Fabriano Boutique, a photo exhibition devoted to Parisian girls at the Sofitel or an excellent Italian trattoria near the Place des Vosges, a photo exhibition this week with the series of Vertical Horizon by Ralph Gibson. Unless you prefer the exhibition devoted to the advertising poster at the Museum of Decorative Arts. And finally, towards the 110 of Taillevent which invites Spain to its table, a walk at the Tuileries for Gardens, gardens and so imagine how redesigning our garden? Unless you prefer to go taste the chef menu of an evening in the ephemeral restaurant of Ikea, discover pictures of trees by German photographer Simone Nieweg. And for those who prefer to stay safe at home, dive into the atmosphere of the Palais de Tokyo with the last candle of Astier de Villatte. Happy Paris !

  • Timeless step at the Napoleon III

    Want to spend a green moment in an atmosphere outside of time? Towards the Buttes Chaumont park in the nineteenth arrondissement and the Napoleon III restaurant. Completely renovated by Anne-Sophie Robert, this traditional brasserie mixes historical and current codes. Exit the cherry wood and tile dull; a beautiful oak floor, a coating reminiscent of cement tiles, but also very worked patina highlight volumes and beautiful pieces, like the former Belle Epoque mural, on the ceiling. Whether you prefer the comfortable benches in red velvet or, when the first rays of sun are out, the terrace overlooking the park, you will appreciate the chef Franck Guyot cuisine from breakfast in the beautiful morning light until dinner. A charming step..

  • Charming escape at the Grande Cascade

    There are places like this that invite to take time to appreciate time, company and good food. La Grande Cascade is one of them. Installed at the edge of the city, the Bois de Boulogne restaurant has maintained a timeless charm. Everything here encourages slowness: refined decorations that make a link between Belle Epoque and the Roaring Twenties, superb terrace for enjoying the mild summer just like in a garden, and always the chef Frederic Robert who makes of La Grande Cascade a large table. The tastes are right, the presentations are elegant and the service is worth the greatest palaces. You feel pampered, immersed in a timeless world of luxury.

  • Brumaire, a new address in the heart of the Saint-Cloud Park

    Trees and lawns, south facing terraces, country-charm table, simple and tasty homemade cuisine, attentive service with casual charm, the Brumaire restaurant, which just opened its doors, allows to escape from the city for a break. Far from the mists and fogs evoked by its name, Brumaire is instead a cozy place, nestled in the heart of the Saint-Cloud park. During the beautiful summer evenings, we enjoy dinner on the terrace facing the fountains of the Great Gerbe and enjoy the simple, straightforward cuisine of chef Jacques Yaba. We can also enjoy the place all day whether for a chic snack break or to enjoy the sunset, during cocktail hour, nestled in a long chat for maximum relaxation.

  • Chic picnic at the Tuileries with Sébastien Gaudard

    Located under the arches of the Pyramides Street, opposite the Tuileries Gardens, Sébastien Gaudard is up to the most beautiful pages of French pastry heritage. Sweet and savory specialist, mixing hot and cold, he is offering a “Picnic in the Tuileries» summer bag. Inside, everything you need for a delicious and tasty time for two under the shade of trees or on the lawns of the gardens with toasted sandwiches, salad, dessert and a bottle of wine or champagne, depending on the mood. Ideal to enjoy sunny days.

  • A new address for Yann Couvreur

    The young pastry chef, who has worked at large houses (Trianon Palace in Versailles, Carré des Feuillants, Park Hyatt Vendôme …), is now offering his creations in his new shop of the tenth arrondissement of Paris. His famous millefeuille is available each day, with two other minute-made creations to quickly taste the “Fugues” to maintain their complex textures devised by the chef. In this store, Yann Couvreur follows his credo: a universe centered on respect for the product and the accuracy of flavors. Whether they are pastries, travel cakes or pastries, sweet and savory use the same codes in terms of cooking, seasoning, condiments.

  • New colors at Fabriano Boutique

    Colorful and trendy, the new Sorbet Ecoqua collection of Fabriano Boutique consists of a series of books with bright colors. Made in Italy, these notebooks are made from ecological paper produced from wood from FSC certified forests for their environmental management. Pretty accessories to carry everywhere to keep memories of travels, meetings or simply to draw. Since 1264, Fabriano uses its know-how to manufacture high quality paper, becoming over the centuries the artists, publishers and writers’ reference around the world. Products to discover at the Bookseller of the Louis Vuitton Foundation, at the Fleux concept store, Le Bon Marché or BHV Marais.

  • "La Parisienne" is exposed at the Sofitel Paris Arc de Triomphe

    Based on two components, the exhibition is a retrospective that features 22 legendary shots from the 1950s, from the Paris Match archives. It includes the femme fatale immortalized by Emanuele Scarceletti and the greatest photographers of the magazine. The second part of the exhibition features ten photographs taken by amateurs and young professionals for “La Parisienne » contest. First stage of this exhibition, the Sofitel Paris Arc de Triomphe before starting a journey that will take it to London, Warsaw, Lisbon and Budapest.

  • Italian escape at the Café Martini

    A few steps from the Place des Vosges is a great address: the Café Martini A funny name for a trattoria that showcases the best Italian products. No bluff here, but rather the epitome of the different regions of the Boot magnified by a cuisine (deceptively) simple, reminiscent of the Italian mammas. No pizza here, but fresh pasta, cooked in minutes with delicious and light sauces. Alexandre Degli Espoti, the boss who is indoors, and the chef Alessio Pitro, bring their good humor and their advice to choose from the lovely wine list, of course Italian. So we quickly spend time in Italiy to forget the Parisian rain.

  • "Ralph Gibson - Vertical Horizon » at the Thierry Bigaignon Gallery

    On the occasion of the opening of the Thierry Bigaignon Gallery, Ralph Gibson presents a new series, far from his famous photographs in black and white. At 77 years old, he does not renounce to what makes his photographic identity. The new technology extends his intuitive approach between abstraction and figuration. More than ever, Ralph Gibson cuts the space of his pictures and works on objections. From this border between lines and volumes an high tension is born, within the frame itself, reinforced by the portrait format.
    Until the 27th of August. www.thierrybigaignon.com

  • The 110 of Taillevent set on Spanish time

    Each year, the 110 of Taillevent celebrate a country, its growing diversity in harmony with its cuisine and offers during all summer exclusive dishes on the menu. This year it is Spain which is invited to a journey through food and wine. To discover both a few classics of the Iberian cuisine, but also a selection of the best wine from different regions. “A Spanish summer” is a new opportunity to explore the country and experience taste sensations.
    Until August 6th. www.taillevent.com

  • "From caricature to poster - 1850-1918" at the Museum of Decorative Arts

    The early twentieth century marked the end of a generation, the generation of Toulouse-Lautrec, Cheret and Mucha. Their absence creates an empty feeling even stronger that their images had become ubiquitous on the walls of Paris. An emptiness that has allowed to occur the idea that the art of the poster remained moribund until 1918. That is unfamiliar with the role of cartoonists and caricaturists during this period because very fast, advertisers locate their bitter trait, their mastery of the shortcut, their art of ellipsis, which admirably join the first advertising theories. The exhibition traces this time in the history of the poster closely linked to the history of press, political and economic contexts since 1850, a key moment in the history of advertising.
    Until the 4th of September. www.lesartsdecoratifs.fr

  • Astier de Villatte is signing a "Palais de Tokyo » candle

    On the occasion of the “Double I” exhibition at Palais de Tokyo, Astier de Villatte offers a new scented candle in partnership with two artists. On the one hand the plastician Eudes Menichetti signs illustrations containers, straight from his dream world: jumping rope, a strange creature half organic plant and an extraordinary mid and meticulous assembly of nails, tacks, pressures and cuts tin which once molded, embodies a ceramic cup as bumpy, carved. As for the fragrance is Christophe Raynaud, perfumer and author of Givenchy perfume great success, who designed the captivating fragrance of smoked wood and metal vibrations of the candle.

  • 13th edition of Gardens, the Tuileries Garden

    After a 2015 edition turned to “the happy city”, the 13th edition of Gardens, Garden strives to enhance the well-being in town. When nature finds its credentials in an urban landscape in constant evolution, it is time to cultivate the good life together. New landscape forms nurturing, generous, shared by all yet to be invented to cultivate urban landscapes with greed and ambition. Thirteen exceptional gardens will present concrete solutions to create “lovely gardens, pleasure”, but also of sharing, exchange, happiness and friendliness. The occasion also to hunt the “Village flea market and antique garden” where exhibitors from Saint-Ouen offer a bucolic garden around the course.
    From June 2 to 6 www.jardinsjardin.com

  • Become chef for a night at Krogen

    You want to run a restaurant for an evening? This is what offers Ikea with its ephemeral address, Krogen, installed until June 25th, rue de Turbigo, in the Marais. Surrounded by a professional brigade, the chef of one day shall establish and prepare the menu with starter, main course and dessert to serve thirty customers who have previously booked. The only limit is to integrate a product of the Swedish grocery store Ikea in each dish. Indoors, the surprise will be total: Chef identity and the menu are revealed only on the big day. If the nominations for the chef of a night station are closed, you can still book to enjoy the cuisine. Benefits will be completely transferred to the French Secours Populaire.

  • "Simone Nieweg - In the woods"

    After the Düsseldorf school of photography, Simone Nieweg seeks to immortalize forests and trees in Europe and North America. In recent years, she focuses on work featuring forests in different countries and continents. If the images are empty of any human presence, they are rich in details and fingerprints of an atmosphere that is physically apprehended. Her work impressively respects the balance between romanticism and objectivity concrete yet symbolic places, haloed in an artistic light.
    Until September 1st. www.paris-goethe.org

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