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July 2016

Parisian News

Béatrice Delamotte

We set on summer time for this national holiday weekend. To make the most of Paris, we head to the Ourcq canal which runs all summer with many activities, we tell our Parisian vacation on a lovely book by Christian Lacroix, we enjpoy a sausage orgy in good conscience with Maison Cisson. And for true gourmands, we will discover the summer menu by 1K Food trolley in the Marais.
And also, for gourmands, discover the cozy address in the Sentier which is also a delicatessen and wine cellar for improvised appetizers. Visiting Paris? Discover the new four star hotel in central Paris, the Square Louvois. And for those preparing their suitcase, take a yoga break in Paris airports for a confident travel. And also a salt score with a duck in the rules of Beijing art at the Shangri-La or a four-hands French-Japanese inner at La Réserve. For the sweet tooth, discover the fortune cookies « à la française » by Amanda Sthers. And for those who are concerned about their weight, head to the ephemeral bar of the Hôtel de Vendôme which offers healthy juices for Fashion Week. Happy Paris !

  • The Ourcq Canal sets on summer time

    Looking for freshness, conviviality and festive activities? Good news, Summer Canal is coming back every weekend until the end of August. On the water, river shuttles and electro cruises, neo-gourmet and street-art play the stars. On the banks, the party also installs an ephemeral leisure harbor where there will be giants picnics, balls, a giant coloring, and where you can also enjoy refreshments and tasty and fun activities with brewing workshops on the Henri IV boat or dinner cruises with the collective Freegan Pony. Activist against food waste, the chef will create menus with unsold and uncalibrated products, accompanied by beers “made in 93”, all in music.

  • Chic travel books signed by Christian Lacroix

    Since 2010, Christian Lacroix line consists of different notebooks, correspondence cards etc. For summer, the house offers a “4 season » menu that invites you to travel. Over the notebook, thanks to a clever flip mechanism, there is the awakening of nature, the flower bud through the metamorphosis of a butterfly that will forage elegant bouquets fans cards “Frivolités”. A must-have for a so-chic summer unless we prefer the sleek and timeless style of Neon Black.

  • The Maison Cisson invites itself at Merci

    Rosette de Lyon, nuts sausage from the Périgo, Corsican figatellu, ​​Basque chorizo … These specialties from the Maison Cisson … handknitted. A funny idea born form Catherine Kerboull’s greed and her desire not to give in to temptation, but also the growing demand from friends. Hence the idea to create the Maison Cisson. Her specialties are to be discovered throughout the month of July at Merci and to try without moderation: they do not stain, are not fat, and can be stored indefinitely !

  • Gastronomic journey with 1K Food Truck

    Visiting Paris or stuck in the capital? No worries, the South American chariote of 1K takes you on a gastronomic journey to a new concept of breakfast where Andean flavors and Mexican specialties compose an original, fresh menu. On the menu, the ceviches of chef Julien Burbaud (chef of the 1K Restaurant and disciple of Joël Robuchon) that are prepared on the spot. As for quinoa platillos, they are broken down according to your desires: fish, meat or crunchy vegetables. A selection of three home made tacos will make you travel to the heart of Mexico. For those who prefer breakfast on the lawns of Place des Vosges, the “quinoa box” and tacos are available to take away. And do not fear fatigue: the menu changes every day!

  • Airport yoga classes

    No more stress while going on holiday, running to catch a plane. Paris Aerport offers all summer yoga classes in both Paris airports, Roissy Charles de Gaulle and Orly. All weekends (Fridays and Saturdays between 15th of July and 13th of August), professors from theTiger YGA Club offer to freely and without registration benefit from their advice and practice yoga postures and breathing exercises. A break of relaxation and meditation particularly studied before boarding. A nod when we know that “yoga” means union between body and mind, but also between self and the world.

  • G.IV the landmark for gourmets

    Going from bank to gastronomy? Géric did not hesitate. Tired of numbers, he embarked on the adventure by creating a hybrid place, both restaurant, wine cellar and delicatessen, the G.IV. In this address in the heart of the Sentier, everything is good, carefully selected products by the young man for their excellence. Whether the famous macaroons of Saint-Emilion, canned Spanish fish or a fine selection of wine and beer, we can only get excited. So many products to take away or to eat in the restaurant. No fuss in the proposed food but exceptional charcuterie plates, dishes and pies of the day which means that the menu really changes every day. As for wines? Well here the choice is opposite of what is practiced in other restaurants: according to your preferences, Géric will be pleased to offer you the food to accompany it.

  • The Square Louvois, a new hotel in the second district

    Leslie Gauthier, the interior designer, has turned this historic building into a contemporary hotel blending styles and periods. The fifty rooms of the Square Louvois invite to serenity, with a soul inspired by the arts and letters, symbolizing the very identity of the neighborhood. For a Zen interlude, a wellness area, located in the vaulted cellars, where we can enjoy a beautiful pool and a relaxation room that also serves herbal tea. If this new four-star does not have a restaurant, a small unpublished guide, delivered to guests’ arrival, helps them find good ideas through the original and secret places of the district.

  • The real Peking duck is at the Shangri-La

    Far from what one can find in Paris, the real Peking duck is cooked on jujube wood according the ancestral recipe to taste the whole beast, gently baked and coated with clear smoke from the wood. To discover the true taste of the duck, the chef of the Shang Palace, Samuel Lee, invited the chief Yuan Chao Ying, from the Kerry Hotel Beijing. At the Shangri-La restaurant, the chef has adapted his technique to the cuisine of the establishment while offering guests a deliciously melting duck that is savored along with Chinese pancakes and rolls, traditional condiments and homemade sauce. But beware: the number of proposed duck is limited and the Yuan chef is only there until July 3rd. So quickly: go for the Shang Palace (without booking a table with the magic word “Ya Yuan”)!

  • Vitamin cocktails to face Fashion Week

    From the 5th to the 8th of July, the Haute Couture Fashion Week will bring together designers, fashionistas and beautiful people around the world who will follow the fast-paced presentations. To face these long days, the Hôtel de Vendôme is thought to open an ephemeral « healthy” bar. In the heart of the fashion district and the Jardin des Tuileries, the place will be a spot to relax for lunch or a quick snack between two shows while tasting tapas dishes accompanied by fresh pressed fruit and vegetables juices to choose and compose your own healthy cocktail.

  • Four hands Franco-Japanese dinner at La Réserve

    Awarded with two Michelin stars, the chef Jérôme Banctel is receiving Nakahigashi Hisato, also two-stared for his restaurants in San Hisato Osaka and Kyoto. Until July 2nd, these two passionate about gastronomy and excellence will share the making of an exceptional menu. The chef of Le Gabriel restaurant will play a custom made partition for lovers of delicate flavors, in duo with the Japanese chef who trained in Paris and representative of the third generation of cooks. The menu remains secret but will be accompanied by wine and sake and served in the traditional kimono.

  • Amanda Sthers reinvents "Fortune Cookies"

    The young woman is best known for her novels and plays. But what is less known is that Amanda Sthers is also a gourmet and she had long dreamed of creating Fortune Cookies worthy of the name in France. Together with her childhood friend Marc Beaucourt, she created Kiss and Fly and reinvents this butterfly cookie with a small message. After testing hundreds of recipes, the duo managed to find the right balance between finesse and crisp flavors and selected four flavors: nature, sesame, pistachio and coconut. Inside, written words turned to the awakening of the mind and a questioning about life. Every sentence is a suggested starting point by chance. What a program to find in the Yoom and Galeries Gourmandes shops, Porte Maillot.

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