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January 2016

Parisian News

Béatrice Delamotte

Gourmet, festive and cultural end-of-January. As the Chinese New Year approaches, we book a table at the Shang Palace, the starred Chinese restaurant of the Shangri-La Paris to prepare the festivities. Unless you prefer to celebrate the release of the movie Chocolat at the Mandarin Oriental. For culture, we head to the Louis Vuitton Foundation to discover twelve contemporary Chinese artists and to the European House of Photography to (re) discover the work of Bettina Rheims about femininity. And also, Le Camion qui fume for burger lovers which settled in the second district, an address dedicated to lovers of meat in the seventeenth, the Hotel Edouard 7 that is opening its new restaurant, or Les Halles AG, which offers a generous and friendly cuisine, Louis Vuitton in an invitation to travel at the Grand Palais, the amazing wardrobe of the Countess of Greffulhe at the Palais Galliera, the animal photos by George Shiras at the Museum of Hunting or the designs of Renzo Piano at the Cité of Architecture, a new showroom dedicated to five French craftsmen, a photo exhibition at the Renaissance Paris Vendôme, a Japanese chef who opened an Italian restaurant and an exhibition devoted to Korean artists in France. Happy Paris!

  • Rendez-vous at the Shangri-La to celebrate Chinese New Year

    On the 8th of February, the Chinese New Year will celebrate the entry into the Year of the Monkey. To start, nothing better than watching the parade of the Lion, which will happen at the Shangri-La. The opportunity to follow it from the hotel’s forecourt to the Shang Palace’s doors, the only Chinese starred restaurant in France. There, the chef Samuel Lee and his team will offer you a special menu that will delight gourmets. Featured, abalone (brazed or broth), turbot, lobster (with crispy flakes or poached), the Charolais beef or white asparagus. Not to mention the Lo Hei salmon, a traditional dish served for entree on New Year’s. The guests must make a wish by mixing the ingredients and drawing them up as much as possible…

  • The Mandarin Oriental at the time of "Chocolate"

    On the occasion of the release of the movie “Chocolat”, the Paris Mandarin Oriental is celebrating clowns duo Chocolate and Footit who were playing at 251 rue Saint-Honoré where the New Circus animated the Parisian social gatherings of the early twentieth century, at the same location of the hotel today. For a month, the palace will host in its entrance gallery, an exhibition of exclusive photos from the film as well as photographs and archival prints. At the Camélia, Thierry Marx and pastry chef Pierre Mathieu imagined an afternoon tea “Bento Circus”, composed of six sweet pieces and three savory pieces in the colors of the circus and the show. On the side of Côté Bar, the cocktail “La Piste aux Etoiles” extends the magic of the circus.) B.D.

  • "Bentu, Chinese artists in the turbulence of changes" at the Louis Vuitton Foundation

    Bentu, the native land. In the Chinese contemporary art field, this term does not refer to nationalism, but covers a dialectical concept that balances the “local” Bentu with the “global” Bentu in a process of universalism and critical rediscovery of proper identity. This expression is central to the reflections of twelve artists – from different generations – living in mainland China. They do not hesitate to exploit a wide range of techniques and tools to reveal the complexities of a society in constant mutation. The works reflect the new realities of the economy, ecology and among them the notable transformation of town / countryside relationships. B.D.

  • "Bettina Rheims" at the European House of Photography

    From the first photos to the latest personal work, the exhibition, conceived as a journey, combines the legendary series, iconic images of Bettina Rheims and some more confidential jobs or that have never been shown in France. Neither chronological nor thematic, this sensible course aims to highlight the obsessions of the photographer about her favorite subject: women, in all forms, through 180 displayed images. B.D.

  • Le Camion qui fume takes root

    Burgers and food trucks amateurs, no need to queue in the cold to enjoy the delicious preparations by Kristin Frederick! Le Camion qui fume opened a restaurant at 168, rue Montmartre. This is where the young woman now offers the same experience that when one picks a burger in front of her truck, but with the ability to quietly sit down(or leaving with one’s burger, as before). In full transparency, the restaurant uses the codes that have made the success of the Camion qui fume: fresh, seasonal products, gourmet and minute-preparation recipes.

  • The Boeuf Maillot, the new carnivorous address in the seventeenth

    The Menut brothers, owners of La Grande Cascade in the Bois de Boulogne, just opened a meat bistro, Boeuf Maillot very close to the Porte Maillot. In the kitchen, the chef Ludovic Schwartz, a student of Joël Robuchon, oversees operations. All proposed meats were selected in the best farms in the world and are served with a wide choice of homemade sauces. They sail between tradition and evasion, from Asian peppered Sukhothai to the typical Argentinean Chimichurri. As for desserts, they are supervised by the pastry chef of starred restaurant the Grande Cascade and make us re-discover classics that we no longer found so easily as minute-grafted vanilla ice cream. B.D.

  • A new restaurant for Hötel Edouard 7

    After three years of work, the metamorphosis of the Hotel Edouard 7 ends and reveals a new restaurant, La Cuisine de l’E7. Burlesque style and slamming colors out. The decoration due to the interior designer Christophe Daudré offers a simple and chic decor, with a friendly Parisian loft touch. At the head of the kitchens, the young chef Remy Fourmeaux intends to assert its identity and provide a clean, rational cuisine with organic, local and seasonal products. On the drink side, the young sommelier Simon Perskine is choosing young wines from small producers and has created a map of 65 references including 20% ​of ​foreign wines. B.D.

  • AG Les Halles is updating brasserie cuisine

    Alan Geaam opened, in the heart of Les Halles, his new address. In a setting that mixes a cozy lounge area to enjoy a cocktail near the large bar, contemporary brasserie in the large dining room and almost industrial atmosphere in the small room in the background. Whatever the time, the customer is pampered by the team led by Alan Geaam. Self-taught, he knows perfectly how to marry the best French products, in carefully selected recipes inspired by his origins (US and Lebanese), his travels and his current desires. Gourmet and generous dishes, who play the perfect balance, the union of crispy and chewy, the suave with an acid edge as a condiment. The table of a true, curious and extremely talented, gourmet!

  • "Fly, sail, travel" with Louis Vuitton at the Grand Palais

    The Louis Vuitton house is inseparable from the spirit of travel. This exhibition traces the story of the house from 1854 to nowadays, through portraits of its founders, but also those who are inventing today the Louis Vuitton of tomorrow. Conceived as an initiatory journey, the route takes the visitor from the old trunk, early embodying the emblematic codes and the daring spirit of the house to the most recent pieces thanks to numerous loans from the Palais Galliera and the Fashion Museum of Paris. A sublime invitation to travel and dive into the heart of the essence of luxury. B.D.

  • "La mode retrouvée" at the Palais Galliéra

    Famous for her beauty and her legendary elegance, the Countess of Greffulhe inspired Marcel Proust, the character of the Duchess of Guermantes in “In Search of Lost Time” … and the greatest designers of his time. Deemed to be the most beautiful woman in Paris – by her style and mind – she staged her appearances, knew how to be rare in tulle, gauze, chiffon and feathers, wearing her kimono jackets, velvet coats, oriental patterns, adorned with golden, silver, pink and green tones. Through fifty models signed by the biggest couture houses of the time, the Palais Galliera takes us in the delicate luxury that was reigning in Paris for more than half a century. B.D.

  • "The interior of the night - George Shiras" at the Museum of Hunting and Nature

    Hunter, naturalist, photographer, lawyer and politician, George Shiras committed in various ways to the preservation of the animal world. Leading the way, from the 1880s, of the wild life photography, he also was the first to reveal, through its flash photography, nightlife of forest animals. He offers deep and phantasmagorical images of a mysterious and hitherto unseen world. The exhibition is presenting for the first time since his death in 1942 the work of this American photographer and pioneer. B.D.

  • "Renzo Piano Building Workshop, the Piano Method" at the Cité of Architecture and Heritage

    The art of building and assembling is Renzo Piano’s trademark, born in a family of builders whose projects are experimentations in the technical field at an urban scale. Because if there is a driving thread in his work, it is the relationship with the city. Designing the highest tower in Europe on a London train station, inserting a small building block in a Haussmann district in Paris, developing an eco-neighborhood in the north of Italy or registering the new Maltese Parliament in the City of knights in La Vallette are such challenges that Renzo Piano and his team love to meet. B.D.

  • Fort Royal, showcasing French art craftsmanship

    The Fort Royal Group wishes to highlight the most refined creations of French craftsmen, the most renowned in their field. Now installed on Boulevard Haussmann, the showroom thus presents orange cases from the Sun King Gardens, the cabinetmaker Craman Lagarde, the iron wrought Bétemps, the master glassmaker Atelier Simon Marq and gunsmith Dame. The choice of this new location is the group’s desire to move closer to major Parisian interior designers and architects offices, with which Fort Royal already collaborates. B.D.

  • ParisArtistes # moved to the Renaissance Vendôme

    The Renaissance Paris Vendome hotel opens up to contemporary art by installing talents of ParisArtistes # in its lobby and its three Art & Gallery Suites. The first artist to appropriate herself the hotel areas is the photographer Adeline Spengler exposing eighteen works until the 31st of January. In the Art & Gallery Suites, she unveils her work and her personality through a photograph, few curiosities objects displayed under a glass bell and an art book. She is also presenting a Chinese portrait in which she reveals her favorite restaurants, her favorite cocktail or her favorite flower. An exclusive vision of her talent and personality offered to hotel guests. B.D.

  • « L'Inconnu", a Japanese chef in Italy

    Koji Higaki just opened his restaurant dedicated to Italian cuisine in the heart of the seventh arrondissement. Definitely seduced by this particularly popular cuisine in Japan, the chef – a former second of Shinichi Sato, two-star chef of Passage 53 – offers in its restaurant called L’Inconnu a cuisine with finesse and elegance, thanks to the techniques learned in Japan Italy and France. Only quality products, often European, whom Koji Higaki know the producers and only seasonal, of course. B.D.

  • "Seoul-Paris-Seoul" at the Cernuschi Museum

    On the occasion of the Year of Korea in France, the Cernuschi Museum is organizing an exhibition devoted to contemporary Korean artists who have worked or are still working in France. Drawn, from the 1950s, by the cultural influence of Paris, these artists have studied in the capital, have integrated themselves into the artistic circles and, through their work, actively participated in the revival of Korean painting and to its dissemination in Europe. The most important Korean artists of the twentieth century, and some younger artists, are present in this exhibition to discover until the 7th of February. B.D.

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