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February 2015

Parisian News

From January into the first days of February, PLUME VOYAGE shares its immobile journeys with you: leading you to Paris. This eternal city with its endless new beginnings deserves every guidebook dedicated to it. Capital of beauty, day and night, we explore, we draw… and it brims with new hotspots. Happy Paris !

  • In the spotlight of 'La Bobine' at Merci!

    Wooden, metal, cardboard and bakelite spools, in all sizes … A collection of 3000 spools will be exhibited and sold in the Merci Paris store. Small innocuous objects, which are necessary in the world of textile creation and find their pedigree during the time of the exposition until February 21, boulevard Beaumarchais. For this occasion the visual artist, Aurélie Mathigot, creates a work in homage to this everyday object using textiles, to capture daily life … which spins …!


  • Paris by Me: Smile!

    At Paris by Me, smiles are vital. This is a tale of reconciling the City of Lights with a slightly dog-eared image in terms of politeness, as the authors of these guides are 100% Parisian and feel committed to make an inventory of the capital’s best addresses with a smile on the side. Finally, this list gathers together a lot of the best spots, which is good news for all! In this instance, two guides interest us the most: those that include around one hundred bars, cool clubs and even under-the-radar parties, all of which appeal to us…and those aimed at family fun, both day and evening, from soup bars to gastro-bistros. The tone? Fresh…and always grinning.

  • Paris vs New York

    This may not be new to all of you, but it is impossible to ignore this iconic illustrated guide. The idea is simple: these two cities are full of both contradictory yet endearing clichés. My heart is torn between the two. Unable to come to a conclusion, a fan of both cities – Vahram Muratyan – has thus created this little illustrated book that brims with humour. A visual rivalry, this is the perfect talisman to flick through on your jetlagged days.

  • Alain Ducasse, The Chef Speaks

    Just on this occasion, follow in the footsteps of the most foody Parisians, and let yourself be guided by the most insatiable of chefs as his latest mouth-watering address is unveiled: that of Alain Ducasse. With this gourmand city guide, from morning croissants on canal Saint-Martin to legendary late-night dinners, all the way to the top of the Eiffel Tower, this insight into the ‘real’ Paris invites you to play the game, and for all the right reasons: a hunt for the best in every sense. Artisans, markets, cafes, epiceries, bakeries, cool canteens…Nothing escapes this one and by sharing his address book, he once again does what he loves best: spreading his thirst for discovery.

  • The Paris Book: Select Morsel

    It all began with a challenge in 1952: “Create the most beautiful book that you can and I will introduce you to Curt Valentin, the most prestigious editor in the city” Ben Shahn promised Marian Parry. And a number of years later, The Paris Book – which would have never seen the light of day – has been edited for the first time, as part of a limited edition of 333 copies, signed by the artist. This book is as precious as a poem and, across around twenty colour illustrations, proves the author’s fascination for this city where she spent the first years of her childhood. A slice of life and city, sketched by the eyes of a child. A collector, a unique guide, a guide-to-life of the eternal city.

  • Did someone say vintage?

    Brand new, red hot, this Paris Vintage guide comes out next week. More than a tidal-wave of vintage, it has become a way of life! Surprise yourself by seeking out Nordic cabinets, pop-art wallpaper for your kitchen and if the corner bar boasts Formica tables, we prefer to be thrifty… Discover these beautiful pieces by fashion and interior designers, unearth the most wonderful demonstrations of art-house cinema, sleep in another age and dine in a 50s setting; all of this is made easy by these 200 carefully selected addresses, by a specialist journalist.

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