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decembre 2016

News Parisiennes

Béatrice Delamotte

This week: Russian new year at the Prince de Galles hotel, Biglove Caffè in the Marais, The nougat of Paris, A winter bubble settles at the Westin, “My Literary Paris” by François Busnel, Matsuri introduces Japanese culture, The precious Jade, Knud Holscher at the House of Danemark, Monsieur Cadet, Oenology tuesdays at the Palais Royal restaurant. Happy Paris !

  • Russian New Year Eve at the Prince de Galles

    In front of the success of its two previous editions, the Prince de Galles is re-celebrating the Russian New Year Eve. Let’s meet on January 12th at 8:30 pm, in the patio of the famous palace which is dressed in a very wintery decoration for the occasion! Russian music, ice creams and a vodka fountain signed by Maison Beluga, a set of subdued lights … the atmosphere is felted and convivial for this exceptional evening. The dinner concocted by Stéphanie Le Quellec consists of plates of cold and hot zakouski to discover around potatoes filled with caviar. The festivities will end with a pavlova dessert with citrus, lemon-vodka sorbet. The whole watered with Beluga vodka. A. F.-M.

  • Italian Getaway at the Biglove Caffè

    Do you like Big Mamma’s addresses? Here is one in the heart of the Marais which should please you! Installed on rue Debeylleme, the last-born is a joyous capharnaüm with indistinct style, between indus, wooded, chiné and grocery. Along the walls, sachets, jars and boxes pile up and create a very sympathetic atmosphere. Here, welcomed by the warm Ramon, one savors at any hour of the day some of specialties of the house of which a sublime maxi mellow pancake with buffalo ricotta and blueberries or a pizza in the rules of the art. For late risers, brunch allows you to get back on the rails. And if you only have the time for a coffee, do not miss your pleasure: here the coffees are roasted on site and the Belle Epoque machine makes it possible to offer without doubt one of the best beverages of the capital.

  • The nougat of Paris, ultra locavore!

    A native Parisian, Audric de Campeau has been a beekeeper in the French capital since 2009 after spending a few years in Champagne. Today, his hives dominate the most beautiful panoramas of Paris from the roofs of the Musée d’Orsay to those of the Académie française or the Hotel des Invalides. The honey produced by its bees has already attracted a few privileged customers and Audric has also turned into a brewer with its mead of catacombs. Today, he is a « nougatier” with a very fresh and particularly long-tasty recipe. A success that has besides seduced Guy Savoy at the Monnaie de Paris which proposes some to its guests. Otherwise, to get one, you’ll have to go to the Grand Epicerie du Bon Marché.

  • A winter bubble settles at the Westin

    To celebrate the arrival of winter, the Westin Paris-Vendôme inaugurated its terrace “Bulle d’hiver”. A cocoon, heated and protected from the weather, for a chic break during the Christmas gifts race, enjoy an invigorating snack accompanied by a glass of Moët & Chandon champagne or enjoy a sparkling cocktail. Everything is done here so that one decompresses and takes the time to savor the moment thanks to a very “mountain cabin” decoration. The white and gray tones participate in the atmosphere with light wood, furs and candles to create a comfortable and relaxing atmosphere. For groups of friends, a hanging table surrounded by swings invites small groups to share a warm and original moment.

  • François Busnel unveils "My Literary Paris"

    Journalist and film director, François Busnel, who runs La Grande Librairie every week on France 5, proposes a special road book with this new beautiful book. Fervent defender of the independent bookstore, he is listing for the first time all the Parisian bookstores and honors some of them for their exceptional character, while proposing original and literary routes through the capital. From each of these mythical bookshops, he leads the reader from bistros into gardens where it is good to read. From the writers’ houses, through the local bookstores and all the bookish and singular places of Paris (booksellers, restaurants, bars …), Paris delivers itself with literary anecdotes.
    Editions Flammarion. 19,90 €

  • Matsuri introduces Japanese culture to children

    After the success of the project last summer, Matsuri counter-top restaurants are renewing the experience during all school holidays. The youngest guests who come to taste the traditional dishes will be offered “culture and coloring books”. For each holiday period, a new theme: “Life and tradition during Christmas holidays,” Bon appétit!” for the winter ones and” Discover the Country “for the spring one. Children under the age of 12 will be able to give free rein to their imagination and discover the subtleties of Japanese culture by following the adventures of Maki and Nigiri, emblematic characters of Matsuri. www.matsuri.fr

  • « Jade, from emperors to Art Deco »

    From the Emperors of China – great intercessors between Heaven and Earth – who regarded it as a natural adornment, to Cartier and the greatest jewelers of London and New York that sublimated it in the twentieth century, jade remains that eternal and mythical stone, the object of fascination and absolute power for the sovereign. Some 330 exceptional pieces are gathered for the first time in France, coming from fifteen prestigious institutions including the National Museum of the Palace of Taipei, lender for about a third of the exhibited works. A unique opportunity to discover this “beautiful stone”, “image of goodness” for Confucius and to unfold the millenary history which, from the Neolithic to the 1920s, never ceases to question its beauty, its virtue, its symbol and its Prestige. Until the 16th of January 2017

  • "Knud Holscher, everyday design" at the House of Denmark

    The Danish living legend, Knud Holscher, has helped us to see our environment as a world of design. And even if Danish architects are present all over the world, he remains the last great master of industrial design and architecture with more than fifty awards received during his long and impressive career. Knud Holscher’s talent is to think things together, so that they create units across contexts. And it is so simple that it is difficult to understand that nobody has done it before. So obvious that it seems intuitive and so elaborate that no doubt is allowed.
    Until 26 February 2017.

  • Monsieur Cadet: Like a family house

    Just few steps from Montholon Square and the City of Treviso, overlooking a pedestrian street on the border between the 9th and 10th arrondissements, this completely renovated 4-star hotel offers 29 rooms and 2 suites. The decoration signed by the interior designer Anne Gelbard, displays a retro look, colors as frank as a green, taupe marine or a red kiss … furniture in fifties curves and elegant floors. Our preferences go of course to the two suites on the 6th floor which dare an open bathroom with subway tiles and cement tiles on the floor. We like the cocktail bar with the theatrical decor and its velvet banquettes, black lacquered piano, mother-of-pearl chandeliers, aged mirrors and opaline balls. One of the 4 signature cocktails or a classic one with or without alcohol . Nail of the place: the spa by the Tigre, 4th address of the sign. In one of the two cabins, you can opt for a signature massage, a foot reflexology and even a Japanese facial smoothing. A.F-M
    4, rue Cadet, 75009. Tel. : 01 76 76 69 26 www.monsieurcadet.com

  • Oenology tuesdays at the Palais Royal restaurant

    Want to develop your knowledge about wines? From the first days of January 2017, the Palais Royal Restaurant offers gourmet dinners in small groups to get better at it. Whether you are a beginner or an avid enthusiast, sommelier Camille Bostyn will allow you to introduce yourself to wine tasting and wine and dish pairings while deepening your wine knowledge. Between theory and practice, these workshops called Mardis Œnologie allow to better know the different grape varieties, the appellations or the techniques of vinification to then leave room to the tasting. Of course, the whole program is accompanied by the refined dishes imagined by the chef Philip Chronopoulos. So get ready, it starts on January 3rd! www.restaurantdupalaisroyal.com

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