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Decembrer 2015

Parisian News

Béatrice Delamotte

To end 2015, Plume Voyage invites you to fly from Orly Sud, whose facade was decorated by Jean-Charles de Castelbajac, to taste Chinese food at the new Taokan right bank, see the works of artists in collaboration with Daum or even discover the new address of the Argentine chef De Torneso. And why not take the opportunity to choose an ultra chic cake log, such as those designed by pastry chefs from some of the greatest Parisian palaces? A little luxury and sweetness to these celebrations… Unless you prefer to learn about the ancient art of Chinese paper cutting at Shang Xia. Street-food event in the eleventh arrondissement, the revival of the Moulin de la Galette and the Café de l’Homme, opening of a restaurant dedicated to Japanese gyudons or a couture dessert at the Stay Faubourg. But also the Christmas atmosphere which is accurate with the Sofitel who set the mood and a nice gift suitcase for children. And also the artistic and gourmet creations of Patrick Roger, a tea-time at Lille Baume hotel, hunting menu at the Lancaster, a photo exhibition in the framework of COP21, a Scandinavian Terrace at the Westin Paris Vendôme, a 100% Berlin pop-up store… But also a charity snack at Café de la Paix or new gourmet address in Saint-Cloud Paris… Happy Paris and Happy New Year!

  • Orly Airport dresses up in Castelbajac

    Aéroports de Paris has partnered with Jean-Charles de Castelbajac to turn, in XXL drawings, true stories – reunions, separations, birthdays, marriage proposals … – for passengers, partners and employees of Paris-Orly. These sketches are now displayed on the facade of the South Terminal of the Airport. A nice way to magnify the South Terminal, emotionally charged since its construction in the late 1950s.

  • The exhibition "Daum artists variations » is extending

    In view of its success, the Espace Dali is extending until the 14th of February the exhibition devoted to collaborations between Daum and many artists. To revive a “general know-how confined to the production of utilitarian or decorative objects,” Daum was also likely to leave Caesar, the Cellini of scrap, and Arman, a man of anger, feared for their disobedience and their unconventionality tormenting the crystal paste. He continued with Bernard Séchas, Mesnager, which is not necessarily expected at the decorative arts. The result: they carve hyaline bodies, cut icons into slices magnifying the crack, sag, encouraging the unpredictable.

  • Biondi, the new address of Fermando De Torneso

    Already at the head of La Pulperia, the argetin leader Fernando De Tomaso has opened Biondi, a greedy address that offers a seasonal menu, lively and inventive, where noble products and market finds marry to individual desires of the young chef. Trained with famous chefs (Jean-François Piège, Alain Passard …), De Tomaso offers a joyful wedding between Argentine feast and young French cuisine. A cheerful kitchen that is appraised at lunch, for a tasty aperitif or dinner in a warm place that combines stone, wood and candles.

  • Taokan moving to the right bank

    Located in the sixth district for three years, Taokan crosses the Seine and settled rue du Mont Tabor. This design address dedicated to Chinese food just opened and still offers the best dishes inspired by the cuisine of the Middle Kingdom without the usual clichés and a more light version of it. Christophe Daine, the founder of Taokan, has brought back from years spent in Hong Kong a fresh, unconventional vision of classic dishes, performed by its executive chef Tien-Dat Au, former head at Madame Ly. Here, fish and seafood are honored, but also dim sum, half-cooked beef with pepper and a whole assortment of vegetables perfectly prepared. A new spot not to be missed.

  • Artic Chic at the Four Seasons George V

    Even before the announcement of the success of the COP21 about climate, the pastry chef of the George V, Stéphane Tranchet, has developed a delicious “Ice floe », theme given by the Parisian palace illuminations made by Jeff Leatham, artistic director the hotel. For this immaculate Yule log, with a « charming dandies » image, a family of little penguins bring their elegance to this luxurious dessert that combines marzipan, orange and chocolate under a white chocolate glaze.

  • Greedy puzzle at the Prince de Galles

    Tribute to the architect André Arfvidson, who designed the Prince de Galles Hotel during the Art Deco period and commissioned the mosaic patio, the Yule log 1928 by Stéphanie Le Quellec pastry team resumes the contemporary and graphic character of the artwork. This log is made up of eight pieces with geometric shapes that fit together into each other to create a culinary mosaic away from Christmas usual codes, embedded in an elegant wooden box numbered and signed by the Prince de Galles Hotel.

  • Velvet savory version at the Royal Monceau Raffles Paris

    Who said that the Yule log had to be sweet? Certainly not the executive chef of the Royal Monceau André Laurent Didier Faustino, artistic director of the hotel. “The velvet Eclair » is a delicious and subtle proposition that combines foie gras with candied figs, previously marinated in spices biscuit. A delight for the taste buds, but also a spectacle for the eyes: entirely chocolate coated, it is adorned with fine dark chocolate leaves forming a Christmas tree. To be served as a starter.

  • Gourmet gifts for Guy Martin ...

    No need to introduce the two-starred chef of the Grand Véfour. At the height of this exceptional place, he wanted to with his pastry chef Mourad Rachdi, recreate the magic of a unique moment: that of Christmas dessert, which precedes the midnight mass, opening gifts by the tree … and announces a gourmet year. “The Yule log should be smooth and we should have as much fun as offering it as tasting it. It is a shared moment in the celebration » , says Guy Martin.

  • ... and for the Westin Paris-Vendôme

    Ken Thomas, the young pastry chef at the Westin Paris-Vendôme, also wanted to pay tribute to this moment of sharing with his Yule log “The Gift”. Conceived as the centerpiece of a large banquet table, a dark Tanzania chocolate fir is throning in the center, each branch can be chewed at will. Around a light almonds mousse, cherry and rice pudding with Tahitian vanilla, wrapped in an almond paste and sugar node.

  • Magical decorations

    For its first Christmas, La Réserve Paris is celebrating what symbolizes best the magic of Christmas: the pleasure of hanging balls to the family tree. Chef Jérôme Banctel and his team of pastry chefs have therefore devised an elegant Yule log that evokes a box containing six balls, as if they just escaped from the tree to delight gourmets. Ideal to share, this dessert combines crunchy and light textures, chocolate or more exotic flavors to please everyone.

  • Introduction to the Chinese art of paper cutting

    The luxury house Shang Xia is offering to discover the art of paper cutting or Jianzhi, a current art for thousand years in China and that is remaining today a living practice, an independent decorative art with its figurative motifs belonging to popular imagery. For the weekend before Christmas, Shang Xia is welcoming in its shop an artist who will illustrate by her various cutting, related to the world of the hotel, the secrets of this ancient folk art. Everyone will leave with a souvenir of this unique moment.

  • The Café de l'Homme reopens

    It is a place completely renovated and redesigned, which reopened in the Palais de Chaillot, just weeks after the inauguration of the new Museum of Man. Of course, the spectacular view of the Eiffel Tower is still there, and the warm atmosphere that made the success of the restaurant. But the decor designed by Gilles & Boissier gives new life to this unique place, repeating the codes of Art Deco Palais de Chaillot. In addition to the usual menu, which plays on a contemporary and elegant Parisian brasserie, leaders in residence from around the world, will enrich their dishes-signatures. B.D.

  • Le Moulin de la Galette is reborn

    The decorating firm Régis Council reinvented the Moulin de la Galette with one goal: to make styles telescope. Raw concrete exposed to viewers, dialogue between wainscoting lacquered ivory and pin oak, references to the Directoire style, all complemented and embellot. A generous and worthy furniture, comfort and support vector, welcome host and viewer in a mixture of genres, styles and references to eras. B.D.

  • Oïshinoya, home of gyudon

    We no longer introduce you to the starred chef Shinichi Sato Passage 53 in the heart of the Passage des Panoramas. Here is his new address dedicated to guydon, simmered dish served with hot rice, which is served at every street corner in Japan. Oïshinoya are therefore guydons (beef), but also butadons (pork) with meat of Hugo Desnoyers, of tufodon (todu bio) and still outstanding Waguyodon (wagyu beef-based bio). Let’s plunge with delight in Japanese cuisine, often unrecognized. B.D.

  • The Sofitel introducing the "Christmas Art"

    Reviving the spirit of Christmas with boldness, while combining the inherent magic of this traditional festival, its emblematic tree and its lifestyle in French … This is the ambition of the hotel brand with the theme “Christmas Art “. For the second consecutive year, is the art of the table and food that are so honored. Worldwide, the Sofitel establishments plunge into a magical atmosphere and combine with the best craftsmen in their field to offer a magical time, especially with Bernardaud. The four schools of Paris and of the crown of course participate in this operation. B.D.

  • A nice briefcase gift signed by CdeC

    Gift idea down? The InterContinental Paris Le Grand joins the brand’s ready-to-wear for children CdeCe, named after its founder Cordelia de Castellane to offer a nice briefcase. Inside, a small teddy bear, the hotel’s mascot, and a puzzle to piece together representing the famous canopy. Conceived for children crossing the InterContinental, this case is available in limited edition for those who want to make a very Parisian gift. B.D.

  • Yannick Alléno launches folded pastry at the Stay Faubourg

    The three-star chef Pavilion Ledoyen and Sylvain Petrel, pastry chef of the Stay Faubourg, pay tribute to the expertise of the House Lognon, creator of pleats for large fashion houses, film and opera. It is from the forms of a model of this French house exceptional know-how, the pastry chef has designed a new collection of desserts, “folded pastry at the Faubourg Stay” which will decline over the seasons, like the haute couture collections. For this winter, it is a delicate and sweet transparent sheet and a creamy vanilla crème brûlée. The elements of the dessert are imprisoned in a mold designed through the head of the House Lognon, giving it that unique shape. B.D.

  • Rue Nazareth opens to the street food

    Long extinct, Rue Nazareth is offering its first gourmet event. Restaurants and food shops combine to provide a true renewal to this street of the third arrondissement. Until December 19th, art galleries, concept stores, record stores, bookstores and shops can restore the spirit of village coming alive for a week of fun. B.D.

  • Patrick Roger is exposed at the Nikki Diana Marquardt Gallery

    No introduction needed for chocolatier Patrick Roger whose creations delight the most discerning palates. However, less is known about another facet of his talent: that of a sculptor and not about chocolate this time. From the 10th to 31st of December, he is transforming the space of the Nikki Diana Marquardt gallery and is inviting to dive into an “arty” greedy experience. In this redesigned workshop, sculpture and taste will be honored. Vanities, portraits, abstractions, about fifty works will invade the place. About a ton of chocolate in blocks, which under the mallet will turn into sculptures. From the infinitely small to giant structures, it is the job of a life that will be exposed for several days. B.D.

  • Lille style tea-time at the Baume hotel

    Located in the heart of the sixth district, the Hotel Baume make us rediscover, for a gourmet break, the famous Méert waffle from Lille. This iconic house of the northerner capital has been existing since 1761, but it is in 1849 that Mr. Méert redeems it. Originally flemish, he innovates with a waffle recipe filled with sugar, butter and vanilla from Madagascar. Today, this delicacy whose recipe remains unchanged is always made in the same traditional way. To enjoy without moderation in the tea-time space of the Baume hotel, either we prefer the cozy corner, tables under the canopy or in the patio. B.D.

  • "Mind The Earth" at the House of Denmark

    Designed by urbanist Kasper Brejnholt Bak in cooperation with the Danish Culture Centre, the exhibition aims to show the impact of global warming on our environment. Based on images from Google Earth, “Mind the Earth” emphasizes the changes of our planet. “Satellite images do not lie and allow us to understand that we are all part of a complex picture says Kasper Brejnholt Bak. Seeing the very real and significant traces that we leave on the planet, we realize that we really belong to it and that it is also our responsibility to protect it. « What to fuel discussions during COP21. B.D.

  • Hunting menu at the Table du Lancaster

    The two-star chef Julien Roucheteau is offering this fall a superb “hunting Menu » at the Table du Lancaster. On the menu, he selected all the products that are the delight of forest products’ fans: cepes, wild duck pie crust and foie gras, wild partridge without forgetting a superb Royale hare. And above all a great cepes and vanilla soufflé, accompanied by a blueberry sorbet. To absolutely discover. B.D.

  • Scandinavian Terrace at the Westin Paris-Vendôme

    Fireplace, wood, animal skins and candles … Welcome in the Nordic cocoon installed on the terrace of the Westin Paris-Vendôme. A warm, intimate alcove, perfect for cocooning in winter. From decorating to the dishes and cocktails inspired by the cuisine of northern Europe, everything has been designed for an invitation to well-being and relaxation. And to make the experience complete, let yourself be carried away by the relaxing playlist and treat yourself with a Konfort spa care at the Six Senses spa in the hotel. B.D.

  • Berlin is moving to Paris

    VisitBerlin and beBerlin are opening a pop-up store in Paris from the 7th to 12th of December in the Beaubourg district. Throughout the week, visitors can do their Christmas shopping among the most trendy Berlin’s products. This initiative aims to promote the German capital and its effervescent vitality through innovative brands, start-ups and trends in the fashion, design, beauty, leisure and new technologies industries

  • The Haras, a new gourmet restaurant at the Renaissance Paris Hippodrome of Saint-Cloud

    In the heart of Paris Country Club, the Renaissance Paris Hippodrome offers an original break, not far from Paris. In a green atmosphere, the elegant Anglo-Norman building welcomes a new address with the gourmet restaurant The Haras. The place is bright, lined with large windows that offer a relaxing view of the terraces and the racecourse grounds. The scenery just ten minutes away from the capital. B.D.

  • The « Goûters du Cœur » return to the Cafe de la Paix

    You still have a few days to enjoy a delicious snack at the Café de la Paix and thus support the Mécénat heart surgery. For the fifth consecutive year, Ines de la Fressange, the operation godmother, and the association are mobilizing which will allow to collect funds to help children with heart defects from disadvantaged countries to undergo surgery in France. Every day until December 18th, for each to-go snack bought, all proceeds will be donated to the Cardiac Surgery Mécénat and Café de la Paix will double the bet. B.D.

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