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August 2016

Parisian news

Béatrice Delamotte

From the most chic to the most committed, restaurants and their chefs are still in the spotlight this week. Towards the Bristol to discover the Café Antonia, the caviar and chic tapas bar from the Maison Boutary, Indonesian cuisine at Indonesia which participates in the integration of refugees in the country or the longstanding commitment of the chef François Pasteau the Epi Dupin in favor of preserving the environment. Here are some addresses that will lead you in very different gastronomic environments, with Matsuri Japan to Italy with Domani , Shanghai 0 Waiting in the United States with BBQ bistro, you will have itchy feet ! Lobster lover? Discover the new restaurant Les Pinces, in Saint Germain des Prés. Nostalgic for the heyday of Montmartre? Try the delicate puff tributes to Gilles Marchal. Want some cozy comfort to choose an exceptional bag? Towards Atelier Auguste in the Marais. And finally, discover the new olfactory signature of the 5 star Parisian Nolinski by the Shams. Happy Paris !

  • Café Antonia, the Bristol in a « bistronomie" version

    Inspired by the spirit of Marie Antoinette, the muse of the places, the Café Antonia combines the serenity and elegance of a decidedly Parisian lifestyle. Through her portrait, from the private collection of Bristol Paris, Marie Antoinette called Antonia by her mother Maria Theresa of Austria, seems to watch over her guests with any timeless benevolence. In the plates of the Café Antonia blows a wind of wise modernity. The menu developed with refinement and extreme rigor by Chef Eric Frechon offers a nice balance between seafood and land food in rhyming inventiveness and authenticity. It bears the signature of the Chef, that of light and creative dishes that sublimate product quality. The art of hospitality “à la Française” in all its splendor.

  • Boutary offers itself a caviar bar

    The Boutary family house continues for more than a century to reinvent contemporary French luxury food. Specialized in caviar, it intends to democratize caviar with the opening of its ultra chic tapas bar version in the heart of Saint-Germain des Prés. Convinced that caviar, although it remains a rare dish, can also enjoy a friendly and uninhibited atmosphere, the chefs of the Maison Boutary offer a gourmet tapas menu in an intimate setting, decorated by contemporary artist Ann Grim which combines classical inspirations and an ultra modern touch.

  • Indonesia, between exotic tastes and social aspirations

    The address is not new since it was created in 1982. But the history of this restaurant deserves speaks and speaks again. Founded by four French and four Indonesians, the restaurant helped create jobs for Indonesian political refugees whose diplomas were not recognized in France. The restaurant joins the “gotong royong”, a self-help tradition practiced for centuries in Indonesia to organize, without privilege or favor anyone, distribution channels in the rice fields. Over thirty years later, the adventure continues with success! In a warmly decorated frame, we ca find original and refined flavors, typical of Indonesia in a 100% homemade menu.

  • The chef of Epi Dupin is committed to the planet

    Good for the palate, for the health and for the planet, this is the credo of François Pasteau, owner and chef of Epi Dupin for twenty years, close to the Bon Marché. Long before the fashion of “locavore”, he is working to provide himself seasonal products from local producers and promotes the consumption of vegetables, that consume less greenhouse gas. And for everyone to consume knowingly, some dishes on the menu labeled “Good for the climate” that indicates the carbon content. As for the fish, they come from sustainable fisheries sectors and protect endangered species. François Pasteau is also president of the French sector of the NGO SeaWeb Europe which works to preserve the oceans and their resources. The leader has also received a trophy “Climate Solutions » from the COP 21 for its ecological commitment.

  • Les Pinces settle on the left bank

    You’re missing the sea air? A sudden urge to eat shellfish as the sea? Then visit Les Pinces who moved to Saint-Germain des Prés, after meeting with success in the Marais. Originally the concept, four friends who, returning from a trip to Boston, wanted to make the lobster accessible. That’s done here where you can savor a whole lobster (or roast sandwich) at an unbeatable price.

  • The general Biscuit Company settled in Montmartre

    Farming village in the middle of rich farmland until the early nineteenth century, Montmartre was transformed into place of festivals where artists and bourgeois were slumming. To find the artisan spirit of the Buttes, Gilles Marchal created the General Biscuit Company and decided to make it a showcase for the lamination. This particularly demanding technique combines the simplicity of the best products to a particular know-how to get delicate golden leaves and light, like the skirts of cancan dancers. Made with flour mills from the best Ile-de-France crafts, fresh butter and water, cookies are prepared and cooked several times a day under the eyes of gourmets. His compositions pay tribute to the beautiful ones which made the success of Montmartre Jean Avril, Nini Patte en l’air, Cha U Kao and La Goulue.

  • Ateliers Auguste opens in rue de Turenne

    Founded in 2012 by Laurence and Xavier Valembert, Ateliers Auguste has opened a new space in the heart of the Marais. All the codes dear to the designers are here, mixing classical and industrial, wood and metal, gray and orange. Everything is home made and each piece is found by Laurence or manufactured by Xavier. In this warm atmosphere, we find all the models that make the success of Ateliers Augustus, but also a kitchen where we can share a coffee with the designers. And for those who can climb upstairs, they will discover a real apartment Haussmann dedicated to shooting, special orders and customer service.

  • Shams creates the olfactory signature of Nolinski

    The new five-star Parisian who has just opened its doors, chose Shams to sign his olfactory signature. The chosen fragrance combines citrus and spicy notes on a musky base that emphasize the warm discretion and innate elegance of the place. A spicy oriental blend, elegant and enigmatic that gives an additional dimension to the latest place by the Evok Hotels Collection group. Blending contemporary design, classic and prestige boldness, Nolinski is a journey in itself, orchestrated by the designer Jean-Louis Deniot, with bright rooms, Spa La Colline and Rejane Brasserie.

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