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April 2016

Parisian News

Béatrice Delamotte

To finish this month of April, we invite you to explore four exhibits, very different from one to another. From the so eclectic works by Hubert Robert at the Louvre Museum to a major retrospective devoted to fashion at the Museum of Decorative Arts. Through the exhibition of the Velvet Underground band at the Philharmonie de Paris and The Circulation (s) festival dedicated to young European photo …
And also, a breath of fresh air this week with the great exhibition devoted to Impressionism in Normandy at the Jacquemart-André Museum. But also an opportunity to rediscover the work of the Spanish painter Amadeo de Souza-Cardoso at the Grand Palais and relive the evolution of China through the photos of Patrick Zachmann at the MEP. Then, towards the Galeries Lafayette for an ice cream by Pierre Hermé in a very ephemeral place, the opportunity to celebrate it with the photographs of Candice Milon at the Taillevent restaurant, to make the heart of PHARES beat one last time before it permanently goes off, and before taking the subway at the Louvre-Rivoli station finally fully renovated to reach the Palais de Tokyo where Mathias Kiss is presenting an installation that uses his beloved gilded cornices. Happy Paris!

  • "Hubert Robert, a visionary painter" at the Louvre

    The Louvre is paying tribute to one of the most brilliant craftmen of his generation, leading artist with a visionary talent. Much more than the painter of ruins and landscapes whose descendants kept the picture, Hubert Robert was one of the greatest creators of poetic imagination of the eighteenth century. This artist at work at once eclectic and deeply cohesive embraced the distinct genres of poetic landscape, urban and architectural whims, archaeological studies and undertook achievements, remarkable and innovative in the area of ​​landscaped gardens or palatial decorations.
    Until the 30th of May. www.louvre.fr

  • "The Velvet Underground - New York Extravaganza" at the Philharmonie de Paris

    On the occasion of the 50th anniversary of the famous “banana album”, this impressionistic and multimedia exhibition offers a dive into the world of the Velvet Underground. From the 60s to nowadays, the band’s trajectory is one of the most fascinating in the history of arts, music and popular culture. How a band, shunned by the success during his short life (1965-1970), was gradually revealed to become the rock legend by excellence? Too innovative, transgressive, too frontal and rebellious, it becomes an unsurpassable model for the following decades from the punk explosion to nowodayq.
    Until the 21st of August. B.D. www.philharmoniedeparis.fr

  • "Circulation (s)" at the Centquatre, Paris

    After the success of the 2015 edition, the festival Circulation (s) returns at the Paris Centquatre. Dedicated to young European photography, the festival provides for the sixth year a fresh perspective on Europe through photography. It aims to bring out the talents of European photography and discover the innovative contemporary art. The programming is based on the selection of a jury following an international call for applications, guest (gallery and school) and a white card with the godmother of this edition, Agnès b. Around this exhibition that brings together 51 photographers, Little Circulation (s) allows children to enjoy an educational program that is tailored to them.
    Until the 26th of June www.104.fr

  • "Fashion Forward, three centuries of fashion" at the Museum of Decorative Arts

    To mark the 30th anniversary of its opening in the museum of Fashion Arts, the Museum of Decorative Arts pays tribute to this collective adventure by enlighting these collections among the most important in the world. With nearly 300 rooms, the exhibition adopts the bias of a journey over time in as many scansions that recall the key moments in the history of fashion, from the very end of the seventeenth century to the most contemporary creation. By overcoming the limitations posed by the essential principles of conservation of works and of the punctual and temporary nature of the exhibition, the project offers an ideal fashion museum, embodying the finest examples of three centuries of creation.
    Until the 14th of August. B.D.

  • "The outdoor workshop, Impressionism in Normandy" at the Musée Jacquemart-André, Paris

    The nineteenth century saw the emergence of a new pictorial genre: the outdoor landscape. This pictorial revolution, born in England, is spreading across the continent and Normandy becomes, during a century, the favorite destination of avant-garde painters. The exhibition evokes the decisive role played by the region in the emergence of the Impressionism movement, through the Franco-British exchanges, the development of a school of nature and the meetings of Saint-Siméon. But it also shows how the landscape and even the lights of Normandy were decisive in the attraction that this region had on all the masters of Impressionism.
    Until the 25th of July. www.musee-jacquemart-andre.com

  • "Amadeo de Souza-Cardoso" at the Grand Palais

    There is probably no such exemple as surprising, in the twentieth century, of a major artist forgotten as that of Amadeo de Souza Cardoso. Passing away at thirty years-old due to the Spanish flu epidemic, after having left early, at the beginning of the war, that Parisian avant-guarde of which he was one of the most original figures, the artist came out of the radar screens and has kept his celebrity in his own country. Yet it had the time to leave stunning artwork , both engaged with all the aesthetic revolutions of his time and unlike any other. The exhibition that the Grand Palais is devoting to him brings together 300 works (paintings, drawings, prints, photographs) including some works by contemporary artists whom de Souza-Cardoso was close to. Rediscovering his work should only be more striking.
    Until the 18th of July www.grandpalais.fr

  • "Patrick Zachmann - So Long, China 1982-2015" at the European House of Photography

    For over thirty years, Patrick Zachmann has been travelling through China, that he discovered in 1982 through the prism of cinema. From Hong Kong triads in the 1980s to the transformation of Beijing through Tiananmen, Sichuan earthquake and Shanghai World Expo, the exhibition brings together over 100 black & white and color photographs, mixing the small and the big history in a changing country. Always with the red thread of the question of identity becoming for the new generations, losing their bearings, a key challenge.
    Until the 5th of June www.mep-fr.org

  • Pierre Hermé opens an ephemeral ice cream bar at Galeries Lafayette

    As part of the “Summer break” operation, Pierre Hermé opens an ephemeral ice cream bar under the great dome of the Galeries Lafayette Haussmann. A new experience around the world of tastes, sensations and pleasures and Pierre Hermé and the opportunity to taste the flavors of its iconic creations. The Isfahan sorbet, the Mahogany ice cream, the Constellation ice cream and the Infinitely chocolate macaroon one in a playful, refreshing and pop mood. But be careful, you only have until the 14th of May to go …

  • Arty spring at Taillevent

    As part of an art project aiming to illustrate the seasons at the table of Taillevent, the photographer Candice Milon is giving her interpretation of spring. Three other photographers will succeed after her until next year to achieve new life stills in tribute to the summer, autumn and winter. Meanwhile, the restaurant offers to go beyond the image with a new “Essential” menu at an affordable price, and three “Inspirations of the moment » dishes that reflect what the market offers every day. Through this photographic work, the Gardinier brothers, the restaurant owners, wish to affirm its vocation to be at the heart of a wider dissemination of gastronomic culture. B.D

  • PHARES is going to be turned off

    You only have a few hours left to see the work of Milène Guermont, place de la Concorde. Installed on the eve of the COP21, PHARES illuminates at the heart, along the pedestrians’ heartbeat by a connected sensor. Made of 128 LED bulbs lights, this monumental work in shape of a pyramid wants to be an echo of the first public lighting test in the world in 1843 at the same location. Its gilt intensifies to blend into the color of the pyramidion to emphasize the original symbolism of the obelisk as a pathway from earth to heaven, the pharaohs’ final destination. In front of this piece of work’s success, its installation was extended for several weeks, but it will definitely be turned off on April 2nd. B.D.

  • A new youth for the Louvre-Rivoli station

    The flagship subway station of the cultural policy of the RATP, the Louvre-Rivoli station on Line 2, was conceived in 1968 under the initiative of André Malraux, then Minister of Cultural Affairs. In 2015, the station was the subject of a “a more beautiful Metro » project and modernization of facilities, while preserving its cultural originality. Now, nine new statues, unpublished moldings from the Louvre collections, decorate the station and new screens broadcast video contents. As a setting for these works, the station also boasts contemporary materials that respect the original bias. B.D.

  • Mathias Kiss and the "Double I" at the Palais de Tokyo

    The designer Mathias Kiss is part of the artistic path of the exhibition “Double I” with a site-specific installation that resonates within the same room with the artist Janaina Mello Landini Cyclorama. In the work of Mathias Kiss, dubbed “Golden Snake” golden cornices with gold leaf, dance, skip along the ground, climb on walls, along ceilings and redesign the space creating perspectives, leaving the visitors take the game of maze. Unique in its form, the project is also unique in its design and its distribution arrangements. Having been designed from the outset as an original exploration of the dialogue between art and crafts from a polar theme, it is embodied through an exhibition and a new one. To discover until the 16th of May. B.D.

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