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November 2019

La Brasserie Bellanger lance son petit-déjeuner. novembre 2019. Plume Voyage Magazine #plumevoyage @plumevoyagemagazine @plumevoyage © DR

Sandra Serpero

La Brasserie Bellanger launches its breakfast menu

Imagine good croissants and pains au chocolat fresh out of the oven, traditional baguette breads, a beautiful piece of churned butter, homemade jam and seasonal products, not to mention the Chef’s magnificent granola, always homemade of course, enhanced with a delicious fromage frais.

Are you hungry? That’s normal. And it’s not over yet. To add to the delight, the “Secret de Joris” coffee from the House of Pfaff (the oldest roaster in Paris), which brings together 4 great terroirs of South America in 100% Arabica. You prefer tea? No problem, you can choose between an organic tea, green (sencha) or black (Earl Grey) tea, or original herbal teas such as “before/after sport” or even a delicious Chaï latte. And for the fruit juice team, homemade orange, apple, lemon and grapefruit juices, and even smoothies! And you can find all of this at the Brasserie Bellanger that we already know and love for its gourmet dishes, every day beginning at 8am. What joy.
Brasserie Bellanger, 140, rue du Faubourg Poissonnière, Paris 10. Open 7 days a week from 8am to midnight

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