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All the tips 2015

Célia Gumbau-Serra
I compartmentalise all my things in my suitcase, using personalised pockets by Decathlon. It means there are no unwelcome surprises when you arrive – tubes or pots that have opened…and have stained everything – and above all, I can find whatever I’m looking for very quickly. Socks on one side, my tops are altogether…
I use an anti-Jet Lag Bliss spray that I could only find in America, which is now sold in Sephora: it is a mousse that you apply on arrival and that instantly gives you a boost. It’s revolutionary!
I take vitamin C in the morning, even on the day that I fly. It is extremely effective in avoiding little travel illnesses. I give this to my children to prevent them catching colds with the climate, airstreams, exhaustion…


All the tips 2014

Jeanne Signoles
I always have an empty suitcase, that I can fill on my return…which why these L’Uniform bags are perfect, as they are made out of canvas so they fit easily into the suitcase.
Talc. So that you never have to wear socks. I have heaps from the Mandarin Oriental, where they always supply little bottles of the stuff


All the tips 2013

Myriam Kournaf
I attach a fuschia pink bandana to recognize my suitcase. On board, I always put my perfume in the outside pocket. I also bring pure oil for the body, Esthederm moisturizing cream, a L’Occitane lip balm , my pashmina for my throat, a book and music. And I always have something to eat because I never eat anything from the food tray and never drink any alcohol on board

Samuel Bucciacchio
In our family, we have a very special and unique trick! We each pack our own suitcases. Then we mix our belongings amongst all the bags so that we have some of our things in each suitcase in case one is lost.
We carry a few things in the cabin but we still prioritise the essentials for the children during long trips. For our youngest, who is twenty months, my wife always takes the necessary amount of baby food jars instead of buying them when we arrive! And the two oldest already have their own customs on planes. They have been travelling since they were one year old.
And for me, it is impossible to leave without my two phones to remain in touch with our clients. It’s not very fun for the entourage but it is essential to be able to go anywhere

Thierry Gardinier
A lover of golf, I never leave without my clubs.
I take advantage of long flights to catch up on books magazines on iPad, watch a movie or two.
On each trip, I try to discover new wine growers, their products 


All the tips 2012

Chantal Thomass
I always fly at night so that I sleep.
I take off my make-up, have a glass of champagne and voila – I’m asleep!
I always wake my self up two hours before landing so that I can reapply my make-up and be fresh on arrival, to get used to the local time

Andrée Deissenberg
In order to waste as little time as possible at the security checks, I never wear a belt and I wear some ballet flats. My jewelry is kept in my bag to avoid having to remove it all at the gate. Other than that, I wear a pair of jogging pants for comfort, I take a book, my computer, and whatever I need to moisturize my skin and lips

Laurent Vernhes
In economy class, request a special meal (‘Hindu’ on Air France) in order to be served first. And above all, never make plans too specific…

Antoine Chevanne
Prendre son temps ! Ne jamais faire une valise dans la précipitation. Et commencer par ce qui prend le plus de place. En cas d’urgence extrême, la Valise du gentleman sera de toute manière déjà prête dans le coffre de la voiture…

Charlotte-Amalie Daehn
I like to soak up the atmosphere of the country so I read novels about them before leaving. For example, before travelling to Africa, I read The White Masai by Corinne Hofmann. Recently I journeyed through the English countryside and I read Sense and Sensibility by Jane Austen. If I go on a weekend trip to St. Tropez I re-read Bonjour Tristesse by Françoise Sagan. I try to find novels that are going to plunge me into the ambience of the place.
I often take the option to “Upgrade” in a hotel, which will give you a better room if there is space. The price is a little more initially, but it’s worth it

Julie André
Sometimes, I carry Dyptique candles in order to recreate the smell of my house. In my backpack, I always put my bag Chanel 2-55. And of course my iPod with a different play list for each destination

Christophe Marchesseau
Loose clothing, water, plenty of water, my headphones to get away from the noise of the cabin, my pashmina spritzed with a touch of Maharadja de Nicolaï fragrance for comfort. My seat becomes MY territory. Upon arrival, a good massage is essential to “unwind”


All the tips 2011

Pierre Corthay
For long flights, I never forget: a cushion for my neck, a mask and earplugs, in an attempt to travel in the best possible conditions and relax as much as I can…And of course, I always have a good book with me, to avoid boredom! 

Nathalie Perrodo
Prepare your suitcase whilst visualing the outfits you will need for different occasions.
Always suss out a few key areas and print the directions from Googlemap.
Book your hotel on www.tablethotels.com. The website has beautiful hotels in all price ranges and in all countries, as well as a traditional English Bed and Breakfast.
Take melatonin to get rid of jet lag and avoid being exhausted the next day

Zeina Raphael
I weigh my bags at home on a bathroom scales to distribute the contents between different cases and not exceed the 23 kilos limit. I also tie colored ribbons and attach padlocks to locate more easily on the baggage carousel. I use the Louis Vuitton guides, I sign up to the Conde Nast Traveller website (www.cntraveller.com) and I follow the advice of Marie Le Fort in her various publications. I always take a folding bag for shopping. I sit on my suitcases to close them on return

Virginie Dhello : Vee
I always carry a complete outfit and a washbag with my miniature products in the cabin in case my luggage gets lost! When I travel 48 hours, I try to bring a dress or pants outfit that can be worn in two different ways, so I am well prepared for any eventuality. Otherwise, the last thing I put in the suitcase is my trench

I recycle the contents: for example, I roll-up my iPod headphones and put them in a little metal “Hello Kitty” candy box, or in one of the little silk and cotton jewellery bags from Aurélie Bidermann. For hygiene reasons, shoes are always packed one by one in garment bags. And to avoid creasing delicate clothes, I fold them in sheets of tissue paper or I put them in one of the very thin plastic bags that you get from the dry cleaner

William Ledeuil
To avoid being overpacked upon return, I always leave some space in my suitcase. One always brings things back from a journey. Always take the time to think about each item, each piece of clothing that you take with you and don’t make any hasty decisions. Take plastic zip bags (in several sizes) to bring back spices and produce bought in local markets to avoid them spilling in your suitcase or leaving an undesireable smell on your clothes ! I never forget my camera or my notebooks. They enable me to enrich my “secret garden” and remember the people I have met

Sophie Pendelton
When planning a trip, I always have a quick look on the site www.mybestadressbook.com. I ask my friends for recommendations and consider the weather. I always try to personalise my suitcase, by putting a little recognisable object on the handle, ever since the day I found myself with someone else suitcase that was filled with nappies and powdered milk! Sometimes, I add a bundle of padlocks

Isabelle Mertens
Packing my suitcase is a moment of great stress and anxiety. However, I always do it at the last minute and it is always ready in ten minutes. With its flashy colours, my bag is easily spotted on airport tarmacs. And it has less risk of being stolen

Sybille de Margerie
I travel light and save space to bring things back, particularly for my children. I always take carry-on baggage to avoid check-in and save time. I make sure that my things are well folded and prioritise my least wrinkle-prone outfits. Always check the weather of your destination. And don’t forget to bring some warm clothing because of air conditioning

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