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September 2013
It’s Now

Exhibition «Out of Doubt, Roppongi Crossing 2013» at the Mori Art Museum, Tokyo

«Out of Doubt, Roppongi Crossing 2013» at the Mori Art Museum, Tokyo.

A triennial Exhibition since 2004, “Roppongi Crossing” offers a comprehensive study of the Japanese art scene. For this new edition, the event will investigate the current state of

Japanese contemporary art, especially since the earthquake and tsunami that plagued the big east. What types of productive discussions can occur through the art of doubt?
Twenty-nine artists – mostly born in the 1970s and 1980s, but also expatriates –

will bring their visions of a new creative landscape. A decisive step in the artistic history of Japan.
Until 13th January 2014

Exhibition «Cosmogonies – structures lumineuses modulaires, Victoria Magniant et Antoine Pradels» in the Galerie Vivienne, Paris

«Cosmogonies – structures lumineuses modulaires, Victoria Magniant et Antoine Pradels»

in the Galerie Vivienne, Paris. Inspired by the simplicity of traditional Japanese architectur

, these modular light structures consist of polygonal modules dressed in paper covered wood. The modules – now with integrated magnets within their structures

– can be freely assembled to build unique creations. They are assembled in varying shapes and colours for suspensions, walls or murals. Victoria Magniant (graduate of Saint Martin’s School of Art) and Antoine Pradet (graduate of L’Ecole spéciale architecture), have been working on this project since 2010.
Until the end of December

Matali Crasset plays around with «le petit beurre de Lu»: © Pascal montary

Matali Crasset plays around with «le petit beurre de Lu».

The designer is participating in “L’Atelier des possibles” and reinventing the packaging of the famous biscuits, created in 1996 by Lefèvre Utile.

Since their inception, the petit LU has continued to be surrounded by artists who have helped to build the brand image: illustrators (Eugene Quinton, Alfons Mucha), leading figures of their time and even designers (Raymond Loewy, Tomi Ungerer). To revive the tradition, the brand has asked matali crasset to create a fun design with flexible white paper. An ideal medium to invent characters and story,

this paper has inspired designer. But everyone can continue the adventure and make his or her own creations. A great opportunity to enjoy a moment of sharing to play, invent, imagine, and experience the potential of this simple material. “Everything is in the process, not in the results”, said Matali Crasset.

«Hans Richter, la traversée du siècle» at the Centre Pompidou, Metz

«Hans Richter, la traversée du siècle» at the Centre Pompidou, Metz.

A pioneer of experimental cinema, painter, designer and writer, Hans Richter has been at the crossroads of avant-garde from the 1910s.

For the first time in France, the Centre Pompidou is holding a major retrospective of the Berlin born American artist. The exhibition shows his fifty-year plus career in the light of his many collaborations, including works by Jean Arp,

Alexander Calder, Marcel Duchamp, Max Ernst, Kasimir Malevich and even Ludwig Mies van der Rohe. The trajectory of Hans Richter alone shapes and tells a history of twentieth-century art.
Until 24th February 2014

Exhibition «Marc Held, retour sur 60 ans de carrière» at the Galerie Alexis Pentcheff, Marseille

«Marc Held, retour sur 60 ans de carrière» at the Galerie Alexis Pentcheff, Marseille.

A name known by avid fans of sixties design, the rest of us will know very little about architect and photographer, Marc Held.

Organized with the help of his daughter Marion, this exhibition looks back over the entire body of work by this protean and unclassifiable creator, a man characterized only by the brilliance of his inspirations.

The idea is to reveal all aspects of Marc Held’s career and rediscover his iconic products, some of which are being republished. Other furniture and objects from this period will also be on display as well as some of his architectural projects and unpublished photographs. Very personal, these image provide an opportunity to discover the man behind the objects and architectural projects, his career, his insatiable appetite for creating and the utopian spirit that never escaped him.
From September 21st to October 12th and from September 27th to November 2nd at the Galerie Marion Held-Javal in Paris.

Exhibition «Miss.Tic, Les Uns et les Unes» at the Galerie W, Paris

«Miss.Tic, Les Uns et les Unes» at the Galerie W, Paris.

Known for her street graphics, the artist has been busy re-appropriating the front pages of men’s and women’s magazines.

Each cover functions like the original; Miss.Tic keeps the name of the magazine intact and plays around with the titles, using her signature liberated, poetic, ironic, racy and mystical tone. Miss Tic’s men and women

are surrounded by contemporary themes that have been revisited in this tone, so often bittersweet, occasionally lighthearted, always irreverent. An anthology of puns playing with the chestnuts of the press, capturing the spirit of each magazine to live out a fantasy of dreams and poetry with a quirky sense of humor.
Until the 20th of October

Exhibition «William Christenberry» at the Mapfre Foundation, Madrid

«William Christenberry» at the Mapfre Foundation, Madrid.

Considered a pioneer of color photography, but also as a polymorphic artist capable of preserving the memory of a landscape that he has inhabited and crossed throughout his life, William Christenberry occupies a prominent place in the recent history of American Photography.

His work is unique in its beautiful evocation of a simple image that he somehow renders monumental. His very first pictures, taken in the late fifties, had no other purpose than to serve as a reference for his paintings.

It was Walker Evans who encouraged him to focus on photography as a means of expression. Since 1961, he has visited the same places year after year, producing images that powerfully reflect the effect of passing time on what is often forgotten or neglected.
Until November 24th

Exhibition «Simone et Lucien Kroll: une architecture habitée» at the Lieu Unique, Nantes

«Simone et Lucien Kroll:

une architecture habitée» at the Lieu Unique, Nantes.

Simone Kroll is presenting a food-producing and participatory garden in the framework of the exhibition “an architect inhabited ” presented in Nantes, the European Green Capital 2013. While all of the 1200 square meters of the Lieu Unique exhibition have been dedicated to the Kroll atelier, the exhibition also extends to the exterior of the building thanks to the work carried out by the landscape artist, since last March, with neighborhood volunteers and the services of green areas in the city of Nantes. Simone Kroll envisages the garden to be an area populated by plants that are friends amongst themselves and also with us. She mixes them together like we mix our friends, family, and guests at a dinner party. For Nantes, she imagined a food garden, consisting of climbing plants, aromatic vegetables, and shrubs spread over two plots opposite the Lieu Unique. Visitors can pick fruits and vegetables to supplement a picnic prepared by them to consume on site. From September 25th to December 1st

Orange supports young designers and editing houses at the Cité de la Mode et du Design

Orange supports young designers and editing houses at the Cité de la Mode et du Design.

As part of Paris Design Week and “Now! le Off” exhibition, Orange presents its “Square” with eleven editing houses until September 15..

Last days of exposure before it goes on tour in France, to discover the Printed mirror by Sam Baron, first object edited by Designerbox. An idea of Bénédicte Colpin and Thomas Erel offering a made-to-order subscription on their website to receive

each month an object created especially by a star designer, presented in a “box”. Or Goiko, a Basque editing house, born from the marriage of the pottery house Goicochea and designer Jean Louis Iratzoki.

Exhibition «Living Objects Made for India» at Grand-Hornu Images, Hornu

«Living Objects Made for India» at Grand-Hornu Images, Hornu.

Both a series of activities and functional rituals, the exhibition presents abstraction of space and discovers

discovers the different meanings behind everyday Indian objects. Diverse in terms of culture, religion and language, the Indue is also about social class, caste and financial resources. An invitation to explore and enjoy the duality and contradictions that are inherent in all aspects of Indian life, the exhibition is a way to address Indian culture,

its values and way of life in a unique manner. With no particular kitsch touch, the aesthetic of the simplistic bazaar highlights the essence of the selected objects as well as the daily rituals that accompany their use.
Until 16th February 2014

First edition of the Summa Art Fair in Matadero, Madrid: Peter Zimmermann © Galería Filomena Soares /  Ciudad Paraiso Yani Alonso © Twin Gallery

First edition of the Summa Art Fair in Matadero, Madrid.

Dedicated to contemporary art and photography, the Summa Art Fair brings together 70 galleries from fifteen countries, divided into four sections. The Transversal and Transverale Emergente

programs presents the work of a wide range of artists, of all ages and disciplines. As its name suggests, Transversal gives a new grid of reading to the contemporary art fair and the presentation of works, creating innovative connections between each section of Summa. Installed in Matadero Madrid, the former municipal slaughterhouses,

the event coincides with the Apertura 2013, the opening weekend of galleries in Madrid. Thus, converting Madrid into a hub for contemporary art.
From 19th to 22nd September

An exceptional visit to the Tassinari & Chatel showroom

An exceptional visit to the Tassinari & Chatel showroom.

As part of the Journées du Patrimoine, visitors have the opportunity to discover the Tassinari & Chatel showroom.

Usually reserved for professional and open only by appointment, anyone can discover the sumptuous silks archives (damask, lampas, gold and silver brocades…) that tell the history of France from Louis XIV to the present day. The space contains the most beautiful woven materials belonging to French cultural heritage and that we find today in Versailles, the Château de Compiègne, the Royal Palace of Madrid and even the White House.
14th and 15th September

Exhibition «Kartell & Piero Lissoni» at the RBC Design Center, Montpellier

«Kartell & Piero Lissoni» at the RBC Design Center, Montpellier.

RBC Mobilier is celebrating the dialogue established between architecture and design with an exhibition that traces 13 years of collaboration between Kartell and the architect-designer Piero Lissoni.

This feature highlights the close links that unite the distributor with this quintessentially Italian design brand, and one of its iconic designers, the designer of an RBC showroom. At the heart of the building designed by Jean Nouvel, the retrospective shows the diversity of this creative exchange. From the modular container systems by One and shelves

by Trays to the chairs. The exhibition promotes the versatility explored by Piero Lissoni and also shows how it is able to interpret the philosophy of Kartell products, its industrial approach, as well as its thirst for functional and formal innovation with finesse. Until October 5th

Exhibition «Metamorphosis» in Pens Bernardine Paris

at Enclos des Bernardins, Paris.

The event, organized by the magazine AD Interiors highlights the talents, trends and know-how of the highest honor.

Fifteen designers are invited to transform a mansion of the seventeenth century, between courtyard and garden. A Parisian residence arranged as a place of life, the visitor finds by browsing lounges, bedrooms, dining rooms, etc..

For its fourth edition, the event has chosen the theme of metamorphosis. Beyond the reflection of the work that the designers are required to perform on-site entrusted to them, it opens a rich imaginary interpretations. In this building, it is not suggested that they engage in a recovery period, but imagine contemporary spaces meet modes of life today by drawing on references dreamlike, surreal and poetic that punctuate history of decoration or projecting into more futuristic visions.
From September 7 to 22

Exhibition «Americans Artists are back in Paris»

«Americans Artists are back in Paris» at the Taylor Foundation, Paris.

A few months after its reopening, the Taylor Foundation presents the work of three photographers and three American artists, as well as the works of the winners of the 2013 Grand Prix.

Located in the heart of the ninth district, the Foundation presents the pictures of Steve Mc Curry, Parish Kohanim and Joyce Tennesson

and paintings by Robert Jessup, Jenneifer JL Jones and Brett Osborn. The association continues the mission entrusted by its founder, Baron Taylor: developing knowledge of the arts through the support of the artists themselves and the generosity of those who support them.
Until October 10

Exhibition «Joris Van de Moortel, Getting comfortable slowly» at Galerie Nathalie Obadia, Brussels: Courtesy Joris Van de Moortel & Galerie Nathalie Obadia, Paris/Bruxelles

«Joris Van de Moortel, Getting comfortable slowly» at Galerie Nathalie Obadia, Brussels.

First solo exhibition of the artist, «Getting comfortable slowly»

presents the multifaceted works of Joris Van Moortel. Vertical or horizontal, depending on the available height, aluminum cylinder takes

possession of the premises and spectators who attend musical performances whose work itself is sounding. The artist-musician settles its stage mobile and ephemeral concert. Joris Van de Moortel voluntarily leaves the traces of his creative process, which is reminiscent of the provocative attitude of Mike Kelley or “pest gesture” Steven Parrino, who practiced painting while destroying it with a sledgehammer.
Until November 16

Exhibition «Titouan Lamazou» at the Marlborough Gallery, Monaco:  © Titouan Lamazou Daisy /  © Titouan Lamazou Faustine

«Titouan Lamazou» at the Marlborough Gallery, Monaco.

On the occasion of the Monaco Classic Week, the gallery presents the works of the artist, browser and winner of the Vendée Globe 1990 Titouan Lamazou.

Through sixty works, drawings and photographs made between 2003 and 2013, Titouan Lamazou takes us around the world: Brazil, Burkina Faso, China, Indonesia, Mauritania, Senegal, but also Europe and the United States.

It tells the story of his wives in the world, their wounds, their pride, beauty and commitment … The gallery also reveals the works “Tuareg” made this year. Titouan Lamazou and picks up the thread of the history of the people he knows well and allowed him to return to Mali. A work of this series, conducted in a refugee camp UNHCR also be sold for the benefit of the latter.
September 10 to 28

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