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February 2019

Mariage Frères London, Tea Land

Aurélie des Robert

The famous Parisian tea house, Mariage Frères, founded in 1854, finally opens its doors in London, an extraordinary setting that welcomes the best teas in the world.
It is in a listed Georgian building, located in the trendy Covent Garden district, that Mariage Frères has installed its London house, after three years of work. 
The aesthetics and attention to detail that characterize the house are expressed throughout the 5 floors of this exceptional place that now houses the longest tea wall in the world. A takeaway sales area, with an exclusive selection of rare vintages and grands crus, a museum, as well as three tea rooms with different atmospheres can accommodate all tea lovers in the English capital. A Tea Club and a “ballroom” with terrace can also be privatized.
The recognizable atmosphere and charm of Mariage Frères operates again, as it does everywhere else in the world.  
In addition to the House’s essential perfumed creations, new blends inspired by the English capital, such as Covent Garden Morning Tea and Morning Glory, have been added. Tea cocktails such as the incredible Blue Dream Opera which associates blue tea and gin, or the Sexy Tea Paradise which combines vodka with the fruity scent of red berry tea are on the menu, as is the original selection of teas from Colombia, New Zealand or Scotland. As for the Tea Henri Mariage afternoon, composed of a tea, 5 sweet cakes, 5 salty appetizers and a glass of champagne, it will make all the best ‘tea afternoons’ in London pale with envy.
Also to be discovered, the Matcha Expresso, an energizing matcha shot and a gourmet menu composed of an association of sweet and savoury wonders such as the Gourmand, a salty composition set on a shortbread dough, the Rose Tudor, a wonderful rose and rhubarb dessert or the incredible frozen lightning bolts, filled with tea ice cream. Would the ‘froggies’ give the English a tea lesson? How shocking! 
Mariage Frères, 38 King Street, Covent Garden, London

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