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Mars 2019

Maison Armance: a boutique hotel hidden under the roofs

Sandra Serpero

With a reception hoisted on the top floor of its building and twenty rooms beginning at the third floor, Maison Armance, located on rue Cambon, elegantly reinvents the codes of the hotel industry. And we love it!
“Forget what you know about life in a hotel, an apartment or a house, Maison Armance is a little of the three, in the heart of Paris,” says Emmanuel Gamez, the director of the establishment. The last address Esprit de France, the House Armance, decorated by the agency Double G, blurs the tracks to reveal itself to its insiders. Confidential and intimate, this hotel, which can be discovered through a typical Parisian courtyard, does not limit itself to its bedrooms, as comfortable as the latter are. In fact, each guest can take full advantage of the whole territory, that is, the entire house. You find yourself immediately high in the sky, with the reception on the top floor that offers the surprise of a splendid view of the roofs of Paris. Next are the rooms that unfold between the 3rd and the 5th floor. Hand sewn, the designers made the choice of sewing materials like tweed and velvet. Each room is dressed in moldings, warm parquet flooring, mixing rough tones like the storm gray or deeper shades like midnight blue. They erect a sleek, ultra-chic style where comfort and elegance are the guiding principles. An intimate lifestyle inspired by a Parisian apartment. A picture-perfect vision in each space, in each room and in each of the 6 suites. Superb.
House Armance, 5 rue Cambon, Paris I. www.espritdefrance.com

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