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March 2013

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Exhibition Giverny: «Signac, the colours of the water» at the Museum of Impressionism, Giverny / Signac Voiles et pins © DR / Signac Concarneau, Calme du soir © DR

«Signac, the colours of the water» at the Museum of Impressionism, Giverny. From the first marine scenes painted on the Normandy coast, with Impressionist vigour and freedom, to the ample port architecture in almost fluorescent colours after the war, the description of water and sky has provided Paul Signac an inexhaustible excuse to multiply the colour variations. Like Monet, he has found a constant source of inspiration in the evocation of water and its colours. The reflection of light on the surface of the river and the sea fragment the real and the artist, an advocate of the use of pure colours, found a natural illustration of the neo-impressionist division of tones in this motif. With over a hundred works, paintings, watercolours and drawings, selected from the largest public and private collections, the exhibition retraces this quest for light.
Until July 2nd

Exhibition «Monet, Renoir...Chagall. Journeys around the Mediterranean» at the Carrières de Lumières, les Baux-de-Provence / Carrières de lumières 6 © MONET Bordighera / Carrières de lumières 2 © nuit de Chine

«Monet, Renoir…Chagall. Journeys around the Mediterranean» at the Carrières de Lumières, les Baux-de-Provence. The monumental Carrières de Lumières des Baux-de-Provence is presenting a new show. Known as Marseille-Provence 2013, the European Capital of Culture, this show brings multimedia to the service of emotion and invites visitors to move freely in quarries to follow the variations of sixteen great artists on the theme of the Mediterranean. The seven sequences invite you to dive into the world of Impressionism with Monet and Renoir, Pointillism with Signac and Cross, Fauvism with Camoin, Derain, Vlaminck, Friesz, Manguin, Marquet, and Valtat…without forgetting Matisse, and even discover the vibrant colour palette of Bonnard and Dufy.
Until 5th January 2014


Exhibition Madrid: « Hyperrealism, 1967-2012 » at the Museo Thyssen-Bornemisza, Madrid / ©Don Eddy /©Charles Bell / ©Robert Gniewek

« Hyperrealism, 1967-2012 » at the Museo Thyssen-Bornemisza, Madrid. In the late 1960s, a group of artists had emerged in the United States. Their representations of landscapes and everyday objects used photography as a basis for their work. For the first time, an exhibition presents a panorama of hyper-realism that began with the great American masters of the first generation, such as Richard Estes, John Baeder, Robert Bechtle, before influencing new generations of artists in Europe. Organized by the German Cultural Exchange Institute, this retrospective brings together 66 pieces of work from museums and private collections.
Until June 9th

Exhibition Paris: El Pradino at the Galerie Raphael Imbert, Paris / Budapest / Los Angeles I, 2012 / London

El Pradino at the Galerie Raphael Imbert, Paris. The amazing urban montages of El Pradino urge you to look at the world from a different perspective. A major source of inspiration, cities fascinate the artist who is returning with new destinations. New York, Los Angeles, Bangkok, Budapest and London and Paris have all been reinvented. El Pradino points the finger at these hallucinatory places and the consumer society that serves as their base. He approaches them, with his urban montages teeming with details and paradoxes, in some form of protest. El Pradino illustrates, through his photographs, the contrasts which haunt our cities.
From April 3rd to 29th
35 bis, rue Jean de Lafontaine
75116 Paris

Exhibition Paris : «Elizabeth Garouste. Eclectismes» at the En attendant les Barbares gallery, Paris / © Garouste - Miroir Diamant

«Elizabeth Garouste. Eclecticismes» at the En attendant les Barbares gallery, Paris. To celebrate thirty years of creation, Agnès Kentish has dedicated a solo exhibition to Elizabeth Garouste. More than just an exhibition, it is the culmination of thirty years of friendship and aesthetic complicity. Everything begins in the 1980s to the tune of disco at the Palace, a mythical place which brought many talents together. A collector of furniture for 20 years, Agnès Kentish fell in love at first sight with the world of Elizabeth Garoute, who was working with Mattia Bonetti at the time. She decided in 1983 to manage them, and sold her collection to fund their first creations and founded her design house that would bare the title of a Greek poem, “Waiting for the Barbarians”. To celebrate the loyalty that binds these two women, the exhibition adopts a bias of strong artistic dominance. Sculpture and drawing are inscribed in the heart of the pieces that make up the exhibition, whilst the skills of the craftsmen and the materials used are also just as outstanding.
Until April 18th

Exhibition «Robert Arnoux» in the Parc de Bagatelle, Neuilly-sur-Seine

«Robert Arnoux» in the Parc de Bagatelle, Neuilly-sur-Seine. The sculptor has chosen to engage the idealised framework of Bagatelle with poetry and humanist pieces of work. Thirty of his “small human societies” infiltrate the water features and the various gardens of this iconic romantic park of the eighteenth century. He evokes, in this place of fun and freedom, the pursuit of happiness and shared love, or the art of living together in a peaceful society, respectful of nature. An exhibition he designed as a tribute to photographer Edouard Boubat and with reference to the book “L’Homme Joie” by Chrisitian Bobin.
Until June 2nd


Art Exhibition : «Art Paris Art Fair 2013» at the Grand Palais, Paris

«Art Paris Art Fair 2013» at the Grand Palais, Paris. The spring event for Modern and Contemporary Art, Art Paris Art Fair affirms its European identity and for the first time, is honouring a guest country: Russia. A central platform hosting a dozen galleries from Moscow, St. Petersburg, Rostov-on-Don and Vladivostok while fifteen European galleries will present their own Russian artists. With nearly 90 artists represented, the event offers a great opportunity to discover Russian art from artists of the diaspora of the 1920-1930’s (such as Boris Grigoriev and Aleksandr Yakovlev) to the non-conformists, who were opposed to the power culture of the USSR between 1960 and 1991 (Vladimir Andreenkov, Eric Bulatov, Igor Makarevich…), the stars of the contemporary art scene and those of present. Icons of Russian photography will also be present with Nikolay Bkharev and Aleksander Gronsky.
March 28th to April 1st

Exhibition «An English Spring» at the Elsa Vanier Gallery, Paris / © JC Bangle

«An English Spring» at the Elsa Vanier Gallery, Paris.To celebrate its tenth anniversary, the Elsa Vanier Gallery is organising several events the first of which is devoted to ten jewellers and goldsmiths from around the world, based in the United Kingdom and exhibited for the first time in France. Selected to illustrate the diversity of styles in the art of jewellery and silverware across the Channel, the featured pieces testify to the broad range of inspirations. Whether you find yourself before the Gothic black and gold pieces by Jacqueline Cullen or the exquisite figurines of Rie Taniguchi inspired by ancient legends, the overriding feeling is that you’ve never seen it before. This exhibition has received the support of the Goldsmiths’ Company which has guaranteed the quality of precious metals used in jewellery and silverware in the United Kingdom for 700 years.
Until April 30th

Exhibition Zoé Ouvrier at the CSA, Paris: © OR rose Zoe Ouvrier

Zoé Ouvrier at the CSA, Paris.
For the new edition of Paris Art+Design held in the Jardins des Tuileries, the artist Zoé Ouvrier is presenting a 140×90 cm piece of art in the English gallery FUMI.
Inspired by twisting trees, this unique creation is completely covered in gold leaf. Zoé Ouvrier, a graduate of Beaux-Arts in Paris, writes on screens and wooden panels. Her work has been shown worldwide and in grand exhibitions. She currently works with renowned designers and architects.
From March 27th to April 1st

Exhibition «Peter Vos. Métamorphoses» at the Institut Néerlandais, Paris: © Peter Vos - Autoportrait, 1966. Rijksprentenkabinet, Rijksmuseum Amsterdam

«Peter Vos. Métamorphoses» at the Institut Néerlandais, Paris. One of the most important illustrators in the Netherlands during the post-war years, Peter Vos was devoted to plastic questions as well as universal and timeless themes. The pieces of work selected for this exhibition, in collaboration with the Fondation Custodia, have metamorphosis as their common element. Those of the Latin poet Ovid first of all, especially those who see man change into a bird. But also the metamorphoses of certain figures from classic fables, or even a mythology that is uniquely personal to the artist.
Until May 26th


Music Festival : « Rencontres des musiques sacrées du monde » in Grasse

«Rencontres des musiques sacrées du monde» in Grasse. For the third edition of this festival, the ‘Rencontres des musiques sacrées du monde’ is celebrating, once again, the crossings between cultures, traditions and spiritualities. For the first time, the Fragonard museum will host two afternoon concerts, with music and songs from Southern India, sacred songs of Islam and medieval Christianity. For this edition, four rousing tempos punctuate the program: Judeo-Provencal music, the Tunisian stambali, jazz and spirituality (or the meeting of Mozart and Duke Ellington) and medieval Christian music. Outside of the concerts, the audience will participate in workshop-meetings, attend documentary screenings and not to forget, sample the traditional buffets of the world at the end of the concerts.
From March 22nd to 27th

Exhibition « Peplum. L’Antiquité spectacle » at the Musée Gallo-Romain in Lyon: Photogramme du film Lumière 47 Néron essayant son poison sur des esclaves

«Peplum. L’Antiquité spectacle» at the Musée Gallo-Romain in Lyon.We know the influence that Antiquity – an antiquity more imaginary than real – had on the painting style of the second half of the nineteenth century. Some artists, like Gérôme and Cabanel, were incidentally designated as the direct ancestors of film epics. One of the merits of this exhibition is, if not to deny this influence, but to gain perspective. Because alongside the big machines of the cinema, the theatre played an important role and probably an even more direct role in the birth of Antiquity being put on film.
Until April 7th

Exhibition «Lines - A Brief History» at the Centre Pompidou, Metz: Markus Raetz, Sans titre © Centre Pompidou, MNAM-CCI, dist. RMN - droits réservés © ADAGP, paris 2013

«Lines – A Brief History» at the Centre Pompidou, Metz. This exhibition offers a unique perspective on the practice of drawing and tracing from 1925 to the present day. Expanding the strict definition of drawing, it explores how lines form part of our everyday lives and environment. Whether permanent or temporary, physical or metaphorical, they are everywhere: in the act of writing, the furrows of the landscape, and even in the traces left behind by our actions and trajectories. Loosely based on the eponymous book by anthropologist Tim Ingold, the exhibition was conceived on the premise that a “to study both people and things is to study the lines they are made of”.
Until April 1st.

Exhibition « L’âge du faire » at the Cité du Design, Biennale de Design Saint-Etienne : © Mathilde Bretillot

«L’âge du faire» at the Cité du Design, Saint-Etienne. The association Particule 14 is presenting, at the Biennale de Design in Saint-Etienne, its fourth exhibition. Following the collective theme of the biennale, «Empathy and experience of the other», they have chosen to explore urbanity with objects, pieces of furniture and installations that develop techniques involving steel and lightweight concrete. Twelve designers (architects, graphic designers, plant designers, writers, chefs and culinary designers) will present their work at the exhibition that they have created through collaboration with Tôlerie Forezienne (fine sheet metalwork) and LCDA concrete.
From March 14th to 31st


Exhibition «Vous voulez rire ?» at Le Corbusier Church, Firminy

«Vous voulez rire ?» at Le Corbusier Church, Firminy. Never has so much benevolent attention been paid to design – a discipline which is analysed and expounded upon so much to the point that it becomes over intellectualised. Should design even be taken so seriously? When the forms have been purified, and the minimalism magnified, what place is left for a sense of humour? However, at the risk of offending the ascetics, as well as the ergonomics and aesthetics, humour is a function like any other, with a legitimate role to play in design. Some editors, such as Alessi and Moooi, have made a point of making it their trademark. Designers have fine tuned and nurtured their creations like the iconoclastic Marti Guixé, the rebellious Front Designers, the surprising Droog, the recidivist Adrien Rovero or the 5.5 Designers who created a very bold set design for the exhibition. That alone should be enough to reignite the fires of humour.
From March 14th to August 31st

Exhibition « Charlotte Perriand et le Japon » at the Museum of Modern Art, Saint-Etienne: Charlotte Perriand au Japon, 1941. Photo archives Perriand©ACHP

« Charlotte Perriand et le Japon » at the Museum of Modern Art, Saint-Etienne. The mission of Charlotte Perriand in Japan from 1940 as well as the relationship that endured until the control of the Maison de Thé (1993) have inspired never-before-seen design proposals. The evocation of her first exhibition “Tradition-Sélection-Création”, precedes the reconstitution of “Proposition pour une synthèse des arts”, held in Tokyo. Some of her personal creations and post-war collaborations with Steph Simon are also being presented, as well as some missing pieces that have been recreated for the occasion at the request of Pernette Pierriand par Cassina, the brand that exclusively edits the models of Charlotte Perriand the world over.
Until May 26th


Exhibition «Today is Tomorrow #4» at the Cité du Design, Saint-Etienne

«Today is Tomorrow #4» at the Cité du Design, Saint-Etienne. How do designers and companies imagine – more or less in the short term – our future? This is the question that «Tomorrow is Today» has been attempting to answer since 2006. For its fourth edition, the event aims to show an overview of the production of future-oriented design. With projects that reflect contemporary concerns such as mobility, health, food, work, energy, learning, production, and data sharing. The topic of nutrition plays a significant part in the exhibition with reflections from Stéphane Bureau. After in vitro meat in 2010, he is focusing this time on a fruit created by genetic engineering which provides the necessary nutrients for it to qualify as a full meal. As for David Ewards and Le Laboratoire, they have imagined the future development of wikicells, a new proposal in which the packaging of food is edible.
From March 14th to 31st

Exhibition «Les androïdes rêvent-ils de cochons électriques ?» at the Cité du Design, Saint-Etienne

«Les androïdes rêvent-ils de cochons électriques ?» at the Cité du Design, Saint-Etienne.
Throughout the cohabitation between man and animal, the uses of animals for the benefit of man have been transformed. Most utilitarian roles assigned to animals – hunting, agriculture, mobility, communication – has been abandoned in favour of technology. The animal continues to be exploited and even overexploited for its meat, skin and organs even when, at the same time, it is absent from our lives. At a critical time for large industrial systems, human-animal relationships are being re-examined. Can we rethink the animal condition? What is its place and status in the contemporary world? How does design question this relationship? Through a selection of artefacts, the exhibition engages visitors in a reflection on the complex relationship that unites us to the animal. From March 14th to 31st

Exhibition «Hey! modern art and pop culture/Part II» at the Halle Saint-Pierre, Paris.

«Hey! modern art and pop culture/Part II» at the Halle Saint-Pierre, Paris. For the second time, the Halle Saint-Pierre Museum and the magazine Hey! are joining forces to present a new encounter between the trends of pop culture, popular forms of modern and contemporary art, outsider art and singular art. Whether they are reinventing the foundations of a technological civilization which represent the openings permitted by artistic creation and the freedom of invention, or upholding the most tenuous possible links with every kind of media or cultural environment, the thing that the sixty artists featured in the exhibition have in common is that they all want to challenge the hierarchical boundaries that separate the great art of popular culture. Their cultural genealogies and their kinship makes this show appear like a twenty-first century cabinet of curiosities.
Until August 23rd.

Exhibition «Transversality Middle East» à la galerie BSL, Paris.

«Transversality Middle East» at the galerie BSL, Paris. Dedicated this year to the Middle East, the “Transversality” exhibition is showing works edited by the Galerie BSL featuring pieces by invited designers and producers. A way for Béatrice Saint-Laurent, founder of the gallery, “to offer a cross-talk with other players on the design scene, by presenting an exhibition made of multiple voices, but thought as one world.” Among the works presented: the new Tessera Series by Marc Baroud edited by the Carwan Gallery (Lebanon), the Auction table and the Palm line by Khalid Shafar (Dubai), the aluminum lighting pieces by Cyrille Najjar (Lebanon), the luxurious home ware collections edited by Gaia&Gino (Turkey) and the precious collection of Loupe pendants by Lebanese architect Dina Kamal.
Until March 28th.


Exhibition « Lichtenstein, a retrospective » at the Tate Modern, London

« Lichtenstein, a retrospective » at the Tate Modern, London. An exhibition of superlatives (the biggest ever devoted to the pop artist, the first major retrospective in twenty years), this retrospective brings together more than 125 of the most iconic paintings and sculptures by Roy Lichtenstein. Based on the latest research in the field, this exhibition aims to reassess the importance of the artist and his enduring legacy on contemporary art. Besides the classical paintings of romantic heroines and war scenes for which Lichtenstein is recognised, we discover another aspect of his work such as the images of everyday objects in black and white, or the great nudes and the beautiful Oriental landscapes painted in the last years of the artist’s life, who died in 1997.
Until May 27th.

Exhibition «Cold Sun» at the Palais de Tokyo, Paris: ©Francois Curlet-Moonwalk / ©Evariste Richer-Cerveau

«Cold Sun» at the Palais de Tokyo, Paris. After «Imagine the Imaginary», the new season at the Palais de Tokyo explores the surface of a strange world where, as the writer Raymond Roussel wrote, «nothing real must enter”». The selfsame Raymond Roussel who wrote Nouvelles impressions d’Afrique [New Impressions of Africa] without ever having set foot on that vast continent inspires this season which takes a paradoxical sun as its dominant theme, a sun that, as Michel Foucault puts it, “does not move, is equitable to all things, raised for all time above everything”, and which illuminates a world where “everything is luminous. But nothing tells us about the day: there is neither time nor darkness.” The artifices of such a world give rise to the existence of “undreamt-of spaces”, which the many artists invited to participate in this season explore, each in his or her own way.
Until May 20th.

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