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Plume voyage webzine n°10

PLUME VOYAGE, the luxury of a light and immobile journey.
The curiosity which takes us beyond borders, the envy for a different, imaginary,
internal or artistic journey continues to inspire PLUME VOYAGE.

In this 11th edition, the magazine Plume Voyage goes on a journey by foot.



Capsule de Plume boutique

The Boutique is offering its very first travelers objects. “M’as tu vu” suitcase belts and “Ailleurs Autrement” undergarment bags are original creations made for exclusively PLUME…
Boutique >>

A bridge on two shores:

Pierre Corthay,
a Bootmaker in Paris.

Freedom, savoir-faire, excellence…these are all words that foretell the Corthay style. His is a style that is at once outrageous and elegant, creations that are contained but audacious, ready-to-wear products with a made-to-measure feel.

A break:

Rupert Sanderson

Neither too extreme nor too vulgar, neither clinical nor obliterated with sequins, British shoe designer Rupert Sanderson seems to have found the perfect equation for creating collections that are as elegant as Roger Vivier’s, as arty as Sergio Rossi’s, and as colourful…
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Wander around:

Jean Giraud alias Moebius

Soft feet

If we spend our time suffocating them, making them run, walk, and carry – in short, mistreating them – here are some treatments that will restore some much need youth your feet, from an organic pedicure to a reflexology session, as well as footbaths and luxurious scrubs.

My suitcase:

Andrée Deissenberg

Twelve planes in two weeks… That is the latest personal record established by Andrée Deissenberg, the director of Crazy Horse. From Paris to Las Vegas, where the two permanent cabarets of the house are held, followed by a world tour and auditions…

The world of…:


A guarantor of French made-to-measure, Maison Aubercy executes savoir-faire like others master ballet. With precision and lightness, elegance and refinement. In doing so, it conceals its efforts to reveal true luxury: he who does not see…

The world of David Blot:

Comics Special: Spider-Man

On the 4th of July 2012 a new version of the famous Spider Man will be released in France. But is it too soon after the Sam Raimi debacle? Here we take a look back at the original comic strip, over 5 comic books, 5 artists and 5 dates.

It’s now:

British Design 1948-2012

Innovation in the Modern Age at the V&A. The V&A has put together an exhibition to celebrate some of the greatest British designers and creators of the Modern Age. Looking back on more than half a century of innovation, the museum highlights the key moments in the history of British design…

Travel News:

The Savoy celebrates the Jubilee of Queen Elizabeth

From the 2nd to the 5th of June, festivities will be taking place to celebrate the Jubilee of Queen Elizabeth in commemoration of her sixty years of reign. In the spirit of the many festivities organized, such as the parade…

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